For over a week, I’ve been feeling that some people in my circle need extra help with cementing their vibration on a higher level.

So I’ve decided to offer a 3-month intensive coaching to help you daily maintain a higher vibration until it becomes your new reality.

Our daily conversations will last for 20 minutes.

Update: one opening left, and I feel someone that needs to get it couldn’t afford a more intense coaching. So for this one opening, it’s a 6-month involvement, and the daily conversations will last for 10 minutes.

The way this program works is that you can either call me or record an audio message (via WhatsApp) to which I’ll respond within a short amount of time (unless I sleep:)).

(Before calling me, text me to ask if the time is right, and I’ll either call you back right then, or will tell you after how long I’ll be available. As I said, unless I sleep, I’ll should be available shortly.)

Since I’ve been coaching people for many years, I can feel where you are vibrationally and when your vibration shifts.

It’s sometimes hard for you to know where you are due to the obstruction of the mind. So it’s of great help for someone to point out the nuances of your energy and whether it’s shifting up.

Without the help of someone of a high vibration, what usually happens is that people attempt to raise their vibration, but the momentum they have going on eventually drags them back to where they were initially.

With a help of an experienced high vibration person, you’ll get the high energy boost on a daily basis, and three months is a long enough time for you to permanently cement yourself on a higher vibration.

In case you’re not familiar with me, for 16+ years I’ve been living life on my own terms, working for myself, traveling to my favorite countries, and having the freedom of time which rarely is the case with business owners.

I’m happily married, I work only when I want, and the positive feedback of my happy clients makes my existence even more purposeful and fulfilling.

Here’s why it’s so important to permanently shift your vibration.

Most people go about changing their reality by working harder or differently. But this almost never works or if it does, they waste a great deal of energy and time on it. The foundational energy remains the same, so they need to work hard all the time, as if they stop, they’re back to where they started.

Real change happens by changing your base vibration. By shifting it higher, your manifestations naturally change – you attract better events, and you manifest easily, without putting any extra effort in your action. And as long as that base vibration lasts, you’ll keep attracting higher manifestations, because it’s not about action, but your energy.

This three-month Next Level State coaching will help you get that done.

Once you reach a higher vantage point, some of your previously perceived problems will resolve themselves, to others you’ll see obvious solutions and you’ll wonder how come you didn’t perceive them before, and you’ll get inspired to take easy action to manifest your desires.

Requirements for the Next Level State 3-month coaching

In order to be eligible for this coaching, you should meet these requirements:

  1. You must be ready to stop focusing on what you’re not happy with in your current reality.
  2. You must be willing to apply the advice given during our daily sessions.
  3. You must be ready and eager to experience a better quality of life – the next stage of your conscious manifestation.

In order to fully focus on helping you raise vibration, I’m making only 3 spots available one spot is left for this program.

Get it now – don’t miss this opportunity:

THE OFFER HAS BEEN SOLD OUT – the next 2 coaching spots will be available from January – sign up to my newsletter to be notified when the spots open.


Q: When can I expect you to be available?

A: I’m traveling, so the due to the time zone changes, my sleep patterns change. So I can only give you estimates whilst I’m still in Nepal.

My current sleep time is:

From 23.45 till 10. 15 (India time)

From 11.15 till 21:45 (Los Angeles time)

From 14:15 till 00:45 (New York time)

From 19:15 till 5:45 (London time)

Q: Can I cancel the coaching earlier in case I feel it’s not suitable for me?

A: I expect you to honor at least three months of commitment, unless you really feel like this coaching is not for you. I cannot force you to commit to something you don’t feel like engaging in, so you are free to cancel if you feel it’s not helping. It’s easy to cancel via PayPal, as you simply need to navigate to your recurring payments and cancel your subscription there.

Q: How to know if this coaching is right for me?

A: To really benefit from this coaching, you should feel called to get it. If you have any unpleasant feelings about this coaching, it’s not for you. You must be energetically aligned with this offer for you to benefit from it.

Q: What happens after I order?

A: Wait for my personal email – I’ll send you my WhatsApp number, and then text me as soon as you’re ready to talk, or let me know when you’re free, so that we agree on the timing. If you don’t use your PayPal registered email, after the order, contact me.

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