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Aleksander Maj

Thank you so, so much for all your good, wise and caring advice, that will help protect me!

I’m so happy that I contacted you for this natal chart reading and will take time to think about it and read it again.

Thank you again Simona, take care and have a wonderful time this winter in Asia!

— Aleksander Maj

I found Simona online recently and loved her videos. She is such a wise and insightful soul.

I was intrigued by her work, guidance and gentle nature and decided to order a life assessment. It was incredible… Astonishingly accurate.

I ordered a follow up clarification email as well and that was excellent too.

The life assessment is an amazing tool and the detailed 15 pages highlighted not only strengths and gifts but areas that could cause problems or to be aware of.

As well it highlights every aspect of ones life including spiritual development, karma, finances and relationships ect. She is an incredible astrologer and I would highly recommend her life reading. Her books are incredible too.

Thank you Simona!

— John D


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I cannot believe how accurate my health reading was. Thank you so much.

— Sonia

95% of what you said is absolutely me. Another 5% would have been me were I to follow the footsteps of my family.

— Deborah W.

THANK YOU, it was mostly very accurate. You even somehow saw my current love fascination. Family abuse was present as you said, as well as unclear family situation. I just found you, so from now on I will start reading your articles and watching your videos.



Thanks Simona for helping with my issues. Now I’m much more confident in becoming self-employed and will try to do it in a way that you suggested. Your advice about friends and parents is especially important, so thank you for letting me know what to expect from those relationships.

Wishing you a wonderful year!

— Krishna J.

I don’t know about the mental/emotional trauma during birth but all the rest you said about me is absolutely true. I never belied in astrology, but there must be something to it. I’m still stunned.

Take care,

Aneesh S.

Dear Simona,

Your love relationship assessment was so accurate that I’ve ordered a general life assessment also. Thank you for taking time to offer this service, it is really appreciated.

— Dorothy

Your assessment of my health was absolutely accurate. You pinpointed the areas that I have trouble with. Thank you for making me aware of how to protect myself from diseases whose potentials are shown in my chart.

— Suresh

My health has improved after applying your natal chart advice. Thank you.

— Kiran S.

The assessment was very accurate in all the ways and areas of life.

It points out your strengths, weaknesses, areas where luck is promised, things to be careful about, the guideline to progress in certain areas, and so on. These are all accurate, and certain areas where you would not think any insight could be made are unusually true.

Overall, I would recommend it. And also there’s information about what’s your major life lesson, which, in my case, is about learning to live with limitations.

Thank you.


Utsav Shah

Although I had only a vague idea about my birth time, Simona was accurately able to pinpoint the most possible birth time and therefore the life assessment was very accurate, and I was able to understand a lot about myself. I was really surprised at the accuracy of this assessment.


Hi Simona,

Thank you for analyzing my chart with an emphasis on my health. My health has improved after your advice. I am looking forward to my next assessment about my career.


Thank you for giving an affordable price for redoing the chart (as the previous time was incorrect). It’s very accurate and now I understand why I function so not like myself in intimate relationships. I have ordered the follow-up service for further information about certain aspects of my life you mentioned. Thank you so much.

E. (Anonymous)

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