Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

— Revelation 13:18

As long as you are identified with your body, the body will deceive you.

The body has different intentions to your own. It has different needs, and different goals. If you’re identified with your body, you will think those needs to be your own, but you will never see what the real goal is, because the body hides this from you.

If you knew the real goal of the body, you might not pursue it. So the body gives tempting impulses and covers up the true intention, so that you accomplish that which it wants.

This especially applies to sex. The body has a need for sex different to your own. You might see sex as a way to get closer to your partner, or to bring into the world beautiful beings. But that’s not the reason why you get impulses to have sex.

If you’re truly identified with your body and think you are the body, then your goals might actually be the same with it.

The goal of the body is to live forever.

It really doesn’t want to die. That’s why it doesn’t even want to acknowledge death.

It’s strange to see a body reacting to a dead body in such a horrible way. It’s because it doesn’t want to acknowledge that it dies. So it greatly reacts to the sight of another dead body.

The body has its own intelligence, and it’s all about survival. One of the ways the body deceives itself that it will survive is through procreation.

It believes that if it creates another body, it will somehow live through it. So it drives people to have sex with one another. This is the driving impulse of the masses, but how many will see it?

It’s all to do with body’s desperate want to live forever, and nothing to do with what you consider true love. It’s the basic animal need to survive.

However, the body covers that up, so that you go along with its needs. So it makes you believe that now finally you have met “the one”, but how many times you have said that to yourself? The body makes you see everything in beautiful colors so that you don’t ever see its real intention.

And the impulse to procreate can be really strong, especially if you are identified with your body. The body will try to lead you to situations where the production of offspring is possible. That’s, again, nothing to do with romance, but everything to do with a desire of the body to live forever.

In this way, the body uses you, but how many will understand this? And I’m not telling I’m immune to this, because the body’s power over everyone is almost unlimited. It helps when you know you’re not the body, but its intention to live is so strong that very few will resist.

So behind a beautiful wedding, romantic relationships and the adoration of each other, there’s the real purpose hidden for the body to extend its life. It covers it up as it really doesn’t want you to see its desperate need to survive.

It’s nothing to do, therefore, with “the one” and the romantic details of the sexual relationship. It’s all to do with the body’s wish for immortality, and this, it believes, can be achieved through living through another body which is created through the act of sex.

The whole (unawakened) human life revolves around this, but how many will see it? The bodies totally rule them and accomplish their wishes through them. But we are not bodies, and we should control them as we should be their masters and not the other way around. Because if we are its slaves, we are nothing more than beasts, and we are, therefore, already marked with a dreaded “666”.

It’s extremely difficult to win over this beast, because it has held us slaves for such a long time. It deceived us for so long! How many will be strong enough to resist its tempting impulses and put it in its rightful place?