I’ve developed a new hobby recently. Due to my study of numerology, palmistry and astrology, I thought it to be a good idea to check what stars, lines and numbers say about well-known personalities.

Being in love with India and its culture, I naturally decided to study some Indian celebrities including Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Arundhati Roy. If they were movie stars, instead of watching their films, I would listen to their interviews to understand their personalities and life circumstances.

Then I would study their palm pictures, analyze number combinations and natal charts.

Apart from it being a great fun, this activity proved to be beyond beneficial, because similar patterns started arising, making me understand how certain planet combinations, numbers and lines on palms help individuals to succeed in life.

One person, however, truly stood out from these readings. And this was one of the most well-known movie stars of India – Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

The reason he stood out wasn’t that his charts showed something beyond positive.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

His charts showed limitations of all sorts.

For some time this was an enigma to me. I really wanted to find out what made all the difference in his life. So I became a student of his personality for some days, always asking what it was that made him succeed; what was that one thing which made him exceptional in his field.

I looked into his family background. He was a regular guy from Delhi, not connected to the movie industry. He came from an average family. Both of his parents died, leaving him heart-broken. He came to Mumbai with no support of any kind, and built success completely on his own.

He became one of the most successful movie stars of India of all time who managed to stay in the public eye for 25 years. Some people say that he is irreplaceable. Even though younger and better-looking talents appear in the spotlight, it’s hard to find someone with so much intensity and ability to draw viewers into his world on screen.

So here we find a completely self-made man. From interviews he took part in with regards to his life and movies, I started understanding what was that one thing which made him different.

It was hard work.

In the interviews, when the question of the reason for his success would come up, he always would say that he was successful because of his hard work. His family said the same thing. His friends said the same.

He works eighteen hours a day. He has been doing this for twenty-five years. He does not take breaks because he knows how ephemeral success in the movie industry can be. He doesn’t want to take any chances.

He made many mistakes in acting and many of his movies were not successful. Yet he continued plowing on, every single day. And this is what made him more well-known, more well-to-do and more loved than the rest.

His numerology chart shows few talents but great motivation. In interviews he himself told that he was aware of his many limitations. He’s aware that he’s not that great actor, and that he has other limitations, like in terms of his character which is shy and reclusive. Yet he more than compensates for these limitations with his hard work.

He knows how much it cost him to become a celebrity, and he appreciates every moment of his fame. He loves his fans, and they adore him in return. No one would have known his name were he not a hard worker, because he did not have many talents or extraordinary beauty to fall back on.

I find Shahrukh Khan to be a truly inspirational character, because his story of success goes to prove that no matter how limited you are in terms of your resources, abilities or looks, you still have as big a chance to succeed as multi-talented people – if you only work hard and continuously. And by hard work I don’t mean physically hard work, but as Sharukh understands it – putting all of yourself into what you do.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that people who continuously do their best though greatly limited in their finances, looks or abilities are more likely to succeed than those with multiple talents or beauty but who are lazy.

I hope that his success story will inspire you if you still have some material desires left unfulfilled. Continuous work done to the best of your ability will get you to where you want to be eventually.

Sharukh also said that if you happen to fail, learn from your mistakes and continue working. He said that no matter how many times you fail, learn from the failure and let the horrible feeling of losing motivate you even more to achieve success. He told that no matter what, continue moving, and eventually you will achieve your goals. He said that if he could do it, anyone could do it.

I can completely relate to his story. My numerology chart is much more favorable than his, but my motivation is shown to be smaller, which is absolutely true. Yet the desire to be independent and a natural love for sharing knowledge is what motivates me to continue taking action. And although I’m nowhere as dedicated as SRK (which I sincerely hope to achieve), I still receive enough monetary rewards to live a self-sufficient life and to be able to travel, with plenty of time to spend in whatever way that I please.

So I know that continuous work done as well as one can, even for a few hours a day will eventually start paying off, to say nothing of putting all of yourself into the work that you do for 18 hours a day every day! (Even thinking of me doing this makes me feel tired!) If working a few hours a day made me self-sufficient and able to travel wherever I please, how can one be surprised at an enormous success of  someone who puts all of himself into the work for 18 hours a day!

Because he puts all of himself into his movies all the time, in turn he receives lots of love and admiration from the public, his name is known by almost everyone in his country, and he is one of the wealthiest movie stars.

People tend to want to believe that what makes some individuals exceptional is something extraordinary. I think this is because they want an excuse of why they aren’t as successful. But what usually makes someone exceptional is as simple as hard work.

This answer might be less flattering than some more unusual reason, but if you study the lives of self-made people, that’s what you find. They became successful because they worked hard, and worked consistently.

You get out of life how much you put into it. It’s easy to look at Shahrukh’s current success and make an assumption that he was simply lucky. But behind that facade of success lies continuous hard work.

Life is indeed very fair. If you want to enjoy the level of success of someone like Sharukh, be ready to put all of yourself into your work every single day for as much time as you can. This will work because it’s the law of the universe – you really get from life in proportion to how much of yourself you give.