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This house stands for secrets, the subconscious mind, fears, places of seclusion and confinement; it rules big animals and can give information about hidden enemies, especially the ones using dark spiritual ways to negatively influence the native.

It can tell about dangers, unfortunate incidents and how you may cause your own undoing. It shows if there are any afflictions to your feet. It is considered one of the most mysterious astrological houses of all.

It shows the limitations placed on you by stars, as well as your behavior which causes personal sorrow. This house rules secret forces, and it can also indicate whether the native may experience insanity. It’s the house which can tell some information about your past lives and with what spiritual debt you came into this life.

It also indicates whether you are likely to develop spiritually and whether you can discover the meaning of life. It’s a very important house to study in your natal chart, so that you’re aware of what may cause your undoing and whether your spiritual potential is promising.

Here are the meanings of the planets located in this house.

Pluto in the twelfth house
Neptune in the twelfth house
Uranus in the twelfth house
Saturn in the twelfth house
Mars in the twelfth house
Jupiter in the twelfth house
Sun in the twelfth house
Venus in the twelfth house
Mercury in the twelfth house
Moon in the twelfth house

Pluto in the twelfth house

You are going to be highly interested in the processes of the subconscious mind, trying to understand them through psychology, spiritual search, dreams, or in any other way.

A well-aspected Pluto will give you great intuition and an ability to develop psychic powers. You will be able to understand mystical topics and get proficient at spiritual practices. You will naturally feel the energies and intentions of others.

However, if Pluto is afflicted here, some mental problems may result. It also indicates dangerous secret enemies. It warns about dangerous spiritual experiences. Thus, if Pluto is badly aspected in this house, it is advised to avoid getting involved in anything spiritual where there’s a risk of danger.

You experience transformation through spiritual regeneration. There is persistence that almost seems unlimited to go for your goals; you draw this strength from your subconscious. You will have a natural attraction to things secret and mysterious.

This placement may also indicate subconscious troubles; it could be that you experienced very intense trauma during your birth, and this pain is still felt in the subconscious. This placement can give sexual fantasies, sometimes of a dark nature.

A badly aspected Pluto may indicate that the person has experienced rape, sometimes of a violent nature. Also, due to the planet of the underworld being in the twelfth house, the native can be a magnet for mysterious and dark individuals as well as dark experiences.

The native may become subject to spiritual attacks and may attract dangerous enemies if this planet is afflicted. However, if it’s well-aspected, it can actually protect him from black magic and the impact of psychological attacks.

Sometimes the native will want to stay alone for long periods of time. This helps him to understand his subconscious as well as to heal himself. There will be a lot of secrecy in the native’s life, and secret romantic involvements are highly possible as well.

This placement will encourage the native not to share his feelings; he may keep intense feelings inside, which will prove harmful in the long-run, unless some healthy outlet is found, like sports. The native with such a placement must strive to know and accept himself; otherwise, he will always feel some negativity and intensity in his subconscious.

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Neptune in the twelfth house

The person with such a placement will need a lot of solitude. He will understand his subconscious mind intuitively. The person will naturally understand spiritual things, and he may even remember his past lives. He will find it easy to develop psychic abilities and will benefit from them (if the planet is not afflicted).

He may be a natural healer. The native may become an excellent musician or artist, because he may be able to perceive images on a psychic plane or music vibrations. However, if Neptune is badly aspected here, the person will tend to focus too much on the past and will be a target to low-vibration entities. He will have deceptive psychic experiences that may affect him mentally.

Sometimes with such a placement, it is difficult to deal with the real world and the native may prefer spending time in his own dreams and fantasies. He might prefer being tuned into the astral plane than being fully conscious of the material one.

With such a placement it is advised against taking any mind-altering substances because they might become a way to escape reality. You are highly sensitive to the non-physical realms already, so if the mind-altering substances are taken in such a case, you may risk getting completely out of touch with reality. The closer Neptune is to the ascendant, the more you will be affected by such substances.

You might be in touch with the mass-mind and may understand how to heal the psychological problems of others. Your dreams may warn you of impending dangers and they might be highly symbolic. So with such a placement, it’s worth learning symbology, so that you can understand your dreams better.

You could be highly compassionate and able to console those in distress. Sometimes this placement can make you so sensitive that feeling various energies may even affect your body. So it’s very important to learn to spiritually protect yourself if you have such a placement.

If Neptune is really badly aspected, it could indicate that the native will be locked up in a mental hospital or prison. If the planet is not afflicted, it could simply indicate that the native will spend time in an ashram, work in a prison, or stay (usually work) in other institutions of seclusion.

It’s also possible that with Neptune in the twelfth house the person will feel guilty if he’s unable to help someone. It’s impossible to help everyone, so it’s important to understand this so that no feelings of guilt arise.

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Uranus in the twelfth house

The person will be interested to understand the unconscious mind. He might be doing yoga, meditation, and might be interested in eastern spirituality. He might be intuitive and possessing psychic abilities. He could be a member of some secret esoteric society.

With an afflicted Uranus here the native should be careful, as he might be misled by non-physical entities. Thus, contact with such entities is discouraged with an afflicted Uranus.

Freedom is very important in your life, but sometimes you feel as though confined. If Uranus is afflicted, actual physical confinement is possible. For example, if it negatively aspects some planet in the second house, it could mean, for example, that due to some illegal dealings with money you might be imprisoned.

If it negatively aspects the eighth house, it could mean that there might be some illegal activity concerning other people’s money, which results in imprisonment. So you should look if there are any negative aspects of this planet, and to which houses and planets they point, in order to understand the cause of possible confinement.

This placement gives behavior to the native that is unpredictable and chaotic. He may have irregular sleeping and eating hours, one day he might feel very energetic and the other – completely lethargic. The native may feel different from others, but he himself may not realize that he is perceived as different.

Sometimes this placement could indicate that the native as a child experienced loneliness because other children did not consider him as one of them.

The native may receive a lot of information from other realms, through dreams or visions. He might receive warning dreams and visions, so he can be greatly aided to avoid disasters by listening to the messages that are sent to him from other realms. Sometimes the native may even be able to get some ideas from other realms that are of a type that helps the society to progress in some way. He might even get information through dreams and visions about what direction to take in life, or how to solve some problems he has.

The native will need a lot of time alone. That won’t be difficult, since he’s unlike other people so his unusual way of life can make him into a natural loner. Solitude is important because through solitude the native will come to understand himself.

The native may experience very realistic or lucid dreams. If Uranus is afflicted by malefics, there might be nightmares. It’s more than likely that he will experience many extraordinary spiritual events in his life, like seeing apparitions, being able to leave his physical body, being able to stay conscious whilst dreaming, and so forth.

He might be tuned in to higher realms and be able to channel information from them. He might attract electric currents because of this placement, making him electrically charged, and therefore others may get small electric shocks when touching them.

This placement can easily make one a magician or a mystic. However, it’s very important to be alone in a spiritual search if Uranus is afflicted because there’s a possibility of creating dangerous enemies. Also, with an afflicted Uranus, it’s advised not to join any secret organizations, because the twelfth house is about confinement, so it’s possible that the native might not be able to leave the organization as such if he joins.

Also, with an afflicted Uranus the native should stay away from anything illegal, as again there’s a great possibility of being caught and imprisoned.

With such a placement, when the native ages, he is likely to understand how unusual he is and will try to hide some of his eccentricities and unusual habits from the world so that he fits in better. But it’s likely that even in old age the native will rebel against the established order of certain institutions which might be functioning in a traditional, but not as useful, way. The native might actually cause some changes to such institutions.

The native’s hidden enemies will be unpredictable and might even use some hidden technology to negatively affect the native. Thus, with such a placement, especially if the planet is afflicted, the native should try to be careful in his speech and actions so that he doesn’t create harsh enemies.

In his young years, the native might have been very rebellious. He probably rebelled against the established order of things, whatever way it manifested itself. However, later with age, the native might rebel more for some specific reason, like if he sees that some established order serves to bring harm to some group of people.

This placement also warns of the danger in using electricity. Great care must be taken in using electric devices, especially if Uranus is badly aspected by malefics. In such a case it’s even possible to get hit by lightning. But the native might also be great with technology and might be the author of some technological inventions.

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Saturn in the twelfth house

This placement indicates that the person will spend a lot of time alone. He might be working in the places of seclusion, such as hospitals, ashrams, or prisons. It might be that he will work in the home for older people, or caring for individuals in their homes.

It could alternatively mean that the native will have to care for some elderly family member, and therefore his movements will be restricted (he would have to spend a lot of time at home).

An afflicted Saturn in this house may give feelings of depression, and the person will feel lonely. What will help to escape loneliness is to focus away from personal misfortunes or negative feelings and by contributing as much as possible to the good of others, as this placement is likely to make the person too self-absorbed.

A badly afflicted Saturn here means that the native may suffer from mental problems and might even be confined in a mental institution or another place of seclusion such as a prison. Also, there might be fear associated with exploring one’s subconscious mind, and if Saturn is afflicted, the native may even get frightening dreams.

This placement may also make it difficult to achieve recognition for one’s work or fame. This kind of placement might influence the native to work behind the scenes.

Sometimes this placement shows that the native had a difficult and traumatic birth and that this trauma, for example, manifests as the fear that cannot be defined (that’s at the back of one’s mind). The way that the native may deal with such fear is through isolating himself from the world; as he may think that it’s the hostile world that causes that uneasy feeling. He is very unlikely to show his inner condition to others.

If Saturn is afflicted, it may indicate that the native will spend the end of his life hospitalized or in some sort of another restrictive environment. If, however, Saturn is not afflicted, it can indicate that the person loves solitude and functions better when being alone than when in the company.

Since this house rules hidden enemies, Saturn can bring serious enemies; they could be older people or the ones that are from the business world. They could be really cold and cruel.

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Mars in the twelfth house

This placement shows that the person’s motivation comes from his subconscious mind and therefore he might even not be aware of how he gets motivated to take certain actions.

He tends to plan in seclusion, sometimes to avoid the opposition of other people. This could be very useful since the plans he forms in his mind have the potential to manifest rather than being extinguished in their etheric form due to the disbelief of other people.

This placement encourages the native to blend in with the workforce; so he might be working in large organizations and do the kind of work that doesn’t draw attention to him.

An afflicted Mars is in a dangerous position here because it can indicate that the person might be imprisoned or may be locked up in a mental institution. It could indicate that the person will do something against the government or be confined because of some other political reason.

This placement also shows that the person tends to repress his anger and aggression, and if no outlet is allowed, the person may do something self-destructive or destructive to others eventually. So with this placement, it’s important to get into the habit to let people know if something is not right so that the issue is resolved straight away and no anger repressed.

Also, if some irritation manifests, it’s important to look at its cause and deal with it, rather than allowing it to sink into your subconscious. This placement sometimes indicates that the native was bullied as a child, or experienced physical violence in childhood. He may have suppressed strong emotions manifesting as a result of violence deep into his subconscious, and now the habit has formed to always deal with uncomfortable negative emotions in such a way.

The native might have been beaten by parents; the trauma,  in whichever way it was experienced, now causes the person to be not willing to deal with potentially dangerous situations – the native is likely to try to escape the situation rather than dealing with it.

This placement can indicate that the native’s parents were against the expression of unpleasant feelings, so the native learned to store anger and other negative feelings inside. This causes the native to self-destruct, like through some negative habit such as smoking or drinking. So it’s important to learn to direct this energy in constructive ways, such as into sports or some outdoor activities so that no self-harm results.

If Mars is well-aspected, the individual will have almost limitless energy to explore occult fields. He will be fully immersed in the occult, but if Mars is afflicted this gets dangerous because he may attract negative spiritual events as well as dangerous people from the occult realm.

Also, the closer this planet of war is to the ascendant, the more the native should be careful with getting involved in any sort of dangerous activity, like something involving sharp metal objects or guns, or mass demonstrations – as the native is very likely to get hurt. Remember that Mars gives energy, but it also can spill blood.

This placement can give fears with regards to enemies that don’t exist, or with regards to some impending imaginary disasters, sometimes of a massive scale. For example, the native might fear that he would die due to some natural disaster, like an earthquake.

The native,  being hurt as a child, has serious trust issues. He might be always on the defense when with new people so that he would be able to avoid possible hurt. This might make him view people as enemies, and sometimes he might read into their actions something that isn’t true.

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Jupiter in the twelfth house

This placement shows that the native will take great interest in spirituality, the subconscious, occult, or mysticism. He might be practicing some spiritual way to attain liberation, such as meditation. The native is kind-hearted and tries to help those in need.

It’s likely that the native will work in some place of seclusion, like a hospital, prison, or an ashram. Work in a university is possible too.

If Jupiter is afflicted, the native might want to be perceived as someone who sacrifices himself for the good of others; he might be too idealistic and might be mentally unstable. He might then seek for people who feel compassion for him so that he lives off their energy, money, or through their other display of kindness. If the native finds reality unsatisfying, he may try to create his own world of fantasy.

This placement can bring many supernatural events, but they are likely to be of a positive nature or will affect the native positively. It’s very likely that the native will experience most of the supernatural events whilst living in solitude, meditating, or doing other solitary or spiritual activity.

It’s best to keep spiritual experiences to himself and to analyze them thoroughly; because they are meant to be messages to be understood by the native for his spiritual progress. That’s because this house is about one’s subconscious, rather than representing the sphere of public teaching or anything of this sort.

If Jupiter is not afflicted, the native has spiritual protection against psychic attacks and will be helped in times of need. With such a placement he will experience more success in life when he is middle-aged and from that time onward.

This placement may influence the native to indulge in utopian dreams about a better society without the action to implement any of the ideas. So it’s important to stay grounded because this may cause the native to be more realistic and therefore some of his ideas might be able to be put into action.

It’s also important with such a placement not to give in to the need to always sacrifice oneself for others so that the native feels better about himself. That’s because some people aren’t as unselfish and they might take advantage of the self-sacrificing nature of the native.

This placement makes the person have strong intuition and the native will be a life-long student of spiritual subjects. He might find it easier to understand mystical subjects than most people. He may also intuitively understand the workings of the subconscious mind. He will even be protected against hidden enemies, and he may cause those enemies to become his friends eventually.

Jupiter’s expansive nature in the house of secrets may make it difficult for the native to keep secret any information entrusted to him.  So great care should be taken not to reveal any sensitive or personal information.

This placement sometimes shows that the native is not willing to reveal his spiritual beliefs to the world. Also, it could be that the reason he chooses to hide his spiritual beliefs is because he lives in an intolerant and dogmatic society.

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Sun in the twelfth house

The native will be interested in exploring his own subconscious, and fields such as psychology. He is likely to work behind the scenes rather than being in an occupation that allows him to be seen in public.

He might feel lonely at times. He might feel fulfilled when he provides some useful service to others. He is likely to work in places of seclusion such as hospitals, religious institutions, or prisons.

An afflicted Sun here may make the individual a really shy person who likes to avoid people. He will also avoid the limelight if possible. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the native was bullied as a child. This possibility increases if the Sun aspects Chiron. If the Sun is afflicted, such a placement can even influence the person to fear open places.

Such an individual may also employ secret means to control other people. He may develop mediumistic skills out of the unconscious need to be recognized.

The native may have powerful enemies due to his own fault, but he will have the power to overcome them. If the Sun is well aspected, the native may easily understand things that are hidden from the eyes of others, as well as the workings of the subconscious mind. There will be some psychic abilities and they will be best developed when in solitude.

The native should take care of what people he spends time with because he is likely to take in their energy. Sometimes this placement makes people highly attuned to the energies around them, and because of this, they may prefer to be alone because they may feel many discordant vibrations when with others.

This placement sometimes means that the native will remain shy until around the age of forty. His self-esteem problems might have been caused by the native’s father. The father might have been an insignificant and weak figure, sometimes an addict of some sort. Sometimes this placement can signify that the native doesn’t even know the identity of his father.

The native is likely to be excellent at giving psychological advice to others. He is likely to prefer the spiritual world to material, leading to a lack of care for the body.

Sometimes the native will be motivated to help others without in any way drawing attention to himself for his good deeds.

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Venus in the twelfth house

The native will love to spend time alone and may have hidden love affairs. In general, he will prefer his love life to remain secret, usually because as a child he was taught that love is something shameful.

He might have hidden friendships also. He might be socially shy. During the time of solitude, the native can be highly creative.

He might be highly artistic, able to tap into the vast amount of information from his subconscious which is connected with the mass-mind. He will be compassionate towards the sufferings of others. He is likely to be easily emotionally hurt.

He enjoys adventure and mystical things, but sometimes this is connected with hidden love affairs. He loves large animals, like horses or elephants.

This placement is quite beneficial because the warm energy of the planet Venus may keep the native at peace in times of solitude when other people in such cases start feeling uneasy. The native might be secretive about his hobbies and might spend a lot of time alone in the quiet pursuit of that which he enjoys.

He might be involved in creating some art, but it’s unlikely that he will share it with the world. He is likely not to believe in his artistic talents and may feel shy to display his work to the world.

If this planet is aspected by Pluto or Jupiter, the native may indulge in excessive shopping, like buying things he doesn’t really need, and then regretting afterward. Such a placement may also indicate the love of sweets, and the native sometimes may excessively consume sweets in secret, such as at night, and then feel guilty later.

If Venus is negatively aspected by malefics, the native should not engage in any love affairs with people already in relationships, as this could end really badly. Also, although there is a potential for becoming a professional artist if this planet is not strengthened by other planets, the native is likely to simply daydream about a possible artistic career without taking much action to achieve it.

An afflicted Venus may make the person attracted to mind-altering substances or he may attract love partners that are addicts of some sort. Also, when in love, the native may blend his identity to that of the other half to such a degree that without the partner he may no longer know who he is.

This placement may make the native very compassionate and he may dedicate a lot of time to serving others, like in places of seclusion, for example.

Venus located in the twelfth house may make the native unaware of his personal attraction and how others perceive him. So if you have this placement, it’s very likely that you are more attractive than you think you are. It will be very difficult to really see your beauty with Venus hidden in this house of secrets.

Sometimes the native is not aware of his beauty because his parents never positively commented on his personal appearance. Also, the kind of beauty that the native projects could be mysterious; some people may not understand why they are so attracted to the native.

If Venus is near the ascendant, it will gift the person physical beauty. The native is likely to be stalked, as Venus is the planet of attraction, and that attractive power is projecting through his body with this particular placement. Sometimes the native’s body could be so attractive that some people might become obsessed with it.

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Mercury in the twelfth house

The way that the native thinks will be very much influenced by the unconscious content of his mind. Sometimes the native comes to some conclusion intuitively or guided by the feeling coming from the subconscious mind. The native is not likely to share his thought processes and ideas with others. He might be able to tap into other planes of consciousness to gain wisdom and creative solutions to his problems.

Some psychic ability may be present. The native might be highly imaginative. However, if Mercury is afflicted here, it can create mental problems and mental fixations on the past. It can create various unreasonable phobias. The native may find it difficult to learn new information or learn in a conventional way. He might have difficulties in expressing himself, even if Mercury is not afflicted.

This is a great placement to explore your subconscious, but it’s important not to lose balance – you should be grounded so that you don’t lose touch with reality. This placement makes you able to establish communication with other realms. You might be able to tap into the collective subconscious and gain information from it.

The native may understand the power of speech and may use his words carefully; he may learn powerful mantras to manifest something he desires into this reality. He is likely to be trusted by others, and some great secrets may be imparted to him.

An afflicted Mercury can make the native mentally unstable, being afraid of all sorts of things. Heavy transits of Mercury may even cause the native to be hospitalized due to mental problems, in such a case. It’s very important to stay grounded with an afflicted Mercury as well as not to overthink so that no mental instability results.

Also, with such a placement it’s very important to avoid any mind-altering substances, as they will really obscure the native’s thinking and he will end up making mistakes. This kind of placement may also encourage the native to gossip; sometimes he may reveal really secret information to his own harm; so it’s important to limit one’s communication about things secret so that the native doesn’t get into trouble.

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Moon in the twelfth house

The native’s moods are strongly influenced by his subconscious. He may have some psychic abilities and might be intuitive. He may be too shy to express himself emotionally; this might have been caused by a relationship with his mother.

The mother might have been emotionally unavailable when raising the native. She might have even been hospitalized due to mental instability. She might have been very unpredictable, depressive, and the native perceived her more as a threat than a mother. This later creates relationship problems as the native fears being abandoned or not loved by others.

The native’s inability to fully express himself emotionally might cause problems in intimate relationships. He might be easily hurt. With an afflicted Moon the native might be lonely and may suffer from some mental health problems. If the Moon is heavily afflicted, the native might suffer from extreme mental imbalances, even leading to hospitalization or imprisonment.

The native may sometimes have secret love affairs. He will benefit from being alone and spending time developing psychic abilities. He is likely to be engaged in the type of work where he is not seen by the public.

He is likely to be perceived by others as mysterious and secretive. He might be highly tuned into the environment, being able to sense various energies and read people on an emotional level. He may have powerful dreams and visions which will affect him greatly. He may have multiple dreams in a night.

This placement makes the native easily influenced, so it’s important to be surrounded by people who will affect him positively. Sometimes he may need time to be completely alone, to regain balance and understand himself better, as he is very sensitive to the energies of others.

The native may indulge in quite a lot of daydreaming. Sometimes he may be unable to fall asleep because of too many thoughts. He can be fragile and withdrawn, and easily gets hurt. But the native might be an excellent healer, providing care in places of confinement, for example.

This placement gives female enemies. It’s likely that at first, they will look like friends, but in truth, they are nothing of that sort. So if there’s some strange behavior displayed by women in the native’s life, care should be taken to understand whether they are real friends or just pretend to be.

The native is able to hide his emotions well. He may have strong healing abilities (if the Moon is strong and well-aspected) and he might be a psychic. He may spend a lot of time helping those in need but not caring enough about his own self.

However, if the Moon is badly aspected, this may cause the native to have irrational fears that are to do with his emotions. He may go through periods of depression, and he may feel emotionally lonely.

He could be easily hypnotized and is highly affected by the moon. So it’s important to sleep without exposure to this luminary; otherwise, the native may sleepwalk or have some other unpredictable behavior when sleeping.

The native may fear being abandoned by his friends or people close to him. Sometimes he may isolate himself from others so that he would not get too attached and too emotional about them.

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