Simona Rich

This is a video/audio Zoom call or written consultation, depending on your preference. 

I practice tropical astrology and focus on how to improve your life and avoid problems shown in the chart through natal chart reading, transits, and progressions.

I also offer spiritual consultations and life guidance. 

Available call times are on Sunday – after the order, I’ll email you to work out a suitable coaching time. Contact me if you have any questions about the coaching.

If you want the written consultation to be done within a few days, please add $10 to your order (you can edit the order during the checkout), and reply to the email received with the “FAST” subject.


Weekly Coaching


30-minute weekly coaching via Zoom. The time will be arranged after the payment. It’s going to be on Sunday.*

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*If the time is not suitable, you’ll get a refund and the cancellation of the coaching monthly subscription.

1-Page Consultation


Spiritual or astrology consultation in writing (birth chart reading, transits and/or progressions).

Add more pages during the checkout for a more in-depth consultation.

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Astrology: I’ll need to know your date, time and place of birth for a reading. If the time is unknown, the reading will be more general.

After the order you’ll get an email to which you need to respond with your consultation request and details.

Refunds: You will get a full refund if the times on Sunday are not suitable for you.