About Simona Rich

My name is Simona Rich, and I was born in Lithuania.

I grew up with my mother and brother. My father was mainly absent from my life from the age of sixteen, and that was a good thing.

He was an alcoholic. Because of his emotional terrorism, the entire family suffered. It sometimes truly felt like living in hell.

I, as a child, suffered the most because I was the most sensitive.

I suffered from extreme emotional ups and downs, and when in my teenage years , because of growing self-awareness, I understood the harm of such emotional imbalance, I started seeking a way out of this unhappy situation.

That’s how I found meditation. The first book that I read on this subject was Deep Meditation by Yogani and it was the only meditation book that I read for many years.

It totally transformed my emotional state, and from a girl who was totally controlled by emotions, I became calm and in control of myself.

That was the first big win over my lower nature.

At school, I was very average. At the age of sixteen I got my first job – at the department store where my mother was the director.

The job was torturous, and it made me realize that if I stayed average at school, I would probably have to slave in a similar job for the rest of my life.

This was an excellent motivation to start taking my studies seriously. So after a year of intense focus on my favorite subjects (mainly the English language and the arts), I passed several subjects with flying colors which got me a scholarship to study in the UK.

Life in the UK

I studied tourism in the UK. There I started a very “normal” life.

I was in a relationship, living with my partner in his apartment, watching TV and having an okay-paying job.

But although I was living the life that’s supposed to be normal by today’s standards, I always felt that there was something wrong with that kind of lifestyle.

I knew it always, that feeling was in the background whether I was watching TV, enjoying my favorite M&M’s, taking a stroll down the city streets, or spending time with my boyfriend.

I couldn’t really define that feeling. I just knew that I was searching for something, and I thought that I would never find it – I assumed that there was no answer to that unspoken question.

So I continued my average existence, though always aware of the fact that something was wrong with that kind of living; that some major part of my life was missing, or that something was hidden from me.

A turn for the better

What really triggered me to rethink my life were two things.

The death of an employee at the time of me working in a business call center, as well as the question that reached me out of nowhere.

One afternoon, I was walking to the bookshop after finishing my call-center shift.

The question that I heard in my head was this:

Is this all life can offer me?

I never thought of such things before, so it felt like the question didn’t come from me but from the outside. It took me off balance, and although I was pondering on it, I couldn’t answer it.

I entered the bookshop and started browsing. I would go to that bookshop often those days, but I would never buy anything – I just loved browsing through all sorts of books.

But that time a particular book caught my attention, and I knew I had to get it.

It was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and it was the book that totally changed my understanding of how to handle finances, and it was the book that started my journey towards financial independence (and later – spirituality).

This book led me to many other wealth books, such as Think and Grow Rich and The 4-Hour Workweekand the more of them I read and applied in my life, the more in control of my finances I got.

Reading such books eventually led me to a similar category of self-help books to do with personal development. I ended up reading hundreds of such books, and due to this I totally changed my life.

I became emotionally and financially independent, and started my own self-improvement blog.

When the blog generated enough income, I finally was able to decide where I really wanted to live.

Life in India

In Kerala, India
In Kerala, India

To decide where to live, I asked the Universe for the best suggestion.

All sorts of messages started reaching me about India.

So I took it as a sign that it was the place where I should go. And the day I landed there, it felt like home, which was the feeling I never experienced before, always having felt like a stranger in the world.

It was in India that I started to seriously practice meditation. There, I also discovered yoga, and all sorts of other eastern traditions got my attention, such as palmistry, ayurveda, and astrology.

With friends in a cafe in South India
With good friends in a cafe in South India

Embracing Indian arts and spirituality

Following Indian spiritual doctrines, I was living for quite a while as a celibate. I rented a house in a semi-jungle place in South India – a perfect place for spiritual practices.

I slept on the ground (as there was almost no furniture!), and my days were filled with yoga, meditation and contemplation.

I would sometimes share my spiritual experiences with readers, but I would post only once or twice in a fortnight at that stage of deep spiritual work.

Pooja next to my house gates in South India
Pooja next to my house gates in South India during a holy festival.

Dancing with children! (Bharatanatyam)

But my life was not all about solitude. Just before renting the new place, I lived in another location in South India, in a modest hut with a Bharatanatyam dance teacher and her little child.

It was a traditional Hindu arrangement – a student living with a teacher. That woman had taught me so much, and I still keep in touch with that special soul.

I also attended Carnatic music classes in a traditional school in the city of Trivandrum.

I believe that the reason I was so attracted to the old arts of India was because I might have had incarnations in that country.

In a sari near my Bharatanatyam teacher's relative's home
In a sari near my Bharatanatyam teacher’s relatives’ home

My current life

My life is full of changes, twists and turns, so it’s very difficult to summarize it. But to put it short, I became a very successful personal development teacher, then ended up almost destroying my career because of my spiritual awakening. Some readers, however, continued following me.

I was led to study and practice astrology, which got incredibly successful. My current coach tells me that’s because I was an astrologer in the past life – that’s why out of nowhere I picked this art up, and there were all these clients waiting for my services.

I bought a farm in my country and would sometimes live in Lithuania, sometimes I would stay with my mother in the UK, and sometimes – in India.

On my farm with my pets
On my farm with my pets

When Covid hit, I was in Nepal, with my boyfriend. This situation separated us for two years – I ended up going back to my country, and he stayed in India.

When India reopened for tourism, I went back there, and we got married.

Our marriage
Our marriage day

After a stay on my farm, I went back to India, and now my husband and I are in Nepal, planning our travel to other Asian countries.

Thank you for reading!

With love,

Simona Rich