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These people are impersonal and have many friends. They aren’t into picking favorites and they feel the most comfortable when people know them on a kind of surface level. But the reason they have many friends is because when they interact with others, others feel that they are respected, and this is very beautiful and attractive.

Although they enjoy being with others, they are perfectly okay staying on their own as well. Sometimes they are outgoing and there are other days when they are moody and want to be alone.

They have great chances of achieving fame (often through their friends) but usually it doesn’t last. Often their life is full of unexpected blessings and losses as well. When they win, soon the realization comes that there’s a catch involved.

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams’ aquarian features are seen in the overall balance of the face, the shape of the nose and lips. But she has a strong Virgo influence as well, since the Sun and Moon are there. The neck and jaw are especially Virgo-like.

These people are honest and they have a good command over language. Conversations with them are interesting and they have an ability to paint clear pictures through words. They are idealists, wanting to see a peaceful and happy world.

Freedom is very important to them and sometimes they will assert it in a way that others find weird or even childish; like if they are asked to do something, they may not do so just to reassert their freedom of choice. They could easily do it, but they won’t, and then they will do it after some time, when probably the person even forgot having asked them to do it.

Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow was the tallest man in the world.

When looking at his natal chart, he has three planets in Aquarius, and Uranus is conjunct the ascendant sending a negative ray to Jupiter in Gemini.

Aquarians are often already tall, but with such aspects he was born a human giant.

These individuals have an artistic and scientific quality about them. However, they conduct their investigations in a detached way, unlike Scorpio-rising individuals who can get obsessed about their object of interest. These people are balanced individuals, both physically and mentally.

They are humanitarians and although they are quite detached, they are not without heart. They find pure science too dry and if they specialize in medicine, they cannot see a patient as just a list of symptoms as some doctors do.

These people are tolerant of different religions and whatever their spiritual beliefs are, they will be interested in using spirituality to make life easier for mankind. They will also try to remove from religions narrow-mindedness, bigotry and superstition. So in religion aquarians aren’t much liked because they are too broad-minded to become zealous about their faith.

Wendy Williams is Aquarius-rising. She’s very tall (180 cm) which is often the case with aquarians, and has large eyes. Yet she’s too outspoken for her own good, which is unusual for this sign. However, her highly afflicted chart (including afflicted Saturn in Pisces in opposition to afflicted Uranus in Scorpio with Pluto conjunction) explains a lot.

Although Aquarius-rising individuals can be revolutionary and eccentric, they don’t try to upset the current state of things but use mild or balanced methods to implement a change. There are rarely fanatic aquarians in the world.

They accept people for who they are and have broad outlook on any matter. Sometimes aquarian tolerance annoys people, especially those who tend towards fanaticism. They are not impulsive people and they tend to give good advice.

These people like peace so they sometimes become peace mediators as disharmonious vibrations disturb them. They may use jokes to even out explosive situations or other methods. But they themselves aren’t people to be pushed around – they can be very inflexible in their own ways.

Also, they may sometimes find it difficult to tolerate the flaws of other people and they may use sarcasm to expose them or to make fun of those people but not in front of their faces. Their powers of observation are excellent so nothing is missed out, and they do like to make fun of small things they notice about people.

Often they look dreamy or remote, somehow inaccessible to other humans. They often are able to see situations from a higher perspective and therefore their measures to deal wit the situations often prove to be the best.

Jacques Brel
Jacques Brel was a Belgian multi-talented singer and song-writer. Aquarius-rising persons are artistic. Also, from his pictures I can judge that he didn’t want to stand out and he looked like an average man on the street which aquarians like to do. Their opposites, Leos, like to be seen as distinguished in their appearance.

These people are naturally kind. They are not cowards, however. If they have to fight, they will, but at first they will try to resolve the situation peacefully. Just because they are peace-loving doesn’t mean they can be taken advantage of.

One of their character drawbacks is that it takes time for them to arrive at conclusions and a line of action. This can be dangerous if there’s an emergency situation requiring a decision and action now. Aquarius-rising individuals aren’t good at work that’s risky and which requires dealing with emergencies.

Their mind can be slow and if an Aquarius-rising individual has little life experience and failed to gain wisdom, then he would be poor at dealing with the least complicated troublesome situations and would just allow the small disasters to take place. It’s especially difficult for him to deal with emergency situations that he never experienced before.

Also, although they’re excellent in public positions, they may start being hated if quick or extreme action is required. For example, if the society is on the brink of war or starvation and something fast and extreme needs to be done, it’s the Leo that usually wins and Aquarius retreats until more peaceful times come.

So if Aquarius-rising people do not allow for things to simply slide but take preventative actions to remedy situations going wrong, they will save many headaches in their lives.

It’s not a passionate sign; even if some new idea appeals to Aquarius-rising people, they’re not going to become zealous about it because they’re naturally moderate.

Although these people have a large heart, they tend to want to help humanity as a whole rather than its individuals. But if there’s Saturn or Uranus affliction, the native may become quite cold towards the suffering of individual humans and may be entirely led by ideas that may help humanity to progress but with casualties.

But even so, it’s not a proud sign so such a person will speak to someone who is of lesser intelligence like to his equal. He respects himself and he respects others.

In love Aquarius-rising individuals are often unlucky because they don’t get too attached and the other half finds them hard to read, distant and too much freedom-loving. However, because they’re not slaves of passion they can remain perfectly loyal. They often marry early and if not, they are likely to not marry at all. If they marry early they usually remain content with their other half.

They don’t fall in love easily because they’re true humanitarians at heart, loving humanity as a whole. They’re not what’s called romantic people, because they see sentimentality as little childish. But they are capable of loving deeply once they do fall in love, though sometimes that’s hard to understand because they’re naturally detached.

In love they will keep the relationship harmonious and won’t start fights. They’re not the ones to suddenly cause relationship shocks. Some people can’t handle that because they are addicted to melodramas.

Like we find in Geminis, sometimes aquarians are attracted to have relationships with the same sex. Geminis are so attracted because their nature is often a blend of male and female so they can be attracted to both. Aquarians are sometimes attracted to their own sex because of their revolutionary views of relationships.

They make balanced and wise parents though they don’t have many children. They respect their children for who they are and don’t try to bend them towards occupations that they themselves like. They want to make sure that the child remains her individual self and they try to make the children independent from early on.

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg is an actor and comedian. Aquarius-rising people are often artistic and they have an excellent sense of humor.

Aquarian children should be treated as equals because they are more intelligent than their peers and need intellectual stimulation to keep growing. Also, parents should take time to explain why some things are good to do and some aren’t, because these children will be capable of understanding the reasons.

If parents take time to explain them these things, they will find that aquarian children become easier to manage as they are naturally obedient and want to do the right thing. But they must be kept humble so that if they see that their intelligence is above average they don’t become too much self-assured.

They should be given books to read and more intellectual ways to spend time than simply being given toys, and they should be encouraged to play outdoors so that they develop their physical bodies as well. They also love having pets and it’s great for them to have pets as that nourishes their loving nature.

They do not find the same level of intelligence in children so usually they prefer staying around older people or those whose intelligence is higher than average. As children they may have problems with teeth and tonsils so parents should take preventative action if they see some problems as such developing.

They should not be pushed to study what they don’t want but they should be observed to which subjects they are naturally inclined. They are likely to choose some intellectual pursuit but some aquarians develop a specific interest later on in life.

They are much more mentally active than physically. They should be exposed to advanced thinkers and to be shown new things through travel as they will be enriched by such experiences.

These people do not yearn to leave their homes like sometimes Sagittarians do but they also don’t cling to their childhood homes. When it’s time to leave, they will. They may become financially independent quite early but they will always make sure to keep good relations with parents and siblings.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon’s eyes have the look of distance typical of aquarians. His nose shape and lips are also typical of Aquarius-rising individuals.

They love traveling but they also love staying at home and just relaxing.

They are accused of being unfeeling because they may fail to sympathize with people who experience misfortunes. That’s because Aquarius-rising individuals see that their misfortunes are caused by foolish attitudes, selfishness, inability to really see the situation for what it is, emotional excesses and so forth. So it’s difficult for them to be sympathetic when they see the obvious cause of their misery.

Also, very developed aquarians will see people experiencing misfortunes as souls being in difficulties so that they are forced to grow, and therefore they will try not to interfere with their growth process. Self-improvement, despite of what New Age believers claim, is very difficult and comes from suffering.

Sometimes too much optimism and the tendency to see the situation in a more idealistic way gets aquarians into trouble. They really want to believe the best in people and the world. However, this optimism helps those who are down – conversations with aquarians at such times can be uplifting and inspiring.

When it comes to dealing with money, their approach is again moderate. They don’t see it as a be all and end all; they simply see money as something that helps them in this world. They neither hoard nor spend it foolishly. And they will help with their money if they see that it can cause some really positive effect.

Even if aquarians have a lot of money, they’re likely to dress in a way that doesn’t reflect their wealth and status. With their appearance they blend in and even if they’re famous, they will stick to non-attention grabbing style. They don’t like to show off the wealth that they have, like some undeveloped Leo or Taurus types do. They can be trusted in financial transactions.

They’re not very excited to start their own business because they’re not motivated by money. However, if the business has something to do with helping humanity at large, they will be quite enthusiastic about starting and maintaining such a venture. Aquarius-rising individuals will find that the more the business is helpful to mankind, the more successful it will be.

They are not inquisitive because it takes a sort of obsession to probe deep beyond the surface, and Aquarius-rising individuals don’t have this feature. They are not restless – they remain composed at all times and if the situation gets disharmonious, they put effort to bring it back to balance.

Appearance of Aquarius-rising people

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn has large aquarian eyes, lips on the thin side, and a typical aquarian nose (similar to my brother’s, who has her Sun in Aquarius.

They have a long and oval face, cheekbones are quite flat and forehead – broad. Eyes are set more widely apart than closer according to some astrologers, but I’m not yet convinced. Often the eyes are hazel, gray, or sometimes have a blue tinge. Sometimes eyes are large but even if they’re not, there’s a dreamy and detached quality about them.

The hair beautifully and in an unusual way reflects the sunlight, often the hair is curly and gets grey quite fast. The nose is usually of a normal size or little bit on the large side at the end, and the mouth is medium-sized though lips can be quite thin. The chin is neither pronounced nor small.

A good representation of Aquarius-rising is Christina Aguilera. I like to use teenage photos of celebrities sometimes as famous people end up getting plastic surgeries so their faces sometimes fail to represent their rising signs.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera has aquarian large eyes, quite flat cheekbones and an oval facial shape.

The bodies of aquarians don’t stand out in any way with the exception that they can be quite tall. The bodies may look long-limbed but they are well-proportioned. Aquarians don’t have great physical strength.

They feel their best when working for some inspirational idea. They need more than satisfactory material existence to feel their best – their souls must be inspired for them to feel fulfilled.

Those aquarians who are happy with doing something soulless just to feed themselves must have some Saturn or Uranus affliction as it’s not normal for this sign. They can work very hard if they are really inspired. If they are physically weak, the Moon or Venus may be prominent in the charts, but usually aquarians are neither too physically weak nor too strong.

Also, it is noticed in astrology that sometimes aquarian women have quite a lot of masculinity whilst aquarian men – femininity. A good example of that is Ellen Degeneres whose Sun is in Aquarius.

Though they don’t have the strongest of constitutions, they have generally good health because they tend to live a life of moderation. If they go down the wrong path, they instinctively know that they need to rebalance the situation so they do what they can to go back onto the road of moderation.

Of course, I can only talk about the normal Aquarius type and if there’s an affliction in the sixth house or some problem with the Moon, the person may have more problems with health. Aquarians may suffer from heart and bladder problems, as well as poor circulation.