Sun Behind The Sun: Secret Teachings for Those on the Path

Sun Behind the Sun

Sun Behind The Sun is an ebook for those who have already tasted the fruits of awakening but aren’t yet quite sure where exactly spiritually they are. 

It’s for those interested in deepening their understanding about the mystic union of the earthly soul with its divine companion (Higher Self), kundalini activation, deep meditation, sungazing, Eternal Sun, and other deeper spiritual subjects.

Here are some topics that are covered in the book:

  • How archons operate in human affairs;
  • How to know your level of spiritual growth;
  • Recognize whether your spiritual growth is genuine or it’s a new-age illusive growth;
  • In-depth information on Kundalini;
  • In-depth information about the Higher Self;
  • A western way to achieve the union with your Higher Self (safer than the eastern yoga);
  • Esoteric meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion;
  • Esoteric Christian/Hindu/Buddhist teachings explained;
  • How Christianity borrowed most of its tenets from pagan religions;
  • How and why planets rule us, and what to do about it;
  • What pagan deities really represent, and how this empowers those who know it;
  • How the month in which a child is born determines his/her inclinations;
  • Celibacy magic and advice on semen preservation in relationships;
  • What the Holy Spirit really is, based on my research and personal experience;
  • And so much more!

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This book is suitable for those genuinely interested in spiritual growth.

In this book, I’ve shared with you most of my current spiritual developments and research. I’ve read many obscure and difficult to understand esoteric books and, coupled with my personal observations and long hours of meditation, I’m sharing with you my conclusions about deeper spiritual topics.

Book pages: 248.

Format: PDF

The price is $29.99.

Available as a bundle.