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People who have Capricorn ascendants can be either a constructive and fair force or those who obstruct and create problems. It all depends on the location of Saturn in one’s chart, Sun and Moon location, as well as the general feel of the chart.

If Saturn is negatively aspected, especially when it’s strong, this is going to be a difficult character to deal with. Yet if it’s placed in signs that reduce its tendency to suppress, such as Pisces, its influence is relaxed to a great degree.

If it’s strong in one’s chart but not negatively aspected, it shows a strict character and a logical mind. Such people are very practical and have much common-sense, but they can be a wet blanket to your enthusiasm. With a heavy earth emphasis in the chart Capricorn natives can be so materialistic that they may laugh (or, rather, be sarcastic) at those who believe in something that’s not possible to see or touch.

Megan Fox is a good illustration of Capricorn rising because of her “rugged” facial structure, small eyes and thin figure.

These people are self-made and they have strong personalities. They become well-off through much hard work and persistence. They can be stubborn and fixed in their views.

Capricorn natives tend to be selfish, good at business, able to save money through lifestyle that can even go to the extreme of asceticism. They are capable of surviving very difficult times and they eventually reach the goals that they set for themselves.

These people have low fertility and are cold in their manner, unless many warm aspects are shown in one’s birth chart. They have a business-like way of speaking, find it difficult to let go in the free time, and are deep thinkers. They like solitude and quiet study.

Prince Philip with Elizabeth II are both Capricorns-rising. Both of them are also born at night. They have seriousness about them and from tightly-closed lips and facial bone structure it’s possible to determine their ascendants. Capricorn-rising individuals often are long lived, and these two are perfect examples of that as well.

Their ability to work hard is great. Maybe only Taurus would be able to work harder than them. Taurus has great physical endurance and works hard because of the momentum. Capricorn natives have great ambition and work hard because of their persistence.

They are not known as rebels. They will accept family’s and countries rules and will quietly work to get higher in life from wherever they start. They prefer working on their own. Others often consider them cold or selfish, though reliable.

These people tend to be conservative. Often they think with reference to the past and make decisions accordingly. This makes them similar to Cancer-rising people who have a strong link with the past. They are known for their focus and the ability to plan far in advance. Their goals are often earthly, especially to do with raising their status in community.

They are not known for their inventiveness or exploration. Instead, they choose tried-and tested methods for success, like by investing in established ventures or by progressing in career through methods that were shown time and again to work.

They cherish personal time and energy. They’re not the ones to waste energy on unnecessary things and they aren’t likely to allow you to waste their time. They also can plan very long-term and they can control themselves not to succumb to instant gratification. They can deny themselves pleasures now so that to gain much greater ones in the future.

Gisele Bunchen is another perfect example of Capricorn-rising. Can you see determination in her face? Her face is elongated, and she has a long nose, elongated limbs, thin figure and large bone structure, all typical qualities of Capricorn Ascendant.

Because of the conservation of energy they are not going to make a big fuss about the circumstances they can’t change but will make steady progress within the existing ones, using all the tools available to the full. They also are prepared for a rainy day, like Cancer natives are. This makes them great at survival.

They’re likely to be very punctual, to cut to the chase in business presentations or anything else, and to be exact with money, such as expecting to get every single penny that they earned and also giving exact wages for their employees.

These people like regularity and predictability so they may react negatively to anything out of the ordinary that happens during their day. Some of them miss the entire joy of life because of their focus on exactness, punctuality, and time and energy saving.

Unlike Geminis, Sagittarians and Aquarians, Capricorn-rising individuals are okay with limitations. They accept them rather than fighting them. They avoid them if it’s possible but if not, they learn to exist with them.

They do well in occupations requiring specific skills, persistence, attention to detail and accuracy. They are able to stick to one line of work for years. Sometimes they’re too cautious to make the best out of the opportunities coming their way. Also, as employers they aren’t likely to cheat but they will expect you to do more work than what you are paid for.

They very often have savings and live the quality of life that’s less than they could afford. They protect their wealth and do not show it off. This makes them not appear in the radar of swindlers and therefore they remain financially secure.

However, some Capricorn natives make the financial mistake of buying cheap but then having to pay twice, or being wise in small financial matters but wasteful and extravagant in great ones.

These people can survive on much less than others. They can severely limit their food intake if it’s necessary, and they can live in extremely bad conditions not being affected as much as other signs. That’s because they’re not slaves of pleasures and passions.

They often hold narrow views and it’s very hard for them to change their minds. Sometimes they don’t change their minds even if much evidence against their held point of view is shown. This inability to be mentally flexible often leads to arthritic conditions in old age.

They’re not the ones to complain. They often accept their lot and make the most of it. Their weakness is an inability to adapt – with changing times they remain stuck with old ways of doing things which sometimes makes them lose in life.

They aren’t original in their speech but sometimes copy some elaborate style. Sometimes their speech is sarcastic or full of allusions. They often have perfect grammar and correct pronunciation. Their speech can sometimes have colorful and interesting illustrations but those aren’t taken from their imagination but from experiences and influences.

Their speech often seems artificial in some way because of their logical minds; it’s hard for them to let go and speak from inspiration or imagination. Often they prepare their speeches or at least think in advance what they’re going to say.

They’re not people persons. They like to be alone and sometimes they dislike people, to the degree that they may feel irritated if someone invades their personal space which can be huge. They retain their individuality in relationships and often due to their inability to see another’s point of view and insistence of another submitting to their way of life, they lose their loved ones.

They are capable of loving deeply and being very loyal, yet they don’t easily and freely express their feelings. However, they can be jealous and hold grudges for a long time, sometimes – till death.

As husbands or wives they are traditional, domesticated and predictable. They can either display the lack of passion in relationship or if Saturn is afflicted, there could be earthy passion manifesting occasionally.

Aged 49, Naomi Campbell still retains a beautiful figure and her facial bone structure is extraordinary. She’s known for her persistence and long-time modelling. Saturn rules time and patience.

As parents they are demanding, controlling, cold and often lacking emotional understanding of their children. They often overlook the child’s talents but insist on them keeping rules and getting good education.

Capricorn-rising children are often serious and deep, and they look more mature than their peers. They prefer to be on their own, are self-conscious and they lack courage. Parents should attempt not to develop their suspicious and fearful sides by avoiding telling scary stories or making them doubt the integrity of parents.

They should be encouraged to socialize as much as possible so that they develop communication skills. They should be encouraged to get high education and do some kind of practical work as this is very fitted for them. Their minds need to be kept positive and the tendency to worry should be curbed as if it’s not, they are likely to worry all their lives about financial security, success and old age.


Capricorn natives often have long and narrow skulls, unless there’s an expansive influence, such as Jupiter or Sun being on the Ascendant. They have a high forehead, small piercing eyes, and they tend to look down rather than in your eyes.

They often have long and bony noses, a thin, tightly compressed mouth, and a prominent bony structure. A good example of the Capricorn appearance is Russel Brand.

Russel Brand is a good example of Capricorn rising due to his facial bone structure. Also, if you listen to him speak, you can feel much Capricorn in his serious, philosophical and sarcastic manner of expressing himself.

They often retain slim figures into the old age. Their height is average and sometimes they stoop. Some, however, can have good figures – be thin, with compact muscles, and dress in a sophisticated, classical or understated elegant fashion. Often, however, elegance is lacking and we get someone who looks malnourished and lacking gracefulness.

Though they are thin, often they have large bones and the limbs are often very long. They often have prominent veins on their hands. They often have dark circles under their eyes. There’s sometimes excessive hair growth on the body.

Capricorn natives can be recognized by small, piercing eyes, tightly closed lips, the inclination to look down, and the expression that’s philosophical, intense, sometimes – depressed. They often have hands and feet that aren’t graceful.

I highly suspect that Melania Trump is Capricorn rising because of her thin, tightly-held lips, small piercing eyes, bony facial structure, large-boned but thin figure, and the fact that there’s an atmosphere of seriousness around her.

Often the complexion can appear darkish, sickly, and because of the lack of fullness of face, wrinkles appear early. These people can also be easily recognized because of their seriousness. When you come into contact with them it’s hard to remain very cheerful because of their realistic, earthy, practical and serious energy.

Some types can have some sort of bodily deformity (look for afflicted Saturn), especially of bones, and in old age they are deformed by arthritis unless they learn to overcome selfishness and attain mental flexibility.

Some Capricorn-rising natives are at risk of getting paralysis of any part of the body. Even though they can be sickly, there’s still the feeling of great determination and clinging to life. They often have excellent control of their nerves and they don’t tend to suffer from mental problems.

However, since depressive tendencies are common in these individuals, sometimes they get into the habit of drinking.

On Astrotheme Jesus Christ is listed as Capricorn rising, and from his alleged appearance that indeed is a high possibility. Look at his long, bony nose and long skull, coupled with small eyes and mouth seen in some depictions.

This sign is not like Scorpio which isn’t easily changed. Any planet on the ascendant is capable of really changing the appearance of the native.

However, some features will remain, such as erratic and intense movements, which are the opposite of the swift and direct movements of Sagittarians. There will be ruggedness about the appearance though it can be hidden by other features which will be most obvious at first. But that underlying quality or ruggedness will be there.

These people look like they can endure very difficult times, and it’s absolutely true. They are also very determined and this often shows in appearance.

Monica Bellucci is another good example of Capricorn rising, because of her large-boned yet thin frame, small eyes and large hands:

Large bones but thin body, large hands and a serious look is what can give out that Monica Bellucci is Capricorn-rising.

Capricorn-rising people have strong muscles and often retain great eyesight and hearing into their old age.

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