Many know the importance of listening to their hearts, but how to exactly do this? In this article, I’ll explain this important topic.

It’s your Inner Self that knows what’s best for you – not your mind. The mind, however, is very loud, so most people don’t hear what their Inner Self is telling them. Or they hear it the first time, but then the mind begins to convince them with its logic, and they decide to go for its suggestions.

But the mind is extremely limited – it was born with your body, and it will die with it. It has only your limited experiences to rely on. It cannot create anything new – it can only rearrange existing pieces of knowledge. It’s useful in working out the details of decisions made by the heart, but if you make it into the driver of your life, your life will be average.

The heart is plugged into the Universal Intelligence. It transmits messages from your Higher Self. Therefore, when you want to achieve some goal and you dwell on it, it’s the heart that receives the idea, and the mind then can think of ways to implement it, to bring your goal into reality.

Your heart receives direct guidance from your Higher Self. So, when you have a big goal and it’s much greater than anything you’ve achieved before, it’s only by listening to your heart that you can be guided to take the right direction to get onto that specific life path where that goal can materialize.

It guides you to that specific life path through direct understanding.

For example, when you’re going towards some goal and some decision needs to be made, although mentally it would seem that some specific option is better to take than another one, it might not actually lead you to a better life path; that’s because the mind is of the vibration of your current life and has only your personal experiences to rely on. It cannot take you to a higher life path.

Your heart, on the other hand, knows how to get you onto a better timeline. So, when some decision needs to be made, it will feel right – that first feeling will be that of a “yes”, of relaxation, happiness or peace. And that decision may seem totally illogical to the mind, yet if you get a “yes” as a first feeling, this is the decision that will get you to a timeline you are aiming for.

For people who’ve been listening to their minds all this time, the inner voice will be very quiet. Yet it’s always there, giving the right suggestion when the issue is brought up the first time. But then the mind takes over, with its logical suggestions.

So it’s important to listen to that first feeling that you get. It will give a definite “yes” or “no”. You know it’s a “no”, if your mind needs to convince you of the decision. You know it’s a “yes” by that first feeling of ease or happiness.

If the decision is not going to impact your life path, you won’t get any definite “yes” or “no”. In such a case, you are free to select any option that you want.

I’ve been personally guided by my heart since I started working for myself, which is now 15+ years ago. So the voice of the heart is so strong that I cannot but listen to it. Even if it doesn’t make any sense to take some action, if my heart says “yes”, I take it – and I’m never disappointed.

I especially feel when the answer is “no”. I feel it as tension and dread in my entire body. When you just start listening to your heart, that feeling of tension when it’s a “no” is very faint, but the more you listen to it, the more it grows, and eventually, your entire body will guide you to the best choices for your life.

If you’ve never been led by your heart before, start allowing it to rule your life with small decisions. Eventually, your trust will grow big enough to allow it to make major life decisions. This will create an existence uniquely yours – your life will in no way remind the life of the masses.

You’ll experience much less struggle being guided this way. Your goals will materialize – as long as those are truly your goals, and not the goals of the Matrix.

Life will become more unique, there will be more interesting experiences and adventures. Listening to your heart gives you the kind of life that we, as parts of God, are supposed to live – gaining the experiences that are uniquely ours, rather than trying to fit into the boxes created for us by the System.

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