The most striking similarity between angels, wandering stars and planets is that they all have the spherical shape.

Some occultists believe that we too were spheres at the beginning, but because we wanted to experience this physical existence, we developed limbs to do it. Probably thus the drawing of the Vitruvian man by Leondardo da Vinci:

Vitruvian man

When I posted once an update on my social networks that I often see wandering stars, I got a comment on one social network that those were satellites.

Really? I thought. Then how come people two thousand years ago saw them as well? Were those satellites too?

It was well known in the past that some stars are fixed, and some are wandering. Those are simply two types of stars. When you look at the sky, you notice that none of them are alike anyway. Some of them blink and are fixed, some of them are small and move, some are not white but more pinkish, blue or yellow in their shine.

All of them are from the same family, so to speak, but all of them are individuals. And they are all alive, there’s nothing mechanical about them, like NASA wants us to believe – that whatever moves in the sky must be planes or satellites!

There are supposed to be thousands of satellites in the sky, yet when NASA posts their space photos, hardly any are seen! They have lied so much that loose ends are bound to show up.

NASA stars

An image from NASA website – it doesn’t take much observation to see that it isn’t real.

How can anyone still believe in NASA, when they themselves acknowledged that their images are not real, but photoshopped! Why people still watch those cartoons is beyond me. It’s so clear that those pictures aren’t real. Look at how more realistic they get the more developments in the art of Photoshop are made.

They cannot get out into the outer space so they must create their photos in Photoshop. Please research the operation “Fishbowl” (!), Antarctica operation “High Jump” (what a giveaway) and the reason why there are so few “moon landings”.

If one gets rid of those false beliefs instilled by NASA about the space being filled with dead or mechanical bodies, one stands a chance to wake up to a beautiful spiritual world. The whole sky is filled with life; that life is just different from ours. Still, those are living beings that you see each night.

In the past people worshiped those beings and called them “gods”. All major religions are based on star worship.

If they would not be living beings, they would not be able to influence humanity. A stone has no influence no matter how big it is. Yet a being as small as an ant can consciously inflict you pain, or leave you unharmed.

The same applies to stars and planets. All of them influence us, some more, some less. For example, we really feel the influence of the moon because it’s the most obvious as this body is very close to us. According to ancients, here are the celestial bodies beginning from the closest one:

1. Moon
2. Mercury (always close to the sun so hard to see in the sky)
3. Venus (the bright star)

4. Sun (in the middle)

5. Mars
6. Jupiter
7. Saturn

Saturn is the slowest and furthest planet from these seven celestial bodies.

(The three remaining ones – Neptune, Uranus, Pluto – are considered not that influential in the life of an individual, and more influence the human race in general. So astrologists, like Vedic astrologists, knew of their existence and mentioned them, but not in relation to the individual human destiny. Thus, they were known by astrologists of the East before their discovery in the West!)

You would think that since Saturn is the slowest-moving planet and is most far-away, it will have very little influence on our lives. But it’s not the case! Because of its slowness, it has a very lasting influence, and usually an unfortunate one, wherever it is found in your birth chart. It usually signifies obstacles, death, confinement, and other negative things.

Its positive aspect is to limit the extreme influence of some planet. For example, it can limit expansive Jupiter and this limit curbs a person’s passions for overeating.

In fact, in astrology it’s the sphere that envelops another sphere which rules over it. Thus, we see that Saturn’s sphere envelopes that of Jupiter and is therefore more powerful than it. That’s why many people in ancient days, including the Jewish race, worshiped lord Saturn.

Celestial spheres

Celestial spheres

According to the way that Rudolf Steiner understood astrology, the reason we are influenced by planets is because planets cannot incarnate on the earth to experience this life, so they give some part of themselves to us so that they take part in the earth’s affairs in this indirect way.

The astral body – astral – is the body of stars – aster. It’s also called a desire body. It’s the garb that different planets gave us to experience this life. We see the specifics of that garb in our natal charts.

It’s the astral body that feels; the physical is dead already – the astral animates it so it looks alive. It’s not only our individual lives that we lead on this earth, therefore, but we are made up of planetary forces which experience this earthly existence through us.

Zodiac man

Zodiac signs ruling the body – each zodiac sign is governed by a different planet.

Mandeans, the ancient sect whose leader was John the Baptist, believed that planets after our deaths will hold us prisoners until we get rid of all their negative influences. Thus, to escape the imprisonment by lord Moon we need to give up laziness and materialism (emotional swings are associated with it too); to escape the influence of Mercury we need to give up deceit and trickery of all sorts; to escape the imprisonment of Venus we need to say goodbye to passions and lusts.

To escape the influence of the Sun, we need to kill our ambitions. To escape Mars, we need to end the need to attack others verbally, mentally and physically. To escape Jupiter, we need to not allow vanity or greed to arise in our hearts. Finally, to escape Saturn, we need to stop any evil doing.

This will allow us, after death, to not be stopped by any planets when we ascend through their spheres in order to reach the eighth sphere – the sphere of fixed stars. That’s where, Mandeans believed, our true home is, and my meditation experience of being there, as a fixed star, seems to support it. I really felt at home, and totally peaceful.

I believe that humans, planets, stars and angels are all related. I believe we were orbs before this earth experience. As I explained at the beginning, limbs were developed to better experience this physical plane.

I see orbs around me sometimes. Some viewers see them in my videos. They are there quite often! Those, I strongly believe, are our brothers – angels and other spiritual beings. All of them are very interested in our lives here, as physical beings, because this life is so different to anything else we ever experienced.

When you start having spiritual experiences in parallel realities, you realize how different this experience on earth is. All other worlds have a dreamy and fluid nature – you want something, and it manifests. You can go through walls and other objects, and you can travel at the speed of a thought. But this world is so solid. And in this world you can become fully self-conscious, which is very hard to do in other worlds.

So I believe all beings – planets, stars, angels and other non-physical (or, should I say, of finer matter) entities take immense interest in our earthly experience. No, those moving objects in the sky are not mechanical bodies as NASA wants us to believe, and the orbs that some people see around them are not their imaginations but actual spiritual beings.

If you don’t allow science and NASA to deaden your understanding of the sky, you might wake up one day to find yourself in a huge family of spiritual beings. After such a realization, you can never feel alone in this world.