It is a widely reported phenomenon that if you donate money, you get more of it. And this, I believe, comes from the times of planet worship, when people knew how to please each planet responsible for different areas of life.

For example, it is still known in India that the planet Jupiter, which rules money, is pleased when you donate money. That’s because it’s the planet of expansion and when you too act expansively, its vibration in your life increases and you end up attracting money.

So although the usual habit of people brought up in poverty consciousness is to become more constrictive when experiencing the lack of money, it’s the consciousness of expansiveness that attracts it.

So yes, when you act restrictively, you will end up saving money. But the money in your life won’t increase. However, if you act expansively, the amount of money that you have will surely grow.

I can give you an example. I too was brought up with poverty consciousness and it took me a long time to break out of that unhealthy thinking about money. Yet I discovered that I’m not completely free from this consciousness.

When I recently went to Dubai I spent a lot of money there because there are so many things to do and see, yet it’s very expensive. So when I finally arrived in India, I started being more cautious with my spending, and therefore I caught myself looking at the prices of menu items before ordering food.

However, I did not allow the poverty consciousness to get hold over me, and I ordered the dish that I wanted to have though it was expensive. And immediately after that I got some sales, which acted as a confirmation that I did the right thing.

And this always happens when I act expansively – I get more income. Whether it comes to donating money, not being tight with money when buying quality items or services, and being giving in other areas of life no matter whether I feel like giving or not.

This is also the advice that SRK got from his mother. She taught him not to decrease his spending when money problems are present, but to increase his income so that he can spend how much he wants. This is an excellent wealth advice that’s in harmony with the planet ruling money.

So although it may seem natural for those brought up with poverty consciousness to act more constricting when money is low, it’s the magnanimous personality, the attitude of giving and practicing expansiveness in other ways that is a better thing to do; as although by cutting on spending you will save money, the money amount that you earn itself won’t increase. So you will end up living a life that’s not of the quality that you really want to experience.

Although at first it might be difficult to change your mind and act in an opposite way to what you would really do, just try it. If you make this your habit, I can guarantee that your income will increase, and you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and quality way of life.

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