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In this post, I have gathered important occult and astrological writings about the Moon for easier personal reference and hopefully, this will be useful for some of my readers as well.

General occult and astrological information about the Moon

The Moon was called in ancient days Lucina, Cynthia, Diana, and Noctiluca. She is closest to the earth out of all the planets. She travels through all the zodiac signs in around 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes, according to William Lilly.

The Moon is never retrograde, but when she moves the slowest, then she is equivalent to a retrograde planet. The Moon only rules Cancer and is in her detriment in Capricorn. She is exalted in 3 degrees of Taurus and her fall is in 3 degrees of Scorpio.

She governs the earthly triplicity at night (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). She is a feminine planet, cold, moist, and passive. People born on the full Moon are at risk of being easily hypnotized and there is usually a great conflict between their intellect and emotions. The Moon rules the seventh month of conception.

Paracelsus writes that there is a correspondence between Saturn and Moon, and this is confirmed by Blavatsky’s writings too. She says that Jews worshiped the Moon-god and we see the relic of that Moon-god, the crescent, in the religion of Muslims, and also the crescent is worn by Shiva. Some Hindus, after closely researching Islam, come to the conclusion that Muslims worship their god Shiva. Also, as you probably know, Jehovah is usually known as Saturn. So there is indeed some sort of Moon-Saturn connection.

According to Blavatsky, the Moon in Kabbalah is told to be the seed of all material life. In yoga there is a sun and moon nerve; the moon nerve (Ida) is a cooling one, whilst the sun nerve (Pingala) is heating. Those who want to relax agitated nerves or fall asleep should do breathing exercises that activate the moon nerve, whilst those who want to be more active – the sun nerve.

A strong Moon in one’s chart leads to a high position in life according to Hindu astrology. It also shows the health of an individual, especially in a female chart. It can show the beauty or the lack of it if it’s close to the ascendant. If it’s waxing during the time of birth, it grants a beautiful appearance; if it’s waning, the opposite is likely to be the case.

According to astrology, you can plan certain activities depending on which zodiac sign the Moon is in. For example, when the Moon is in Aries, it’s good for starting things; when it’s in Aquarius, it’s excellent for social activities; when it’s in Scorpio, it’s good for magic workings; when it’s in Pisces, it’s good for meditation. When the Moon is void of course, it’s not good to start anything important (google “void of course moon dates”).

An afflicted Moon in the twelfth house may cause the loss of or injury to the left eye, according to Hindu astrology. A weak Moon in the eighth house can cause consumption. Moon is benefic only when strong, according to Vedic astrology. According to medieval astrology, it’s benefic when in conjunction with benefic planets, and malefic – when in conjunction with malefic planets.

Mount of Luna

On the palm, it represents the mount of Luna, and by it, one can judge whether the person is creative or not.

It indicates the love of beautiful surroundings, fondness of poetry, and fiction literature. It can indicate refinement, emotions, mysticism, writing ability, as well as selfish nature.

Linguists, musicians, composers, and other creative people have this mount prominent.

On a woman’s hand, bad signs on this mount indicate health problems.

Over-development of this mount may show morbid imagination or even insanity, especially if a drooping head line is present too. It can show a tendency towards suicide. An over-developed mount of Luna may make one out of touch with reality.

Mental characteristics of a person born under the rule of the Moon

They are very sensitive, composed, and sweet people. They like things new and can be changeable in moods. They are also likely to move homes more often than most people. Their focus is on the present moment, so they may lack steadfastness. They are easily frightened, lovers of peace, sometimes very lazy. They would like to live free from all cares of life.

They may overeat, especially if they are upset. They might be knowledgeable of many things but not in-depth. They are easily hypnotized and genuinely clairvoyant. They often believe that they have some disease when they don’t.

When the Moon is afflicted in one’s chart, it can make the person idle. He may not care to earn money. He can even become a beggar. He hates work and may instead engage in destructive activities such as drinking alcohol.

Physical characteristics of a person born under the rule of the Moon

The Moon gives a corpulent body, round face, and a white complexion; it gives large, brown, grey, and moist-looking eyes, and black abundant hair on head and other body parts (this is according to Vedic astrology, whilst in Western astrology, the Moon is told to give blond hair too).

It’s very common for one eye to be larger than another. Arms are often short and fleshy. They are inclined to edema and kidney disease.

What the Moon represents in astrology

It represents emotions, mother, queen, or any female. According to Hindu horary astrology, it represents things new as opposed to old. It sometimes can represent traders, fast-moving objects, and short periods of time. It can represent wealth, beauty, and the left eye.

It can also stand for the masses, travelers, pilgrims, and midwives.

Diseases and imbalances caused by the Moon

The Moon can cause sleeping problems, drowsiness, lung diseases, diarrhea, digestive disorders, water retention in the body; childhood diseases, danger from water, insanity, lunacy, and weight gain. It can also cause stroke, diseases on the left side of the body, stones, gout in wrists and feet, cold rheumatic diseases, phlegm, smallpox, and measles.

Plants, animals, places, and metals ruled by the Moon

Herbs and trees ruled by the Moon

Herbs ruled by the moon have soft and juicy leaves, their taste could be somewhat sweet. Such plants like to grow in watery places; they grow fast and they are lush. All trees and herbs which have round spreading leaves that provide shade and have little fruitage are ruled by the Moon. Such plants and trees are:

Wood avens ☽ Cabbage ☽ Melon ☽ Gourd ☽ Pumpkin ☽ Onion ☽ Mandrake ☽ Poppy ☽ Lettuce ☽ Rapeseed ☽ Mushroom ☽ Endive ☽ Linden tree

Animals ruled by the Moon

All animals who live in water are ruled by the Moon, but some other animals are ruled by the Moon as well:

Frogs ☽ Otter ☽ Snails ☽ Weasel ☽ Any bird habitually frequenting the sea ☽ Cuckoo ☽ Geese ☽ Duck ☽ Night Owl

Fish ruled by the Moon

Oyster ☽ Cockles fish ☽ Shellfish ☽ Crab ☽ Lobster ☽ Tortoise ☽ Eel

Places ruled by the Moon

(The Moon is the co-ruler of all watery places so I’ve mentioned some of them here.)

Fields ☽ Fountains ☽ Baths ☽ Highways ☽ Port Towns ☽ Rivers ☽ Fishponds ☽ Standing pools ☽ Bogs ☽ Brooks ☽ Springs ☽ Docks

Metals and stones ruled by the Moon

Silver ☽ Selenite crystal ☽ Any crystals ☽ All soft stones


This is all the information I have for you about the Moon. If you wish to share something more about this luminary, please do so in the comments.

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