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This is one of the most difficult rising signs to have. People who have Pisces as their ascendant find it hard to understand who they are, and defining boundaries could be a challenge.

Emotions may overwhelm them. High sensitivity to people, environment, other realms and non-physical entities can prove too much to handle.

Yet if Pisces-rising individuals are self-aware and learn from their mistakes, especially learning to stop running away from reality by getting lost in the world of fantasy or mind-altering substances, then these people can become the most spiritual of all.

They are capable of uniting the body, mind and spirit into one whole and operating in a totally integrated way. Yet few achieve this stage. It’s a naturally passive sign so often the natives give into dissipation, passivity, laziness and allow the worldly and the common to influence them.

The sign of Pisces shows two fish swimming in different directions which well-illustrates the internal confusion that many of such people experience. They naturally like the change of surroundings and many are lifelong travelers.

Indian actress Kajol is listed as Pisces rising. She also has the Moon and Jupiter in this sign. She’s an excellent actress – Pisces-rising people often know how to imitate very well.

It’s difficult for them to focus on one subject for long, and in speech they may be evasive and elusive. They are highly creative, therefore they can achieve a lot in life, but only if they overcome the tendency to scatter their energies and to be passive. They must focus on one subject and give their whole attention to it in order to succeed.

Their strongest and weakest quality is high impressionability. This is the most impressionable signs of all. The reason it can be a weakness is that if they find themselves in negative surroundings and around negative people, either they will get depressed or the character will deteriorate to reflect what they experience.

Yet if they find themselves in good surroundings and with inspirational people, they will effortlessly become that which they observe and reflect harmonious energies surrounding them.

This high impressionability can be used by them for their benefit if they are exposed to self-empowering visualization teachings. For example, it’s easy for them to visualize the circumstances they want to find themselves in and to manifest exactly that.

But if Pisces-ascendant individuals are not exposed to such teachings, it’s likely that they will become like the people around them. Pisces is a passive and receptive sign so it’s natural for them to take on the energies rather than to expend them for some change to take place.

An escapism tendency is also a very strong enemy of theirs. It can make them totally avoid reality and they may be wrapped up in fantasy or get addicted to the altered states of consciousness through drugs and other means. Yet again, this escapism tendency can be used to their advantage, if they use their imagination to create something for the world to enjoy, such as a movie, painting, song and so forth.

Since it’s the most feminine sign of all, women of this rising sign don’t lack male attention. Men are mystified by them and they like their effortless femininity.

Kourtney Kardashian is Pisces rising. The natives often have petite figures.

Pisces at home

Pisces-rising people are domestic but not practical. If they are married they will stay loyal unless someone of a strong character keeps pursuing them; then they may give in, depending on their level of development. But they are not likely to actively seek ways to be disloyal.

When in love, they may sacrifice their happiness for a loved one. They try to keep home harmonious because of their sensitivity to energies. These people are very fertile.

As parents, they are interested in their roles and they love children; yet they may allow children to misbehave and to indulge in too many sweets and other things considered pleasant.

Parents who have Pisces-rising children must teach them self-assertion; because it’s too easy for them to allow other children to shine whilst they are happy to remain in the background. They should also be taught to be selective in whom to trust as they easily place their trust in everyone and get hurt.

They must be taught to fight when a fight is needed, as it’s easy for them to give up and be okay with that. They must be taught to make their way in life despite of the circumstances, as they are likely to just stay where they are.

As children, they should be kept in the best environment affordable and be given the best education possible, so that they are given the best possible influences and knowledge to start their lives.

These people are very sensual and they like a luxurious style of living. They like the comforts and pleasures that life offers, be that comfortable beds, sweets, harmonious music, or a pleasant company. Though they like all such things, they will not exert themselves to get them; yet they will accept if these are offered.

Since they are highly talented, if they only focus on developing their talents, career, money and popularity will easily come to them.

Michael Jackson is believed to be Pisces rising. He had those big eyes that sometimes the natives do, and he had great imagination judging from his personal style and unusual songs.

They are strongly drawn to the past, so they may be fascinated with things ancient, with some past time period, or they may like reading history books.

Unless there are opposing chart indicators, Pisces people do not like hard work and they don’t like discipline. They are disorganized and aren’t fans of routine. They can be pleasant and indulgent companions, yet lazy when it comes to getting things done and if any initiative is required.

They live in another realm, so to speak, so they may often appear daydreaming, and they may be unreliable. They are the most active in the realm not seen, but the impressions and information from that realm may not translate into this one unless the natives develop themselves spiritually.

If undeveloped, they may become superstitious religious fanatics of the ecstatic type. If developed, they may become mystics, clairvoyants and highly intuitive spiritual guides.

It’s very hard for them to be objective – they tend to rely on intuition or the feeling of the moment.

They are not rebellious and accept limitations imposed on them. Though in heart they are wanderers, if travelling requires too much exertion, they are perfectly happy to stay where they are. Love, devotion and self-sacrifice are common themes in their lives.

These people may have moral conflicts and some may have no morals at all. They are very flexible individuals so it can be easy for them to bend morals unless their spiritual foundations are strong. So the wrong company can convince them to do something immoral, and, because of their high impressionability, they might only see the mistake if some positive influence confronts them.

They do not have the same understanding of life as most other signs; for them inspiration, energy of the moment and how the environment feels matter a great deal. They may greatly modify their behavior depending on circumstances and how they feel. So sometimes this sign is considered unstable and unpredictable.

A strong core identity is missing so it’s very easy for them to experience great transformations in life when circumstances change. Their appearance may accordingly shift, as well as their behavior, and even their energy.

If, however, their life is stable and circumstances don’t change much, accordingly their behavior and appearance will remain as they always were.

Bettie Page is Pisces rising. She had typical piscean eyes and a petite figure.

This weakness yet again provides the greatest strength, as this great adaptability of theirs makes it easy to adjust to the changing times and circumstances. Also, their extra sensitivity, if the natives are developed, can be used to take them out of any danger. But if they don’t get in touch with their real selves, they will not use their sensitivity but will be used by it.

The natives of this sign understand symbols and naturally grasp spiritual meaning of events. They cannot help but be led by intuition, yet because of their suggestible and passive natures, circumstances sometimes get the better of them.

They are not the ones to hold a grudge, and if they are hurt, they don’t get angry but are deeply saddened instead.

They make excellent writers, painters, actors and other kinds of artists, because of their powerful imagination, an ability to imitate, high sensitivity and connection to other realms. They also thrive in the occupations requiring constant travel.

Many Pisces-rising individuals like to change their places of living because of the love of seeing different scenery. They love living near the bodies of water, especially the ocean or sea.

Often, people come to them for help and are comforted by their advice. Piscean natives naturally gravitate towards people and animals who are hurt. They may be involved in charitable organizations, such as helping the homeless or caring for abandoned pets. They might adopt stray pets or raise orphan children.

They like to see the reality better than it is because it’s too painful to witness what’s actually taking place.

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes likes to drastically change her style. This is something that Pisces-rising individuals sometimes do. It looks like she has gone really downhill, however, and this is because of piscean impressionability and the adaptation to their surroundings.

Pisces-rising appearance

Since it’s a passive sign, it easily takes on the qualities of the planets occupying it and the Neptune’s placement will greatly determine the appearance, too. Luminaries will also change the look. Therefore, it’s sometimes difficult to guess if a person is Pisces-rising or not.

Generally Pisces-rising people are of average or below average height. This sign gives a weaker body frame, a feminine and fragile-looking figure. Weight gain is likely with years because of their love of self-indulgence.

The person leans towards ease and is attracted to luxury; the body is soft and can easily fall ill, especially with infectious diseases. The body is very sensitive to substances, such as medicines and drugs.

Often the face of Pisces-rising individuals has soft lines and angles. The eyes are often small and without definite shape.

For example, here’s a picture of Demi Moore’s eyes who is Pisces rising:

…or the eyes of Ryan Gosling who is also told to be Pisces rising:

…or Whitney Houston, a confirmed Pisces rising:

You may notice that the shape is not certain, so to speak – the eyes lack definition. I also noticed that one eye may be smaller.

Some astrologers say that sometimes the eyes of Pisces-rising people can be unusually big, almost bulging, and they may have a sleepy appearance. In my experience that’s more rare.

Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna, has such eyes:

As well as Clara Bow:

Pisces-rising people often have double chins if they are overweight. Their shoulders are often round. The complexion is either rosy or very pale. Lips are sensuous and hair is often wavy.

Health and dangers

Because Pisces is a passive sign, the body can easily fall ill, especially because of infectious diseases or gout. There could be problems with feet and body fluids, like water retention. These people can, however, easily recover if they have a well-meaning doctor or visualize themselves getting well. It’s all to do with self-suggestion, the people around them, and the environment.

This is not a longevity sign and natives can die in childhood, of infectious diseases or the ones caused by passivity and self-indulgence. They may be poisoned, become drug addicts or alcoholics, ending their lives in dissipation.

Those who are on a bit higher level of consciousness will instead pursue religion and may die in some cult unless they are very careful; because of their naivety and compassion they tend to attract the people who abuse and hurt them, and because of their lack of boundaries they want to merge into some greater movement. Thus, many fall prey to religious cults or ill-meaning individuals.

Another danger for Pisces-rising people is the New Age movement, as they may start channeling entities, becoming their puppets, not realizing that the entities use them. So these people need to be very careful not to waste their lives for unworthy causes.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish is Pisces-rising. She has piscean eyes and lips, and there’s a strong neptunian influence felt in her appearance as her Moon conjuncts this planet. She needs to avoid mind-altering substances as those can destroy her, and also due to such conjunction she may be able to channel other-worldly entities.

They also need to be careful with being too self-involved, because they may start feeling sorry for themselves and then find it difficult to get out of the depressive mood. They are susceptible to hypnotism and other forms of mind control. Ideally, they shouldn’t watch TV and any mainstream media material because of their high susceptibility to subliminal programming.

There’s also danger of taking feelings for the reality and making decisions based on the impression of the moment rather than by looking at the totality of the situation.

Unless they spiritually develop themselves, they will confuse impressions from other realms with the energies of the environment and their own selves. So they will act on things imagined rather than those that are real. They will be unreliable as at one moment their conviction may seem totally valid, yet if the energies of the environment or their mood change, they may be onto another line of thinking.

They may be very sensitive to disturbing sounds and sights, so they will be the happiest if they live in harmonious and quiet environments. Also, they may be careless with money, spending on the feeling of the moment and also being unwisely generous with money. For example, they may donate to institutions that make heartbreaking commercials yet do almost nothing help the causes they side with.

It’s easy to emotionally move them, so they must guard against being deliberately made sad so that they don’t part with their money or give their time to some deceptive or worthless cause. They should guard against negative mental content as they may be consumed by worry or fear as a result. Many of their fears are imagined.

They may be absentminded and forget where they put things. They often lose their belongings. There are people in their lives plotting for their failure.

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