My Journey to Wealth Book

My Journey to Wealth

I wrote this book three years ago, and now I’ve completely updated and revised it. Four new chapters have been added to it as well.

It’s a short book explaining how I broke out of the poverty consciousness that I grew up with in Lithuania, started my own business, earned enough money to be able to quit my job;

How I became fully financially independent, was traveling to my favorite places in the world whilst blogging about the experiences I was going through (that was and still is my occupation);

How I found spirituality and my understanding of wealth started shifting to embrace the Divine.

This isn’t a usual book on wealth, because I see wealth in a slightly different way to how the majority sees it. For me, wealth is not about earning millions and overworking yourself to the degree that your health fails and you cannot enjoy what you earned.

The price is $19.99

This book is available in the Inner Circle membership.

For me, wealth is about being self-sufficient, yet having plenty of time to do what you love.

So for me, a person who earns enough money by doing something that he loves, affords to visit the places he wants to visit (though that doesn’t have to be a first-class travel), and has plenty of time to really enjoy life is much wealthier than a billionaire.

Thus, this book embraces this kind of understanding about wealth, and it explains how I achieved financial independence, from breaking out of the lack-mindset I grew up with, to reaching the peak of my financial abundance and then to transitioning to spiritual abundance.

Once the mindset is changed to the one of abundance you no longer have to dwell on the money. It will always be there when you need it. Then you can focus on things that really interest you.

I hope that by reading this book you will be enabled to arrive at that stage where your mindset has no place for lack and therefore money manifests when you need it.

Book pages: 45.

Format: PDF

The price is $19.99

This book is available in the Inner Circle membership.