I’ve already talked about the Saturn rule in Lithuania, but in this post I would like to expand on the way that planets, especially Saturn, rule people in general.

The planet Saturn rules especially those who do any sort of land work, or live in villages and other natural settlements. Saturn is the god of agriculture, and those who directly depend on land feel its influence the most.

The saturnian influence is both bad and good. It’s good because it makes you really grounded, and thus you’re not likely to fall for things that aren’t true. But the negative side of it is that it can make you too earthly, as well as quite negative.

You can basically see the influence of Saturn by observing villagers, as those people are totally ruled by the planet. Only those who are awake would be able to sense the external influence and take actions not to be swayed by such a strong control.

And strong control it is. Since all planets are made up of the same elements as human bodies, they exert great influence on us due to their immense size. But the influence will feel like it’s your own wish, and this is how planets rule people totally undetected.

It’s only when you disidentify from your body that you would be able to feel foreign impulses and resist them. But as long as you think you are the body, you will mistake those foreign impulses as your own and will act on them.

Thus, the planet Mars makes people angry and war-like, Jupiter makes people proud, the planet Venus makes people lustful, and the planet Saturn makes people earthly and depressed.

The only way to end the planet rule over you is to understand that the impulses that you feel to act in a certain way are not your own but come from either bodily intelligence or the planets. Only when you really disidentify from the body will you act freely; as long as this change hasn’t happened, the planets and the body itself will end up ruling you.

To safest way to disidentify from the body is through meditation. I’ve already covered the best meditation technique for beginners which gets one into deep meditative states quickly.

When this disidentification is achieved, it would be correct to say that you become your own master, because then you will be able to tell the difference between the bodily and mental impulses, as well as that which is your pure will in manifestation.

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