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In this post I will describe how people look and behave who have a Libra ascendant – this sign being on the cusp of the first house of the natal chart.

This is different from your Sun sign as it’s not so much about who you are in your heart but about how others perceive you, how you behave in public and how you look.

Appearance of Libra-rising individuals

The most known quality of Libra-rising persons is a symmetrical face and beauty. There’s balance in facial features and beautiful bodily proportions. We can see the symmetry of the face in Jennifer Aniston, who is a confirmed Libra rising.

Jennifer Aniston is Libra rising. Facial symmetry and beauty are one of the first things people notice about Libra-rising persons.

Usually Libra-rising people have small bodies and they aren’t tall. The body is slim and delicate. The movements are refined and beautiful. The person knows how to behave in social settings.

The skull can be long, and facial features – small and beautiful. All this is seen in Jennifer Aniston. Also, the usual complexion of Libra-rising persons is olive, which is the case with Jennifer too.

Libra-rising persons’ hair is often dark brown or black. It’s usually soft, shiny and straight. Often the hair grows low on the forehead.

The nose is small and straight, lips are well-shaped and reddish. Facial features are elegant, delicate and beautiful. Libra-rising people have the kind of beauty that most people appreciate.

Limbs are also well-proportioned and beautiful, as well as feet and hands.

Jennifer’s arms now and when she was younger – still beautifully shaped.
A delicate figure of Jennifer Aniston is typical of Libra-rising people.

Dwayne Johnson is a confirmed Libra-rising person and it’s indeed very obvious from his symmetrical facial structure and pleasant facial features. Since he’s a bodybuilder it’s hard to see what his original figure looked like so I’m not including his full-body photos.

Dwayne Johnson – pleasant symmetrical facial features are typical of Libra-rising persons.

Beware of the cunning type of Libra-rising (Lupus constellation)

However, there’s another type of Libra-rising natives too, the ones influenced by Saturn having his exaltation there as well as the next sign Scorpio.

The Saturnian influence makes the body more muscular, wide across the chest and shoulders and of a square body type. Shoulders can be very square. Often the latter degrees of Libra produce this type.

They have shorter and more practical-looking arms and hands. There’s less gracefulness and more physical strength.

Often this type can be told by the eyes. The eyes of the typical Libra-rising person have soft and tender expression. The eyes of the Saturnian-type of Libra-rising have more power and darkness in them, and it can be seen from them that such people are planning something.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the expression as it’s secretive. Also, the face may have more brutality about it. Sometimes people are fascinated by such devilish beauty and some have an instinctive distrust of it.

Often such people don’t care if they hurt others on their way to the top. They tell facts in such a way that it would serve their own purposes and these people are quite dangerous because they look refined yet they are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing.

No wonder the last decanate of Libra is ruled by the Lupus constellation which is translated as “The Wolf” and is one of the most dangerous constellations to be born under. It sometimes produces smooth criminals.

In my Ancient Egyptian Tarot book I mention that people born under this constellation sometimes give into the desire for pleasure and power and do not care about how many people they hurt to get what they want.

They are experts at cunningly exploiting others and they embody the sociopath archetype. I’m not saying all people born under this constellation are so, but some indeed are. Those who are conscious can resist the influence.

David Berkowitz was a Libra-rising born under the Lupus constellation. He was a serial killer. From what I read about him he displayed psychopathic traits because he enjoyed the fame he got as a result of his shootings.

From the very beginning he was a trouble, but from his face, especially when he was younger, it’s hard to tell unless you’ve seen more life. It’s like an angel with something devilish about him, so that’s why people as such are called wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many refined-looking individuals are on Wall Street yet their conscience is zero.

David Berkowitz, a serial killer born under the Lupus constellation (3rd decan Libra rising).

Libras at work

Often they don’t like hard work and choose an easy way to make money. They can make money through being adaptable and since they’re good character readers they know how to treat their bosses to get a promotion. So they may get promotion because of their adaptation skills and nice personalities rather than hard work.

They are liked employees because they are not argumentative and seek to harmonize the environment. They are excellent in any kind of job requiring to deal with people and also they are good with numbers.

They treat all people equally and are not likely to have favorites. It’s hard to become their true friend as they treat everyone in pretty much the same way so they’re not likely to put too much investment into any one person.

Because of their good dressing taste they are often found in positions requiring refined appearance, such as being the faces of financial institutions or luxury department stores.

However, they don’t handle constant rude behavior well. If they need to experience daily toxic work environment, they will get disillusioned and will stop charming others with their pleasant personalities.

Libras in relationships

Libra occupies the seventh house of astrology which shows that this sign is all about relationships. Intimate relationships are very important to them and they can’t feel whole unless they find the other half.

In love they strive for fairness and justice. They are very protective over their families but they are not domestic types like Cancer or Taurus people. As long as the relationship is fair they will stay but the other half often feels that a Libra-rising partner is unemotional, on the colder side and detached.

However, since they dislike arguments, violence and confrontations, if they are unhappy about their other half, they may actually date other people behind their backs rather than directly saying that the relationship is going nowhere.

It can take a long time to get the truth out of them because they don’t want to insult anyone. They may stay evasive even if backed into a corner.

These people take breakups and failures very well because they are air signs, therefore quite detached. Quite another matter would be with water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Libras as parents and advice for raising Libra-rising children

Because of this detached nature they make excellent parents who treat their children as individuals and not their extensions. This means that they will try to uncover children’s talents and develop them rather than forcing them into occupations they themselves desire.

This can be seen from the way Aaradhya Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai’s daughter is raised. It’s believed that Aishwarya is Libra-rising though it’s not confirmed. From the kind of professions that she was interested in – beauty, modelling, architecture – and because of her beauty, it’s very likely that she’s Libra rising.

Her husband Abhishek’s Sun sign is air as well – Aquarius, thus also making him a parent that’s not controlling.

In an interview he told that both of them observe Aaradhya to see what her talents are and that they would support her fully no matter what occupation she chooses.

Aish is likely to be a a Libra-rising whilst Abhishek – another air sign (Aquarius – his Sun sign). This makes the couple perfect in raising children as their daughter is likely to be free to choose her own career.

Parents should teach Libra-rising children to stick to one purpose until it’s completed. Because of the fact that they love beauty and social engagements, they may waste their time on dabbling in arts and getting entertained without learning anything deep and useful. So once their talents are discovered parents should try to keep them developing them until mastery is achieved.

They should be shown a lot of love because though they are detached and not as attention-seeking, they do need it. If they don’t get enough love, the already cold side of their character would get even colder, and it will be difficult for them to make friends.

Libra-rising natives’ hidden motive and other traits

They desire to gain power over others through adjusting to them. They are good readers of people’s archetypes and adjust accordingly in order to gain their trust and eventually be in control.

Usually these people are good with money so they may be accountants or they may deal with finances in other ways, like by working in a bank. Libras born under the Lupus constellation may become clever financial fraudsters.

There are some of those born in the third decanate of Libra who are selfish and use others to attain their goals. But most of Libra-rising natives are not money-minded and are not selfish; they are justice-minded and some of their solutions to problems may seem unappealing but they are fair.

Libra-rising people are known for their good manners and refined behavior. They love social events and pleasurable activities though they hardly form deep friendships – most of them are surface ones due to their detached and cool characters.

Libra-rising people love beauty. They appreciate beautiful appearances but sometimes do not go beyond them in search of substance. They in turn dislike any kind of unrefined behavior and coarseness. They dislike chaos and general untidiness in dress or surroundings. When seeing such things, they may be disgusted or would like to put things in order to create balance.

They may be highly affected by the environment so living in untidy and ugly surroundings may really upset them. They thrive in beautiful and harmonious surroundings as they appreciate beautiful forms, colors and pleasant sounds.

They function great as socialites and entertainers. They can be lovely conversationalists about sweet nothings. They like music and dancing.

Health of Libra-rising natives

They have good vitality but they should never overstrain themselves because they can quickly fall ill. However, diseases tend to respond to treatments quickly. Small imbalances can produce illness, so Libra-rising people should never delay treating symptoms.

If they live in moderation their health should be fine; but if they live life of excesses their health will fail them. Often, however, Libra-rising natives are aware of this and do not put undue strain on their bodies and energy resources.

Libra-rising persons often have kidney or spine problems. Women may have problems with ovaries.

They will achieve what they want unless they do this…

Whilst Gemini is the most passive of all air signs, because it’s unstable and is easily swayed, and Aquarius – the most stationary as it can be stubborn and fixed in opinions, Libra is the most dynamic of all air signs. It’s a powerful yet not obvious force.

They are charming and diplomatic but they know what they want and that wish can be much easier achieved through flexibility and charm than through force, and they know that. They take a long time to decide on a course of action as they assess every factor, and they don’t mind waiting for right circumstances.

They like to discover problems and solve them because they like equilibrium. But if the natal chart displays much passivity, Libra-rising natives may spend all their time weighing things but not proceed with action.

Some may be steeped in doubt, with the mind that presents a counterargument to every argument. This keeps them inactive. If this weakness is overcome and final decision arrived to, they will achieve what they desire through their charm and flexibility.