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Scorpios are very easy to recognize. They have a strong jawbone and penetrating usually dark eyes. You can feel that there’s so much more to them than what they show, there’s so much intensity. They run on emotional energy though they rarely display their emotions in public.

They have high cheekbones and a square face, and a square face is also usual in Leo ascendants but Leo ascendant males experience boldness later in life whilst Scorpio ascendants tend to keep their luscious hair.

The Scorpio natives’ hair is usually very strong, and this can be seen by looking at the YouTuber Lisa who is a Scorpio Sun. She’s over 50 yet the hair is beautiful and plentiful. I believe she could be a double Scorpio or the Moon could be in Scorpio, because the scorpionic influence is so obvious in her appearance.

YouTuber Lisa is over 50 – look at her gorgeous hair. Scorpio people often have great hair. Her whole appearance is very scorpionic.

Another example is Shah Rukh Khan, who is 54 now, yet his hair is gorgeous.

Shah Rukh Khan is 54 (on the left) yet his hair is as gorgeous as it was in his youth. He has that striking unmistakable Scorpio appearance. SRK is a double Scorpio, by the way.

Holly Madison, the former Playboy bunny, is also a Scorpio rising. Her facial features are softened by the venusian influence in the first house. *Update* Astrotheme uses the wrong ascendant for her, her ascendant is Aquarius but its ruler Uranus is in Scorpio. Thus, the Scorpio influence is still there. Her Moon is in Libra, giving softness to her appearance.

I tried to find the images of Holly Madison that show the scorpionic influence as it’s hard to see it from the venusian influence of her chart and Libra Moon, but it’s definitely there.

In Holly’s case, although the Scorpio influence is very much hidden by the sweet appearance, she showed its influence by perfect revenge. She wrote a memoir of her days in the Playboy mansion (I read it) which changed the minds of many about who Hugh Hefner really was. It was a very, very Scorpio act on her part and it just shows the power that these people have.

Also, she loves being a mother and family is very important to her. This is again very Scorpio. Her being a Playboy bunny is explained by Venus being in Scorpio too, the sign of sex, in its detriment.

It takes experience to see the Scorpio influence that’s a little hidden by soft aspects, but with practice that’s indeed possible. The same can be said about Aishwarya Rai, who has a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon and it’s told that her ascendant is Libra but that’s not confirmed. It’s quite likely, though.

I added some photos of Aishwarya Rai together which highlight her scorpionic appearance.

Scorpio natives’ actions have a lot of emotional charge and because of this intensity they do well in many occupations. They put their all into their actions.

Scorpio natives either achieve their potential of becoming eagles which is a spiritual equivalent of this sign, or they degrade to become truly biting scorpions.

I came across both, and I know through experience that if they’re good, they are really good and usually spiritually advanced, but if they are bad, they can be deadly.

If they are the eagle-type Scorpios, you really want them to be your friends as they will be loyal and will fight for you and will help you. They protect their families and usually want to have children. They are very fertile.

If they are bad, you really don’t want to have them as enemies as they will bring harm to you. Even for eagle-type Scorpios it’s hard to forgive, not to say this about the scorpion-type.

Whilst the eagle-type Scorpios have fixed, thoughtful, intense and mysterious eyes, the scorpion-type ones have eyes that have something sinister about them.

Scorpio natives often have thin lips that are firmly pressed. This is very obvious in Holly Madison and the YouTuber Lisa I’ve already shown pictures of.

The nose of Scorpio rising natives can be short and broad, straight and sometimes aquiline, indeed like that of an eagle. So this is again a big difference to the nose type of Leo-rising individuals.

Another example is Demi Moore, who has a heavy Scorpio influence with the Sun being there too. She has four planets in Scorpio, three of them being personal ones.

I’ve put together some Demi Moore’s images that illustrate her scorpionic features.

We can see something very scorpionic about her – a square, heavy jawline, thin lips and beautiful dark hair. I’ve done Demi’s astrological profile here.

There’s a more passive type of Scorpio too, with a more round face and full lips. This is the feminine type of Scorpio. The lips can look somewhat loose or simply full. But the heaviness of the jawline remains.

Young Shah Rukh Khan – we can see full lips and a rounder face, typical of the more feminine Scorpio types. But the intensity of Scorpio remains.

This type is often short and slim, and they can be clumsy and slow. Sometimes you can feel the Libra influence in these types and often they’re the first decan Scorpios which Shahrukh is. His stature is not short but normal though, which is probably modified by his Aquarius Moon.

Cheiro has three personal planets in Scorpio, including his Sun.

We can see from his intense eyes and strong jawbone the influence of Scorpio, and the fact that he was expert hand-reader and knew astrology very well.

It’s an extremely handsome type of Scorpio. Due to estrogen in the diets of the Western world fewer and fewer men look masculine these days…

The masculine type of Scorpio is not as slim and the features may be exaggerated. Also, because Scorpio is a strong sign, it’s quite easy to recognize any Scorpio influence no matter how modified by other planets and signs it is.

Often Scorpio natives are dark-skinned. I remember in an interview SRK complained in a funny way that he’s the darkest and shortest of his family members on the male side, which is appropriate for the feminine Scorpio type.

Geminis often lack beards or have them weak, but Scorpio men often have thick beards. The bodies are strong and usually very beautifully formed of both men and women.

Secretive and family-oriented

Scorpio natives are very secretive – I remember when Aishwarya Rai was on some beauty panel and a host told she knew a secret about her, it felt that she would get a heart attack when she heard that. But it was something insignificant and funny, to her relief!

She absolutely adores having a daughter and is happy to be a mother. Family is so, so important to her – you can see that by how much she respects her parents and her Instagram photos are often about her family.

The same applies to the YouTuber Lisa – family is of utmost importance to her. She even moved to a place she doesn’t really like but stays there because her family is there! This is totally opposite to how many Sagittarians are, who don’t have strong family ties and often live far away from their family and often have nothing to do with their relatives.

Scorpio women love being mothers but some of them can be extremely controlling, not allowing the child to develop as an independent personality. Therefore children, when they grow up, may end up resenting their Scorpio mothers. They may have weak personalities crushed in the shadow of their mothers.

Marriage with Scorpio natives

Often the marriage only works out for Scorpio natives if they find partners who are flexible and allow the Scorpio natives to be the ones in charge. Also, if the seventh house of Scorpio natives has malefic influences, marriage is likely to be a disaster.

It’s the sign of extremes. So, for example, in love Scorpio natives can be very intense, too intense to some partners. If they are undeveloped, the love will be very lustful, with lots of excesses and animalistic nature. The same often applies to people who have Venus in Scorpio.

Inflexibility and strength

Scorpio natives find it difficult to adapt to new environments and ways of doing things. So in businesses where much innovation always happens and it’s crucial to remain flexible they are very likely to lose.

They often have many accidents in life and end up with metals in bodies. Shah Rukh Khan often has surgeries, and the YouTuber Lisa calls herself “a bionic woman” because she has metal in her body due to the lumbar disk replacement and I think she also has metal in her knee.

So indeed the ancient Scorpio ruler Mars still holds sway over this sign. These people experience many deaths in life, which can be literal, near-death experiences, or spiritual deaths and rebirths, which of course makes Pluto a valid ruler of them too.

These extreme transformations either make them into highly spiritual and wise beings, or cause them to be very selfish, callous and totally survival-oriented.

Scorpios have the power to endure any kind of difficulty. And if they have Taurus Moons, they’re going to be so energetic that they will be able to stay active probably until they die of old age.

Unlike Aries, their action is slow but the endurance is great. They don’t waste their energies by taking sudden action but distribute their energies evenly so that the plan is implemented with the same amount of power.

It’s a thoughtful sign which takes actions after planning and deliberation. When energy fails as the native ages, he is likely to rely on stimulants.

They can suddenly take unexpected action too, but it’s less common. They are not only physically but mentally enduring.

It’s easy to control Scorpio natives by giving the illusion that they are under no control. It’s possible to get in control of them through compliments and by appealing to their selfish nature yet using this to one’s own advantage; but if the native senses any form of control, he is likely to rebel or sting.

Health of Scorpio rising individuals

All internal secretions of the body are ruled by Scorpio. It’s also told to be responsible for converting nutrients into blood. Bodily corruption and putrefaction are also often caused by this sign being afflicted. It rules sexual organs as well.

These natives can live a very long life and often have several near-death experiences. They often survive events that other people don’t and those events change the way they look at life. Their health usually gets worse if in their high-hormone days they contract some venereal disease or they don’t allow their bodies to detoxify themselves.

When they’re sick, they can take powerful medicines to drive out the disease; they take exact and intensive actions tackling disease head on rather than delaying the healing or ignoring it, hoping it would go away by itself.

They like taking radical measures and often turn to surgery. They also make excellent surgeons and they often like to handle sharp objects and are excellent at doing that.

I remember watching Lisa’s video of her trying to do a do-it-yourself eyelash perm and she so skillfully cut off the ends of the plastic bits she glued on her eyelids; it was scary to watch as it’s a little dangerous to do, yet she did that so accurately. That’s a true Scorpio influence.

The only illness that’s hard for them to fight is an auto-immune disease.

Inflexible will

Without any Libra or another softening influence the will of the Scorpio native will be unbendable, and they will head straight to their target without considering how this affects others. They always go for what they want and refuse to consider alternatives.

It’s the most selfish sign of all, even more so than Capricorn, yet sometimes this selfishness is well-hidden. Sometimes the natives plan and take steps over a long period of time to get to their objective, but they achieve it eventually.

It’s very important to pay attention to planetary aspects of a Scorpio native because they will reveal whether this powerful energy is used for good or bad ends. It’s very important to check Mars and Pluto placements, ascendant, the Sun and Moon signs, their aspects, and judge accordingly.

The best eagle type Scorpio celebrity that I know of is Aishwarya Rai who directs her energies for helping disadvantaged children and is an inspiration to see. She inspires with her work ethic and speeches.

Her parents must be absolutely proud of her, as she has no blemish at all on her public face after years of being in the Bollywood industry, which is miraculous. Even her facial features show the eagle type of Scorpio. After 40 usually all the vices will be shown on the face, starting from age 30, though plastic surgeries can cover that to some extent.

Seeking truth vs. selfish nature

Highly developed Scorpio natives will always seek truth behind appearances. Truth, no matter whether offending or not, will be the most important to them. This type of Scorpio is also represented by the clear water frozen into ice.

However, the undeveloped Scorpio natives just go after their selfish goals no matter whether they harm others and even themselves – they just go after what they want. This is represented by the stagnant, dark and poisonous water.

The Taurus native will spend time pushing obstacles out of his way. Libra will spend a lot of time to figure out how to go around them. Yet Scorpio natives will destroy any obstacle in their way.

Advice for parents with Scorpio children

If the child has the Sun, Moon or ascendant Scorpio, parents should never attempt to suppress their sexual nature in any way. Because if they do, they can, out of rebellion, totally start wasting themselves on sexual activities till the end of their lives.

The same goes for religion. If they are forced to believe in some way, out of rebellion they can become total atheists or adopt a religion that parents are against. So it’s very important not to attempt to control this native as she will turn around and sting when it’s probably least expected.

Also, Scorpio children should never be lied to as they will find this out. They should be addressed as adults and given reasons of why they are required to do certain things. Otherwise they will start resenting parents. They should be given activities to release the intense energy that they possess.

A lot of care must be given to them to make sure they develop well. Undeveloped Scorpio children often bully others and can be very cruel to other children. So they should be taught to treat others as equals, to share what they possess and to help others, so that the selfish quality in them isn’t allowed to dominate which it will by default.

Unchangeable disposition and being direct in speech

Scorpio natives rarely change their minds. If it seems that they did, it could be that they always held that opinion but it became more convenient now to reveal it. It’s a fixed sign, so their minds are pretty much unbendable.

They have intense personal magnetism. They usually say what they mean and they are often accused of lacking tact or diplomacy. This is very obvious in the interviews of Shah Rukh Khan.

He tends to offend people and he always tells that his wife and family tell him not to say certain things, but then he goes ahead and says them anyway. I really appreciate his honesty, but yes, he can be rude sometimes!

For example, most Bollywood celebrities are quiet about Donald Trump being the president of the US. Yet when asked for his opinion, Shah Rukh Khan said something along the lines of “I think Americans deserve him”. I can only guess he said that because SRK is a Muslim so he would be painfully aware of the US interfering in the running of some Islamic lands.

Also, Scorpios try to get in control of any group they join, and this is again obvious when Shah Rukh Khan gives interviews with other actors. He often tries to gain control over the group and ends up upsetting people.

Intense nature and focus

Scorpio natives make great spies, surgeons and researchers. They have great patience. It’s an introverted sign. They need plenty of time by themselves to recharge.

Again, the example would be the YouTuber Lisa who says she needs time alone to recharge and that she can stay at home always so sometimes she needs to force herself to go out and socialize. And the same applies to SRK who says that when he doesn’t work he’s totally quiet and spends time with himself or his youngest son.

They are secretive. One of the worst things for them is if their secrets are found out, even insignificant ones. That’s a big deal for them.

Also, low-developed Scorpios take everything personally and if they are offended they can devote their whole energy to destroy the person who offended them. They will relentlessly pursue this goal until the person is destroyed.

These people often have no difficulty in acquiring wealth for old age as they are all about self-preservation.


So these are the traits that Scorpio individuals have. If you wish to share more traits of them that you observed, please do so in the comments.

You can also check where your Pluto and Scorpio are located in your chart. These are the places where you can focus your energy the most. So for example, if your Scorpio is found in Midheaven, it means you can exert the most focus on your work and public life, for example.

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