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Cancer rising people are ruled by the Moon but there are two distinct types of their bodily appearance depending on whether they are considered active or passive types.

Active Cancer-rising type

Active types have narrower skulls, piercing eyes, sometimes aquiline nose and ruddy complexion. The mouth is usually thin and firm and chin – pointed and the jaws may be quite prominent.

The body may be large and not well proportioned, and there could be something clumsy in the appearance. The body is quite strong but liable to disease, and these people often get sick because of self-indulgent habits.

I think face-wise the best example of an active type of Cancer rising is Lisa Kudrow whose chart’s Rodden rating is “AA”, which means her birth time is accurate. She has no planet conjuncting her Cancer ascendant, so we get quite a pure type.

She looked even more true to Cancer rising before her rhinoplasty as seen in this picture:

Lisa Kudrow before and after rhinoplasty. The first image is a more exact representation of a Cancer rising type.

So we see that she has ruddy complexion, sharp eyes (especially in the second picture) and a thin upper lip. The chin is pointed and pre-plastic surgery aquiline nose is also a representation of an active Cancer-rising type.

Carla Bruni
Carla Bruni – large Cancer rising frame and active Cancer rising facial features with prominent jaws.

Carla Bruni is another good example of Cancer Rising because of her narrow face, sharp eyes and also large body frame. Cancer rising people often have such large frames, and sometimes their bodies look irregular in some way.

This Cancer-rising people body irregularity can be seen from the below pictures of Kanye West, especially after he has gained weight:

Cancer rising people often have body frames that are large and not very well proportioned.

I’m not even sure if Kanye West is Cancer rising as his birth time is speculative, but considering that he has four children and that his body and face (active Cancer type) look the Cancer-rising type, think that he is.

Passive Cancer-rising type

The passive type is much easier to recognize because it’s a classic Cancer pale look with big pale eyes and broad face. sometimes the face is so pale that it looks unhealthy, and it can look like it has a layer of fat underneath even if the person is not overweight.

Lips are often large and sensual, nose is usually wide and snub. Eyebrows are arching giving a little surprised expression. The body is usually round and women often have big buttocks and large thighs. Also, for a passive Cancer-rising type any planet close to the ascendant will influence its appearance much more than the active one.

The best celebrity example of a passive Cancer type is Angelina Julie, but she cannot be a pure type as she’s famous for so long, which means she had to work hard to keep her fame. So the best examples of pure types would never be found among such people.

A large face, prominent jaws, big lips and eyes, and her often very pale looks make Angelina a good example of a passive Cancer-rising type.

Angelina’s Ascendant is at 28 degrees Cancer which is close to the degree of culmination, giving her more cancerian qualities. Her ascendant tightly conjuncts Venus, an influence which gives her beauty but doesn’t overpower the Cancer sign which again proves it cannot be a totally passive type.

Angelina has a large Cancer-rising body frame.

Her body frame is typical of Cancer-rising people, and actually her Moon is in distress in Aries, burned by Mars also, yet receiving great help from Jupiter, which keeps her frame large yet the watery nature is dried out of the body (due to Saturn being in her Cancer too).

Cancer-rising people often put on weight after middle-age, but of course other indicators need to be looked at in a natal chart to really determine this.

Behavioral traits of Cancer-rising people

Cancer-rising persons are family-oriented and they love their home. They usually respect their parents and appreciate where they came from. They are very attached to the past and treasure memories of people close to them.

They get easily attached to people and suffer greatly if a close person leaves their life. They may be very clingy in relationships and they need constant assurance of love as well as compliments, as usually they have many insecurities about their looks.

They want to have families of their own and often create families early, especially if their Sun or Ascendant is located in the first decanate of Cancer (0-10 degrees of the sign). I write much more in detail on decanates in my Ancient Egyptian Tarot book.

They are community-oriented and sensitive. Even if they can’t have children of their own, they will somehow end up creating a community which would become their family.

Cancer people find it difficult to forgive and forget. They can keep hurts for years. They are also very security-oriented so money is important for them for that reason. They are the people that you may find stocking up on canned foods for possible disasters.

They also sometimes marry because they believe that the other half would assure their financial well-being. But after marriage they often remain loyal because keeping family strong is important to them.

They make excellent parents and they truly care for their loved ones, but for signs who love freedom they may appear too clingy and not giving too much space. One of the worst things that could happen to them is divorce, loss of contact with children and loss of money.

Cancer-rising people are ruled by the Moon so their moods are changeable and they can have days of happy moods followed by really low times. If they have their low moods, they can be argumentative and fault-finding. But when their mood is good, they will be loving and caring.

They often prefer spending free time at home to going out. Working from home or work connected to cooking suits them too. Cancer-rising people, however, could also be good business-owners, managers, and some of them are excellent with numbers. That’s because of their innate security-orientation.

Though they are home-lovers, they also love traveling, and if they can’t afford to travel, they will travel mentally. Also, many of them are interested in psychic phenomena but because of their high imagination sometimes they get too deep into it and their health and career suffer.

The water element that rules them makes them passive unless some strong active indicators are present in the chart. Which means that they are not likely to make a first move in romance, and they may end up being reacting to the environment and friends rather than initiating independent action to manifest some dream.

Blavatsky didn’t have family of her own but created a community around her which was like a family to her. When Krishnamurti left her influence it was told that it was a blow she never recovered from. These are typical Cancer-rising features, together with a difficulty in avoiding overindulgences such as in food.

Cancer-rising people should guard against overindulging in any appetites. The risk is to overindulge in sweets and other foods. Often Cancer-rising individuals prefer foods that are very bad for them.

Advice for parents of Cancer-rising children

Cancer-rising children take on the qualities of others, so it’s very important to keep them in right company.

People who are raising Cancer-rising children should be very observant for any self-indulgences and train them out of that; otherwise with age these habits will wreck their health.

Also, they may not eat as much as other children and they should not be forced to. The food that they want can change from time to time, and this ideally should be accommodated to.

These children need a lot of love but their silent calls for love may not be heard because of their shyness. They need a lot of attention, but again, they are not likely to show that. However, they should never be overindulged as then they easily get spoiled.

They are very hurt by rejection. They need to be told how special they are, otherwise they may grow up with low self-confidence. Sometimes they need to be told compliments even when they grow up. It’s important, however, to comment only on existing good traits and encourage their development.

Often other children take advantage of their loving nature, so this also should be guarded against. For example, other children may learn that being nice to them results in them receiving gifts from them, and therefore they may abuse their niceness in such a way.

They should be taught early on to have their own opinion and to make themselves independent of the influences of others, as they may end up following the examples (either good or bad) that other children set. Because they often lack initiative and follow the line of least resistance.

Although they have high imagination which makes them overlook details of life, at work they can be very detail-oriented and are often good at manual work of may sorts. They learn better through experience and through work with others than through books, so parents should not push them too much into higher education unless they want to themselves.

Children of this sign are very impressionable when they’re growing up, so they should not be allowed to be with mentally unhealthy individuals as they may take on their unhealthy mental traits.

Also, they should be with physically healthy individuals because again, due to their high sensitivity they may be negatively affected if they are in the company of people who are sickly or physically weak, like the elderly.

Cancer-rising people often take on the energy of the people they are with, so if they’re with healthy individuals they themselves will become more healthy, and if they’re with sickly people, their own health will start worsening.

Health of Cancer-rising people

Many health problems of Cancer-rising individuals are caused by overindulgences.

Health is not the strong point of Cancer-rising individuals.

for example, Blavatsky, who was Cancer-rising, suffered from all kinds of health problems all her life which were caused by her lifestyle choices, such as incessant smoking. This is again quite typical of Cancer-rising people – they sometimes find it difficult to resist self-indulgences that harm their health.

Cancer-rising individuals should also guard against diabetes, Addison’s disease and tumors. These people are highly liable to contract infectious diseases and to have chronic illnesses. Women sometimes have troubles with ovaries.

Their digestion is especially sensitive and there could be degeneration of various organs because of a passive lifestyle. They should make sure their diet is healthy and digestible for them, as if they don’t take care of digestion, all kinds of diseases may start manifesting. Drinking alcohol can ruin their stomachs too.

In general, Cancer people are very afraid of pain. But even so, they often don’t take preventative measures to avoid later pain of disease. During the first four years of life Cancer-rising people are especially liable to contract all kinds of diseases, but if they don’t abuse their bodies and live moderately, their can continuously strengthen their health and enjoy a long life.

Quiet persistence is the modus operandi of active Cancer-rising people

Cancer-rising individuals often accomplish work through regularity, persistence and by not bringing attention to themselves.

Cancer people are not totally passive though it may sometimes look so on the surface. They do their work quietly, persistently and slowly but surely achieve success.

They don’t expect to gain what they want fast. They’re prepared to wait and work for it. Though highly sensitive, in business They are often not shaken by obstacles but keep on working to slowly get them out of their way.

Also, they often achieve their aims by working behind the scenes, by doing work in a way that doesn’t bring attention. They can continue this way even though outwardly they are attacked; and this persistence and quiet way of working eventually gains them the ends that they seek.

They change established order by destroying causes of some effects rather than openly attacking effects and causing visible change. So their work can be done in a way that people don’t even realize what has been accomplished, because the effects take place only later on.

We can see this method of work, for example, in the life of Blavatsky. She did not directly attack Christianity but undermined its foundations by exposing people to older faiths that Christianity borrowed many of its creeds from. This is a usual method that Cancer-rising people employ to gain their ends.

Laziness of a passive type of Cancer-rising

The passive type of Cancer-rising individuals embody totally feminine-passive elements which makes them unreliable and always taking an easy road.

Passive type of Cancer-rising people do not employ quiet persistence. Instead, they allow life to do to them what it wishes. They do not resist but just are pushed by the flow of life.

They don’t have the same depth of feeling as the active type of Cancer and therefore are not greatly affected by anything emotional, even if it’s the death of a close one. They simply accept it as unavoidable and move on.

They allow life to push them into occupations that require minimal work. If they get married and the other half is violent, they accept it as inevitable and stay, because change would require too much effort.

If they are poor, they accept their lot and live on what’s available. There’s no fiery element in them at all to do something about the situation. Some people are deceived into thinking that they would make the most reliable husbands and wives, but actually the opposite is the case.

Any new active force may take them totally under its influence, thus they could even leave the family if that active force does its job. They are moulded by strong influences. Such individuals’ palms are often soft, fleshy and very pale (so that’s one way of determining the classing passive Cancer-rising type).

However, if such active force doesn’t manifest in their lives, they would remain loyal not because inherently they are so, but because initiating anything of such sort would cause too much trouble.

They may be interested in history, like the active type. They may like writing but there’s nothing original in their writing style. They may like to copy some appealing style of writing or write about something historical that left an impression on them.

What often makes Cancer-rising individuals fall

Cancer-rising people sometimes engage in self-defeating behavior such as having habits which eventually destroy them.

Sometimes their imagination makes them unable to see reality. They sometimes overlook important details. Often they fully trust their intuition thinking of themselves as chosen by God, more special than other people.

High imagination and intuition can make them egotistic and excessively proud in themselves not considering how others view the world. This makes them unable to see themselves and reality in true light and eventually causes their fall.

Their elaborate imagination and emotions sometimes distort their past memories and then they project this distortion on how things are today. So they may be unable to correctly determine how others relate to them.

There’s danger of misjudging people based on what they did in the past rather than who they are today. For Cancer-rising people, therefore, learning to be present without the involvement of the mind is of absolute importance if they want to see the world as it really is.

It’s especially important for them to heal from and forgive all past hurts. Because wounds inflicted from long ago could still shape the world that they see today.

They also often either idealize people or the opposite, refusing to see true traits of such individuals. For example, if they adore some person, they will willingly overlook their opinions that disagree with their own; or if they dislike someone, they will choose not to see a good heart that they may possess.

This happens because Cancer-rising people are ruled by emotions and sensations rather than intellect. Also, sometimes Cancer-rising people like to wallow in their own misery and to secretly enjoy their low moods.

For example, they may convince themselves that life is hard because they are good people and life is just difficult for truly good and sincere individuals. Such reasoning prevents them from finding ways out of their difficult situation.

They are often very conservative and may shun new ways of doing things. They prefer looking for a solution in history or past memories than in new methods of doing things.

Cancer-rising people are so sensitive that they get hurt even when the other person did not mean to upset them in any way. They can carry this imagined hurt for years on their shoulders. Sometimes diseases manifest because they keep a lot of unforgiveness in them.

They are looking for approval and sympathy and if they don’t get that, their self-esteem suffers.

They also often control their children even after they grow up, and if a child is pliable later on they may resent this control; because each individuals are unique and if we decide which road for them to take, they may find that out too late and be resentful.

Cancer mothers can be not only too controlling, but too protective also, restricting the freedom of their growing children. They may be very proud of their children and fail to see their faults. This is unfortunate since if they see their faults, there’s a possibility to remove them from the character as it’s still young and flexible.

How to appeal to Cancer-rising individuals

You can appeal to them by making emotional propositions and by compliments. They will listen to you if you have similar values. If they love you, they will yield unless you force them to – then they will stay fixed in their own beliefs.

They appreciate people who work hard so their approval could be won in this way too. It’s easy to receive their generosity in times of trouble, because they are compassionate. However, they are intuitive, so if you try to fake that you’re in need when you’re not, they are likely to catch that.

Sincerity, honesty and hard work are qualities they respect, so you can win their approval by displaying such traits.