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Taurus in the first house, also called “Taurus rising” or “Taurus ascendant”, makes one stubborn and persistent. The voice is likely to be pleasant, and the movements slower than those of most people.

Since the first house signs influence the person’s appearance, people having Taurus on its cusp are likely to be stout and good-looking. They may have very pleasant physical features and may look appealing to the other sex.

The body looks sturdy, and there’s a possibility of becoming overweight with years. Taureans love pleasure, accessories, art and wealth. They might pay attention to how the fabric feels before buying clothes and they may like to physically handle money.

They may be superficial and sometimes vain. They may overindulge in sense pleasures. There could be an attachment to tradition, and they could be bigoted in some views.

Sometimes people perceive taureans to lack intelligence because they really value the status quo if it’s beneficial to them, so they may resist any improvement to it for the fear of accidentally making the situation worse.

They are likely to have thick necks, thicker than usual skin, even and clear skin and good hair. The eyes tend to be large and beautiful. Shoulders may be broad, eyes and hair are likely to be dark, and the stature – short. Hair may be curly but not always.

Here are some examples of celebrities with Taurus rising that illustrate these features well. Please keep in mind that the Moon’s location and the planets located in the first house and near the Sun as well as the Sun sign itself will influence the person’s appearance also.

Taurean type celebrities

Eugena Roxas Domingo

She is a Filipino film and theatre actress. We see a stout taurean build tending toward plumpness. Her nose is also very taurean. This actress has Venus in cancer, and Saturn is in her first house (source).

Patricia Jacquelyn Balbuena Palacios

She is a Peruvian lawyer. Her face is very taurean – look at its fullnes, lips, nose, eyes and eyebrows. The jawline is strong. Her stature is short. (Natal chart source.)

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, Taurus rising

Mariah Carey is another good example, as she has an unoccupied Taurus sign and the ascendant is 15 degrees into the sign. She has good-quality hair, thick and short neck, dark eyes and a shapely figure very descriptive of the planet of love (Venus) ruling the Taurus sign.

Taurus rising character features

The person with Taurus on the cusp of the first house is not going to be angered fast, but if the anger is aroused, it will be long-lasting and very destructive. They don’t give up their hearts easily, but when they do, they are likely to remain very loyal.

People with Taurus rising may have unchanging daily routines and the love of comfort and luxury. They like beauty in their life, and will action to create it in some form, be it through music, painting, home decoration or in any other way.

Taurus rising people are hard workers and they are likely not to rebel against their bosses, though other natal chart indicators should be looked at to be really sure. Once they make up their minds, it’s very hard for them to change their beliefs.

They are motivated to make money to enjoy luxury and comfort or to make a loved one happy. They usually make a good living, because Taurus is ruled by Venus, which rules cash.

Though Taurus rising people may earn a lot of money, they still worry about their future financial condition. Usually the youth may not be wealthy, but as the years go by they accumulate more and more riches.

Taurus ascendant people have acquisitive natures. They like to accumulate possessions, and the same applies to the people who have Venus in their second house. They get attached to the stuff they own easily, and they may be very unhappy should they have to be separated from what they own.

The same applies to relationships. Though they may look secure, if they really love a person they will jealously guard him or her. They may be easily hurt by criticism of a loved one, and may even choose to leave if their self-esteem is hurt.

Some people perceive taureans as lacking intelligence because they are slow to react and they remain stuck to what they believe to be true. But it’s not that they aren’t intelligent, they just think in a different way.

They think that if something works, there’s no point of reinventing the wheel. They also react to any challenge very slowly, gathering enough evidence of how it’s best to act, and then slowly but surely proceeding with the changed behavior.

One of the best features of taureans is their loyalty. They only leave if their self-esteem is hurt. Someone having Venus in Taurus can remain loyal even if their partner is downright evil. It’s a domestic sign of steadiness and perseverance, and is a blessing for all who like loyalty and steadfastness.

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