Rekha’s chart suggested by me.

In the past I briefly looked into Rekha’s birth chart and I analyzed it as I’ve found it on Yet upon reading her biography and dwelling more on the chart I believe the ascendant should be different.

Rekha’s birth time is not exactly known though it was told that she was born “in the small hours of the morning”. Usually it’s placed at around 3 am but I think 1.45 am suits her much more because it explains the sudden transformation of her appearance (as a result of Pluto being in the first house).

Especially if you progress her ascendant, once it reaches Pluto, it signifies a sudden and great transformation of appearance or character. And that’s not the only reason why I place Leo as her ascendant and not Virgo or Libra. She is a natural star, which Pluto in Leo indicates, and also her nose shape is a classical Leo nose I’ve written about here.

Compare the pictures in the linked article with her nose shape and you will see what I mean:

And what about her eyes, so full of darkness and mystery, so intense and big? Pluto in the first house can make eyes look this way.

Pluto in the first house can give big and intense eyes.

She doesn’t even need to try to get herself into news headlines. She does that naturally and effortlessly. That’s Pluto in Leo in the first house. This placement also makes people so intense that they are always noticed and they can use this intensity for either good or evil.

Her intensity manifests through her acting and in relationships. People with Pluto in the first house can easily destroy others, or they can use that intensity to accomplish something good. Often people with Pluto in the first house are naturally secretive and often negative characters, as Pluto is the god of underworld.

Once Rekha’s transformation happened, she went from an overweight teenager to a total beauty. Even today people talk about her incredible transformation.

Incredible transformation of Rekha talked about even to this day.

We can see that Pluto is just degrees away from Virgo. This means that a few years after her transformation she became more and more reserved; Virgo is associated with hermits; she does spend a lot of time on her own in her home, and she’s not married (unless there was a secret marriage). Virgos sometimes end up alone.

She’s elegant and though she wears lots of makeup and jewelry it never looks overdone. She gets her style just right. That’s again a sign of Virgo being in the first house. It’s hard to pick on such people appearance-wise.

The house of wealth

Rekha's house
This is the photo of Rekha’s house. I couldn’t find any interior photos. Her Jupiter is in Cancer conjunct Uranus which can show a highly unusual family situation a swell as owning a huge house or having multiple homes.

Let’s now look at her second house. Since its ruler is placed in Scorpio, it already indicates that there’s a lot of secrecy to do with her finances. She makes money through intelligence and there could be something that she does in secrecy, maybe something illegal or she gets money by being involved in things people consider taboo.

This is also confirmed by the fact that Libra co-rules her house of wealth and its ruler Venus is again placed in Scorpio. This is the sign of death, sex and inheritances. She may receive inheritance from her parents or other people.

Pluto squaring Venus shows that she’s afraid of poverty and confirms her involvement with the dark side, with underground activities; maybe she doesn’t pay all taxes or is involved in schemes known only to a few that generate income.

Money will also be made through hard and consistent work since her Midheaven is in the sign of Taurus.


Rekha is known for beautiful dances. This is because of her Sun in Libra in the third as well as Neptune being placed there too. Unlike most actors she does her own makeup, which I assign to Mercury, Neptune and the Sun in the third.

Her house of self-expression hosts four planets. It means she shines in the way that she expresses herself and she needs to express herself in order to feel well. She needs communication to feel well (Sun in the third house) though when she communicates she is secretive and reserved (Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio).

She can project whatever persona she wants (Neptune in the third) and she can be deceptive in her self-expression (afflicted Neptune). For example, she may not tell things as they really are or she may project a persona that’s not her.

Because Pluto is in her first house, and we see Mercury-Saturn conjunction in the third, this will make her energy intense, reserved and serious. Her seriousness and intensity are very visible. These people have a lot of secrets that they will probably take to their graves.

Neptune in the third house is an excellent placement for any creative people such as dancers, filmmakers or actors. Thankfully she has Mercury, Sun and Saturn in the house too, strengthening her ability to put her talents to use and actually make a living out of them.

Neptune being in Libra also indicates that her intimate relationships are unusual; there could be something secretive about them and indeed this can indicate a secret marriage. It could mean that she says one thing about her relationships but the real picture is very different.

This placement could indicate legal problems in marriage or marriage paperwork being done incorrectly. It could mean that she attracts alcoholics, drug addicts and people with fetishes as her partners. Sometimes this placement indicates marriage to someone one feels sorry for.

Her family

Rekha’s parents are actors. She grew up without her father who was very famous. She was born out of wedlock and though everyone knew who Rekha’s father was, he himself did not acknowledge her as his daughter for a long time.

There are many, many secrets to do with her childhood and parents. Child abuse may have taken place. The mother was highly creative and sensitive, though distant from her – maybe because she had to work a lot.

The father influenced her more than the mother, and since from her biography I know that she grew up without the father, it means his absence had a huge influence on her. The father is shown as very sexual, smart and popular, though using his charm for selfish purposes (because of the Lilith conjunction of Saturn).

We can also see Sagittarius as a co-ruler of the house, indicating family instability. Maybe she had to travel a lot when growing up, or moved homes. Its ruler Jupiter is in conjunction with Uranus in the twelfth house, indicating that the great changes that she experienced when growing up negatively affected her psyche.

Free time

Her house of free-time activity and children is empty. She has no children and she is not known for going out much. It is shown that she prefers staying at home and doing something unusual (maybe to do with spirituality).

Just because the fifth house is empty doesn’t mean people will end up childless, but sometimes that’s the case. If she would have children, it could be a sudden miscarriage or children bringing sorrow because of Jupiter in the twelfth which is the ruler of Sagittarius, as well as Saturn being a co-ruler too.

When she travels, she may choose to do so secretly. She doesn’t like to tell people how she spends her free time. The way that she spends free time can also bring her sorrow. She may be involved in spiritual activities at home when she has time.

Work and health

We find afflicted Mars in Capricorn in her house of work and health. This indicates that although she has plenty of energy and ambition and will achieve a lot in life, it’s going to be with many mistakes and regrets. She rushes into things without thinking and stubbornly, and then makes mistakes. She also can be dishonest and revengeful.

Her daily routine involves secretive activities, like being at home and engaging in some sort of spiritual routine. She may suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, especially in her knees. She should be careful to avoid knee injuries and broken bones.


Rekha quickly got married to the man she hardly knew. They were totally incompatible and later she found out that he was suffering from chronic depression. Eventually he committed suicide and everyone blamed her for it. Many people think Rekha is secretly married, either to Amitabh Bachchan or to her secretary.

The cusp of her seventh house is in Aquarius which indicates unusual attractions. Since the ruler of Aquarius is in conjunction with Uranus in the sign of Cancer in the twelfth, it means that attractions are extremely unusual and that she is very attached to her partners, though the unions are not happy.

It also means that she gets into relationships very quickly, without thinking much, and then ends up in some sort of trouble.

Since Pisces shares the rulership of the house as well, it means that her partners could have been actors or addicts, very creative people but also deceptive. Judging by the location of the ruler of Pisces, she will often have partners from her vicinity. She finds it difficult to know her boundaries in relationships and she can be overly sacrificing if she really loves.

Sex, death and spirituality

She’s extremely spiritually attuned and is able to sense the energies of people and environments. She may be in touch with another realm. Her intuition is very strong so if she would listen to it instead of rushing into things she would make fewer mistakes.

Yet again, inheritance from the family is indicated, especially from the mother.

She loves intimacy and she needs it. There could be frequent sexual encounters but she engages in intimacy because she seeks depth. She’s not interested in meaningless sex. But because she has strongly sexual nature (because of the Moon in Pisces in the eighth as well as Venus’ location), she will sometimes jump into intimacy with a person too fast and then will regret it.

If she cares for the person, she can be obsessive and jealous. She’s possessive and very intense in intimate relationships. But sometimes at first she’s very intense and then, when she realizes that the person is not what she expected him to be, disenchantment may quickly follow.

This placement makes her a target for energy vampires and those who want to sexually use her, so she must be careful what kind of people she allows into her life. Quick jumping into intimate relationships is also indicated by the co-ruler of the house.


Her friends are intelligent, secretive and loyal (Gemini’s ruler in Scorpio conjunct Saturn). She may have only a few true friends.

They may do her favors but then will expect something in return (Lilith is part of the mentioned conjunction). Friends are very important to her (Mercury conjunct Nadir) and her friendships are pretty much permanent.

She feels that her friends are her family as the co-ruler of the friendship house is Cancer. Due to the Moon’s location she feels deeply about her friendships and if someone insults her friends she can get emotional.

She always seeks depth in friendships and is not interested in shallow relationships. Either she will not talk to you or if she’s interested, she will want to know everything about you.