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In this post I’m going to explain appearance, character features, the best occupation and other aspects of Sagittarius ascendant natives.

Sagittarius ascendant appearance

The skull of sagittarians is quite long, wide and well proportioned. The forehead is high and hair is far back from the temples.

They have an open, alert and sincere countenance yet the eyes may have a somewhat dreamy look.

The first famous person that comes to mind with Sagittarius ascendant is Prince William. He also has Neptune as well as Lilith conjunct his ascendant, and his natal chart is extremely interesting. He is very tall, has broad, open features, and looks jovial – very true of Sagittarius-rising people. Also, when he was younger, his chin was pointed, but now he has a heavier-looking jaw because of overeating tendencies, which are again very Sagittarian.

The nose of a pure sagittarian is long and straight. The mouth may look well shaped, sometimes tending towards fullness. The chin is pointed and narrow, but if Jupiter is in the first house too, the jaw may look heavy. Men often lose hair later in life, which is also the case with Leo and Aries natives, all having the fire element in common.

They also tend to gain weight as they age, because they like to indulge in food. But it’s more towards stoutness that they tend rather than obesity.

The eyes of a pure Sagittarian are either light brown or gray. Sometimes hair has a reddish-brown tinge. The complexion is slightly flushed (rosy) but sometimes – very pale.

Because the presence of Jupiter in the first house can give an aquiline nose, this type can sometimes be confused with the masculine Cancer type. However, it’s rare for the nose to be aquiline (it’s normally straight) and the complexion is usually rosy and not pale. This complexion is again seen in the case of Prince William.

Elvis Presley is yet another Sagittarius-rising. He was tall, with broad forehead and long skull. He was struggling with weight problems. His chin was quite pointy but because of overeating it looked round. His lips were full.

Usually the person is tall or very tall, and the figure – beautiful and well-proportioned. It looks active, unlike that of Libra, and the temperament can be somewhat nervous, again unlike the mentioned sign. Also, the limbs look physically strong, showing the capacity of completing the work.

Sagittarius ascendant behavior

There is often restlessness, similar to that of Gemini. And though these two signs are opposite, they do share this characteristic, as well as the need of freedom. I personally find that the opposite signs often complement rather than oppose one another.

Sometimes the bodies of Sagittarians appear to be moving without any purpose, just for the sake of being active. That is the case with Gemini ascendants too.

Their mental activity is great, and curiosity – never ending. They find life very interesting and all their lives they go about exploring it and learning new things.

Sagittarians delve deep and joyfully into the subjects they love, but usually then other subjects attract their attention and they don’t complete the study of the previous ones. They are so full of enthusiasm about life that they inspire others to see life in a sunnier way.

They like to debate and usually easily see the weak points of the opponent. However, they may not be in touch with the feelings of an opponent and can emotionally wound him or her, but without such an intention.

Princess Diana also has Sagittarius rising, like her son William, and also Prince Harry has his ascendant close to Sagittarius – in Capricorn. This makes me think that the charts of all three are correct as family charts tend to be similar.

Sagittarians are honest people and they dislike those who are two-faced. Their honesty and purity allow them to feel when people are dishonest or hide something.

They are also sensitive to the surroundings and acutely feel any sort of disharmony. Sagittarians are courageous, daring, restless, and sometimes their moods can change fast. Moods can be exaggerated, women of this sign can easily cry in a dramatic way, and then after a few minutes they can smile.

Because of their honesty sometimes Sagittarians are disliked, because some people don’t want to hear the truth about themselves. Also it’s often that Sagittarians tend to make remarks that end up hurting others, because they have the ability to address the greatest insecurities of other people, and they do that quite unconsciously.

In general the natives are calm, cheerful and optimistic, and this keeps them young. They can retain that child-likeness into their old age.

Marlon Brando has a strong Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in the sign too, and this is reflected by his appearance of a slightly beak nose, fuller lips and a more pronounced jaw. However, he’s also very influenced by Aries, having his Sun and Moon there.

Sagittarians operate in two different manners depending on whether they are awakened or not. If they are not awakened, they will be gamblers, always willing to risk and take a chance, always seeking new adventures.

If they are awakened or awakening, their lives will be about seeking truth and exploring different spiritual doctrines. Sometimes they can get too involved in certain doctrines, leading to extreme views.

Finances and work

They do well with money usually, unless there are strong planetary afflictions. They see an opportunity to make money and directly go for it, and this makes their wealth grow.

They are also able to strip down the complex problem to bare bones and this again makes them succeed financially and in general in life. If the type is very undeveloped, he will be a gambler and make financial decisions too fast, resulting in losses.

They do well in politics as leaders. They don’t like work that’s all about small detail.

Because they are so often exploring the outdoors, they get in touch with various kinds of people and get to know their problems. They, therefore, often become involved in some social cause to better the condition of a certain part of the society. They make friends with people they’re interested in and become loyal friends if the relationship gets deeper.

Pre-plastic-surgery photos of Kim Kardashian show her Sagittarius-rising influence, as the face is elongated. Scorpionic features are also obvious, as her Sun is in the last degrees of Libra. Her nose is Sagittarian, and the chin is extra pointy because of her Libra Sun. She has Neptune in the first house which often makes one perceived as an ideal, and copied. The same was the case with Marilyn Monroe.

They understand human nature well so they can do any kind of job related to helping others, like that of a psychologist or counselor. They are also excellent sales people because enthusiasm sells.

Since their ruling planet is Jupiter, often Sagittarians get involved in religion, usually becoming charismatic leaders with the focus on improving people’s lives.

Sagittarius ascendant natives in love

In intimate relationships they can be loyal and reliable if the other half understands their adventure-seeking, freedom-loving, expansive and genuine nature. They find it difficult to deal with jealousy and they resent restriction of any kind.

Often they end up bachelors because of their love of freedom, but being in a relationship is better for them as it helps them develop their emotional nature.

If their freedom is restricted they will not necessarily rebel; if they see that they have not much choice, they will outwardly submit, but in the end either the break-up will happen or they will end up bitter and cynical about relationships.

However, even in marriage they are not much attached to home but hold travels, ideologies and outdoors dear to heart. Often they have nothing in common with their relatives and keep away from them. So it’s definitely not a domestic sign like Cancer or Taurus.

Jodie Foster is Sagittarius rising. She has the classical Sagittarian broad forehead, and her angular features are given by a heavy Scorpio in her chart.

Sagittarius ascendant children

As children, Sagittarians are active and have a million questions, similarly to that of Virgo natives. They should be given answers to keep their intelligence growing, because otherwise the inquiry will turn within.

For a child this can lead to too much self-preoccupation and shutting off the world. Most importantly, their emotional nature should be stimulated so that it develops as fully as possible. Therefore their feelings should never get suppressed.

Sagittarian children are open and genuine. They are optimistic, trusting and selfless. Their optimism and joy of life should never be curbed but it should be wisely directed.

They should be taught not to simply trust everyone and they should be told that some people aren’t telling the truth. They should be taught to be a little bit more guarded about making new friends.

Ideally they should be given pets, especially dogs, rather than toys to play with. They may be good at horse-riding from an early age. They prefer playing outside to reading books at home. They learn from life this way more than through books.

They should be allowed to choose what they want to do in life and wise guidance should be given for them to realize their desires.


Sagittarians often love the great outdoors, being active, engaged in various sports and outdoor activities, like hunting, climbing mountains, traveling, jogging. They need to be careful about being suddenly exposed to very different weather conditions as this often makes them sick.

They usually avoid sports that involve fighting, as they try to avoid serious bodily injuries. I’ve read that some people think Sagittarians are clumsy, but actually their sign is the arrow and the hunter; their movement is well thought-out (as they try to avoid injuries) and agile.

Their health can get worse if they are too active mentally or physically, because then they scatter their forces and end up depleted. However, it’s usual for these natives to heal because they do have a lot of energy and usually they live till old age.

Another health danger of Sagittarians is feeling that they are deprived of freedom or if they cannot regularly recharge outdoors. If their energy is depleted they often suffer from indigestion, lower back, hip or leg pain, gout, rheumatism and problems with lungs and nerves.

They may experience accidents to the hips, feet, hands and it’s common for them to dislocate or sprain their joints because of being engaged in outdoor activities.

They sometimes experience paralysis due to the depletion of nerves; they often are not economical when it comes to preserving their vital force. If these natives lead temperate lives they will reach old age.

Oprah is Sagittarius rising. She’s been struggling with weight all her life; her ascendant ruler Jupiter is in her sixth house of every day activity, aspecting Venus in the first; so daily indulgences can be hard to say no to.

Spirituality of Sagittarius ascendant people

It is told that the conscious and subconscious minds of Sagittarians work in union with each other, therefore these natives can sometimes give accurate prophesies. They can achieve their goals by being able to see how the activity develops from the beginning till the end, and then directly going for execution. However, they will only accomplish the goal if they resist the temptation to be distracted by new temptations.

In some astrology books it’s told that Sagittarians tend to hold orthodox views so that they are accepted by the massess but deep within they may not believe in that view. But I don’t find this to be the case, because usually they criticize religions that don’t make sense.

They don’t emotionally react to rituals and religious appeals. Instead, they use logic to determine if religion holds any validity or not. They are truth-seekers at heart so for them spirituality appeals, not for the reason of belonging to some group, but to find the truth.

They also like to study philosophy for this reason. They disagree with public opinion if they know it’s not true. They are courageous, so it’s not a big deal for them to stand alone in their views. Sagittarius is also the most optimistic sign of all, the second most optimistic one being Leo.

This sign represents an attempt to liberate one’s self from animal nature. That’s why many developed Sagittarians are truth-seekers. Often even the ones that are undeveloped, the ones that are only interested in sports, gambling and adventures, turn more inwards when the middle-age is reached, to understand themselves. Then they get interested in philosophies and religions of the world.

Weak spots

Their weakness is to always be on the pursuit of something new, because this prevents them from true achievement. They are not likely to stick to some pursuit long enough to make true progress.

Whilst they are involved in an activity, something new and different catches their fancy and they start pursuing that. This results in knowledge that is various, but not deep.

One of the faults of these natives is that they can be too hasty in action, which results in mistakes. If they can cultivate patience, this will help them a lot in life. They like to see people happy so sometimes they make promises to make them happy but then don’t actually carry them out.

Sometimes they lack organization and discipline. The lack of order makes them scatter forces. They also often lack tact, therefore insult others without even intending so. Sagittarian women often lack femininity, being courageous, outgoing, leaders, and being into sports.


So this is all the information I have for you about Sagittarius rising. If you know more qualities of Sagittarius natives, or you have some remark to make about the qualities given, please leave a comment below.