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In this post, I have gathered important occult and astrological writings about Jupiter for easier personal reference and hopefully, this will be useful for some of my readers as well.

General occult and astrological information about Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet placed close to Saturn. He has an azure hue and finishes his course through the zodiac in 14 years, 314 days, and 12 hours, according to William Lilly.

According to Vedic astrology, its color is yellow, and if it’s afflicted in a natal chart, the wearing of the yellow topaz (if it touches the skin) is told to strengthen its beneficial influence (and you do want him strong in your life as it gives wisdom, wealth and luck).

The average daily motion of Jupiter is 4 minutes and 59 seconds. Jupiter is retrograde for about 120 days. He’s stationary for five days before retrograding and after retrograding he’s stationary for four days.

He’s a masculine, hot and moist planet, and is called the Greater Fortune in astrology, whilst the Lesser Fortune is the planet, Venus. Jupiter can give good results even if it’s afflicted because it’s a very positive planet with almost nothing evil in it. It can, however, with a negative ray from the Sun, give too much pride and boastfulness to the native.

Because of its benefic nature, it’s capable of transforming a malefic influence to a benefic, if the aspect to a malefic planet is positive; or at least it will soften the harmful influence of a negative planet in a natal chart.

This planet is the planet of religion, spirituality, and long-distance travel. It’s the planet of modesty, temperance, sobriety, and justice. It’s the planet that can also make one tend to be overweight, especially if he’s found close to the ascendant. The native then is likely to love sugary treats and is at risk of getting diabetes.

According to Vedic astrology, if this planet, or the planet Venus, influences the ascendant and its lord, the person is told to be of a high (Brahmin) birth.

Jupiter rules sea-green and blue colors, as well as purple, grey, yellow, a mix of yellow and green, according to William Lilly.

It’s the planet that encourages you to give of your wealth and knowledge. Jupiter rules Thursday and its first and eighth astrological hours. Jupiter rules the metal tin.

Jupiter in palmistry

Finger and mount of JupiterThe finger of Jupiter is the first finger of palmistry.

If it’s straight and well-developed, with a good mount under it, it gives ambition and the ability to dominate. The person can be a good leader and respects himself.

If the Jupiter mount is well-developed, the person is enthusiastic about any new endeavor. It indicates honor, the ability to manage and control, as well as the tendency to be religious.

It’s a good indication that the person will be successful in business. It is told that people who have this mount well developed will retain good hearing power till old age, but men may tend towards baldness with years.

If the finger of Jupiter is too long with an overdeveloped mount, the person may want dominion over others at any cost and may become a tyrant. He will be arrogant. If the mount is underdeveloped, the person will be idle and egotistic.

A rectangle is a great sign to have on this mount, as it shows protection from dangers. In my life assessments, I notice many people having this mark. A triangle on this mount indicates that the person is capable of rising very high in his career.

If you have a well-formed (with no breaks) ring of Solomon, which is indicated below, this indicates the love for occult studies, and a possibility to become proficient at such a study (other lines on hand must be studied to be extra sure of this, like if the line of intuition is present, etc.).

Ring of Solomon

Jupiter in mythology

Brihaspati - Jupiter - the teacher of gods

Brihaspati – Jupiter – the teacher of gods

In Indian mythology, Jupiter is Brihaspati, the Vedic sage who counsels gods.

This is similar to the western mythology claiming Jupiter to be the king of gods.

He is the god of incantation and ritual. He is known as the first of the Vedic priests, thus is associated with religion, like in western astrology.

He is also told to be the god of the sky in western mythology. This god rules the number three and the day Thursday both in Indian and western astrology.

He is shown sometimes on a white elephant, or a chariot drawn by eight white horses. In western mythology, his sacred tree is the oak, and he is sometimes symbolized by an eagle or a thunderbolt.

Mental characteristics of a person born under the rule of Jupiter

He is very giving of himself and his resources, reserved, religious or spiritual, always striving to be impartial. He desires to be of benefit to everyone, he tries not to insult anyone with his speech; he is extremely giving to his family in all ways, donating to spiritual institutions, trying to always develop his intelligence usually through higher education; he is very wise, grateful, and full of virtues.

His speech is logical and when he speaks, his words have weight. He’s an eternal optimist and is loved by most. He loves material comforts and attains his ambitions usually because people are ready to help him because of his lovely personality. And, because in general, Jupiter grants luck.

He loves religious customs and he often is in love with someone. He can be very sensual in relationships. He may lack the power to resist temptation. He can be wealthy. His disposition is noble.

However, when the ruling planet Jupiter is afflicted in one’s chart, then the person is boastful, wastes the money of parents, is hypocritically religious, and tries to convert others to his way of thinking; he has a false understanding of religion but will never change his stance; he is careless and ignorant.

Physical characteristics of a person born under the rule of Jupiter

He is of a straight and tall stature and of a beautiful physique. He’s of a golden (in the East), brown or ruddy (in the West) complexion. The face is long and oval and looks full. His forehead is high and he has large grey eyes. His hair is soft and auburn brown (keep in mind here we are talking about a pure Jupiterian which is very hard to find today).

Men have full beards and usually prominent bellies. Thighs and legs are strong and well-proportioned. The feet are long and may be of an unappealing shape. Men tend towards boldness especially at the temples or the forehead, and start losing hair quite early in life (which is the case with those ruled by the Sun too).

People ruled by Jupiter are often chubby. They usually have large front teeth as well as dimples (people ruled by Venus have dimples as well).

What Jupiter represents in astrology

Jupiter signifies people holding high positions, like judges, senators, religious heads, scholars, highly-educated people, university students, lawyers, and wise middle-aged people.

Jupiter can also represent advisers of all sorts, government officials, material comforts, a husband in a woman’s chart (as opposite to Mars who represents a lover). It can also represent wealth and highly moral or religious people.

Diseases and imbalances caused by Jupiter

Jupiter may cause pleurisy, all problems with the liver, lung inflammation, internal organ bleeding, heart palpitation (could be caused by the Sun as well), muscle cramps (could be caused by Mars too), backbone pain, vein or rib diseases, and blood problems.

According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter can give ear trouble, high blood sugar, weight gain, diseases arising from overindulgence of all sorts, as well as cancer. This, I think, in no way disagrees with western astrology.

Plants, animals, places, and metals ruled by Jupiter

Herbs and trees ruled by Jupiter

Clove ♃ Nutmeg ♃ Gillyflower ♃ Strawberry ♃ Balsam herb ♃ Bishop’s wort ♃ Common centaury ♃ Flax ♃ Water pepper ♃ Fumaria ♃ Lungwort ♃ Red chickweed ♃ Wallwort ♃ Oregano ♃ Rhubarb ♃ Carpenter’s herb ♃ Starflower  ♃ Bugloss ♃ Wheat ♃  Basil ♃ Willowherb ♃ Liverwort ♃ Pomegranate ♃ Liquorice ♃ Mint ♃ Daisy ♃ Saffron ♃ Gum mastic tree ♃ Cherry ♃ Birch ♃ Olive ♃ Almond ♃ Fig ♃ Ash tree ♃ Pear ♃ Pine ♃ Beech

Animals ruled by Jupiter

Sheep ♃ Deer ♃ Ox ♃ Elephant ♃ Tiger ♃ Whale ♃ Dolphin ♃ All mild and gentle beasts

It rules the mythological dragon.

Birds ruled by Jupiter

Stork ♃ Eagle ♃ Peacock ♃ Hen

Places ruled by Jupiter

Church altars ♃ Public gatherings ♃ Church gatherings ♃ Beautiful and well-kept places ♃ Wardrobes ♃ Courts ♃ Public speaking places

Metals and stones ruled by Jupiter

Tin ♃ Amethyst ♃ Hyacinth ♃ Topaz ♃ Marble


That’s all I have to share with you about the planet Jupiter. If you have more information about this planet, please leave a comment below.

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