One of the signs of the illuminated ones is the checkered floor with the coffin near or on it. This represents humans being distracted by the opposites controlled by the shining ones until their deaths; it also means that as long as you are in one of their systems, you are as though dead. We see many such dead ones today.

The checkered floor of Freemasons

Another symbol of the illuminated ones is the double headed eagle whose heads look at different directions but spring from the same body. It’s the same old divide and rule representation, where the illuminated ones control both sides.

For example, they fund wars and they keep the organized religions going; they pollute the world with factories and plastic, but then fund green movements (to use for their agendas). They harm the masses through cigarettes, alcohol, drug and toxic foods production, and then offer them pills and other treatments; they create viruses and “cures”.

People who wake up to the evil of one side jump to its opposite, which is also controlled by them. For example, people who are exposed to the reality of Satanism, jump to Christianity. So they remain on the checkerboard, and therefore are dead.

The reason people who consider themselves real Christians have more demonic encounters than those who don’t belong to any religion is not because it’s a proof that they are saved, but it’s because they are owned by the illuminated ones, so they have a glimpse of their world as they belong to their domain.

It’s very important to disconnect from their systems as much as possible so that we don’t belong to their domain. It’s very hard to disconnect from some of their systems, such as the banking and the whole economy wheel. But we can do our best to take part as little as possible, as then, when we don’t expend our energies for them, our power grows and this makes it possible to disconnect even more, and maybe even entirely.

We are now encouraged to work till our deaths to achieve adult toys – status symbols, such as big houses and luxury cars. But all we do through such pointless pursuits is generate energy for them. We lose our divine energies for useless purchases which we can’t take with ourselves after death. They force us to give away our precious energies in work to earn money, and then they take away that money through tempting us to buy something useless.

It’s much better to spend as little time as possible slaving away for money, and to focus on really important matters, such as developing strong morality, having loving relationships, and helping one another. Such are the things that would really matter when we are at the end of our lives.

For example, at the moment, my mother is visiting me, and I’m loving every single moment we have to spend with one another. I know she’s not going to stay with me forever, and she’s so precious to me. I also highly value my husband – I’m so grateful I have such a loyal and good-natured partner. Our love has matured into so much more than what it was in the beginning: it’s about respect, the appreciation of each other, and the feeling as though we are one.

For those who would say that it’s impossible for them to focus on such matters as they have “bills to pay”, know that it’s your choice. You can choose to simplify your life. There are always options.

My expenses, for example, are very low as I live on a farm. There are ALWAYS options, but many are unwilling to give away their higher status in the society; for them this is more important than their freedom. So you must assess your priorities. Your prioties decide everything. In today’s society, money, status and materialism are priorities.

Disconnect from the matrix as much as possible by removing yourself from their systems as much as you can. Also, as long as you rely on anything in this matrix system, be it Jesus, some guru, politican, or some philosophy, you put your power into those people or objects, and therefore you are disempowered, and the illuminated ones will control you. But when you stop relying on anything of this world and act from your inner guidance, you start regaining the long-lost inheritance of your Divinity, which very much helps you to remain sane and to help this sick world.

We are all aspects of God experiencing ourselves as separate beings. We just had a very long exploration journey and forgot our true nature and home.

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