The fifth house of astrology shows how the native likes to spend his free time. It shows how he expresses himself creatively, and whether he is likely to have short-term love affairs or not. Also, it indicates the wealth of the native’s father.

Basically, this house rules things to do with art and pleasure. It shows what the native’s understanding of a good time is and how much he is able to enjoy life. It also shows information about the native’s children, if any.

It’s the house that also shows whether the native has any gambling habits. It tells if he’s going to be successful in matters to do with speculation.

The meanings of each planet in the fifth house of astrology

Pluto * Neptune * Uranus * Saturn * Jupiter * Mars * Sun * Venus * Mercury * Moon

Pluto in the fifth house of astrology

The native with Pluto in the fifth house of astrology has intense creative energy. There could be intense love-at-first-sights. The native would do all it takes to get his object of affection.

When in a relationship, that hunger for intensity doesn’t die out. It’s likely that he would seek to express it through other people too. Thus, there could be other love affairs at the same time.

Having a good time is very important to the native to the point of obsession. He always wants to have fun and do things that feel pleasurable. The native doesn’t hesitate to spend a lot of money on entertainment. He’s at risk of even getting into debt for such spending.

The native’s children may be talented. He has great creative power that can manifest in many ways. He is likely to want to control every aspect of his child’s life, making the children miserable. The domestic life may become full of sorrows if the native doesn’t control the urge to be domineering.

Possible abuse

If the planet has bad aspects, the situation could get even worse. The native may be an abuser, sometimes even a physical abuser of his children. That’s especially the case if there’s a challenging aspect to the planet Mars. There’s a high possibility that the children will abandon the native.

In general, where Pluto is in the chart, this area will be the department of life for which the native feels hunger. This could manifest either positively or negatively. The native with this placement may feel hungry to create works of art. However, this could also manifest as the hunger for love affairs.

This hunger can manifest in another way too. It could be that the native will be hungry for luck, always hoping to win in gambling games. And if Pluto has adverse aspects, this could mean heavy financial losses.

This is the planet that gives personal growth through change; therefore, with this placement, you have a chance to evolve through your children, hobbies, love affairs, and creativity. For example, you may achieve another level of self-expression or understand the meaning of spiritual love; but in order to evolve, you should eliminate negative character traits like the urge to control others.

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Neptune in the fifth house of astrology

The planet Neptune in the fifth house of astrology gives to the native traits of idealism. Sometimes, it can give blindness about the issues the houses in which it’s located represent.

The native in this case, for example, may idealize his love affairs or would seek a partner who is the image of what is his ideal lover created in his mind. So he may suffer many disillusions in love affairs, but mainly through his own fault of seeking that which is unattainable because it only exists in the native’s mind.

It could also be that the native cannot really see his partner in her true light and thus idealizes her. The native might even be victimized by the partner, but will deny this for the sake of keeping the mental image of the lover untainted. If the native is really in love, he will put up even with violence sometimes in order to keep the relationship going.

Wrong choices of partners

The native may fall in love with troublesome individuals – those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs or are violent in some way. He will put up with physical violence just to stay with an idealized lover. He may really want to help out this troubled individual, and the illusory atmosphere of Neptune makes him unable to perceive the impossibility of many such endeavors.

There could also be another scenario of native lacking boundaries when it comes to loving others. The native may have many love affairs, yet not consider this being wrong in any way. The native simply finds it wrong to limit his love, even intimate love, to just one person. He considers each person beautiful in his own way, and each love story unique and sacred.

This placement can indicate high creativity and creative children. If it has bad aspects, it can mean that the native’s children may have mental problems. It can show an unusual situation with children such as adopting them or raising them without being married. Children will be idealists as well, sometimes tending to prefer the world of dreams to reality.

Blinding influence

Since Neptune tends to blind the affairs of whatever house it’s located in, it means that the native may not understand the needs of his children, or be in other ways disconnected from his children, not even realizing that it’s the case.

There could be some secret or mystery associated with the origin of the children. For example, the children may not know their father or the mother may be mistaken about who the father of the children is.

Neptune with bad aspects from malefics may signify complications in pregnancy. It could mean the death of a child. Unwanted pregnancies are possible, so it’s very important with such a placement to avoid any substance that clouds one’s mind so that there happen no unexpected love affairs.

The native might be very talented and creative, yet be unaware of the fact. He may undervalue his works of art, or simply not care about making money through them.

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Uranus in the fifth house of astrology

Similar to the planet Pluto being in the fifth house of astrology, the presence of Uranus here shows the likelihood of many love affairs. Romantic relationships will be formed quickly and probably some unusual circumstances will be present. Such relationships will be powerful and interesting but they will quickly end too.

If Uranus is afflicted, there could be drama, discord, and even violence in love affairs. The most likely reason for break-ups will be that the native will feel constrained by a relationship.

Extra-marital love affairs are a high possibility if Uranus is afflicted in an astrological chart. If the native is a woman, great care should be taken with regards to love affairs as it’s highly possible to get pregnant when one doesn’t want children. Miscarriage or abortion is also a possibility, especially if Uranus is afflicted by malefics.

Unusual partners

The persons with whom the native falls in love are unusual in some way. They might be highly creative or eccentrics. The native may try to express himself in a unique way through love affairs. If Uranus is afflicted, it could mean some sort of perversity or sexual promiscuity.

Since this house rules gambling too, involvement in such activities can bring fortune or poverty, since Uranus is an unpredictable planet. Or course, it’s more likely to bring fortune if Uranus has good aspects, and poverty if it has negative aspects.

The native’s children can either be very individualistic, creative geniuses, or may suffer from mental or physical problems. It all depends on whether the planet is strong and has positive aspects or not. The native, unlike Pluto in this house, will give freedom to his children. Yet sometimes the native may give too much of it to the point that the children have no routines.

Highly creative

The native is likely to be highly creative and may express his creativity through some technological means. Internet or electricity may be involved as well. But in however way the native creatively expresses himself, his purpose will be to cause some sort of advancement of the society.

The fifth house rules the native’s hobbies as well, and if Uranus is afflicted, the native may gain pleasure through antisocial acts and other negative means. Since Uranus rules technology, the native’s hobbies can include playing online games or fixing gadgets as well.

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Saturn in the fifth house of astrology

Strong Saturn in the fifth house of astrology may show that the native has a structured approach to creativity. The native may become an ambitious businessperson with a desire to achieve even greater power.

The native may take his life too seriously, not allowing any time for enjoying the little pleasures of life. Another possibility is wanting to engage in fun activities but being too shy to do it. He is likely to lack spontaneity and instead function according to well-defined patterns, sometimes those lasting for the rest of one’s life.

Troubles with children

If the planet has afflictions, it can mean difficulty in giving birth or trouble with the native’s children. It could indicate a miscarriage, or that the native may have low fertility.

Another possibility could be that the native doesn’t want to have any children at all, or might only start feeling like having children late in life. The relationship with children will be troublesome, due to the age difference or just the difference in the way that the native and his children think.

It could also mean that the native will find it difficult to express love towards his own children and thus they will not be able to learn what affection means. The native might be too strict with children and might even be cruel to them in some way (if the planet has afflictions).

Traditional investments

Saturn gives an opportunity to earn money through well-thought-out investments in traditional areas, as well as stockbroking. Yet, if the planet has afflictions, speculative investments will result in the loss of money. However, the native is highly unlikely to want anything to do with gambling anyway.

It’s hard for you to enjoy yourself and you yourself put blocks in your way, which prevent you from enjoying life. You feel that you are unable to fully express yourself and somehow end up making even pleasurable activities not so enjoyable.

You probably had to grow up earlier than other children. Though “fun” may not be the way to describe you (due to what you had to go through in your childhood and your serious nature) you gained more wisdom than most people.

Mature friends

You are likely to find mature, either in age or mind, people more attractive than young ones. You are serious in relationships and think long-term. Needless to say, you will avoid short-term love affairs. You won’t express your feelings to your partner in public.

You don’t base intimate relationships on pleasure. Your childhood made you reserved in romantic relationships and sexual expression. It might have caused an inability to fully enjoy the pleasurable things in life.

Your intimate relationships burdened with responsibilities could be your lot. Afflicted Saturn will bring love relationships that would cause sadness.

The native may find it difficult to show who he is, as well as what his abilities are, to the world. Because of this self-restrictive quality, people cannot see who the native truly is. Achieving satisfaction in relationships is difficult.

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Jupiter in the fifth house of astrology

Jupiter is a great placement to have anywhere in the chart, as it’s a planet of luck and expansion. So in the fifth house, it gives great creative abilities, a philosophical and/or religious bent of mind. You are likely to want to express yourself in arts, entertainment, education, sports, or involvement in activities to do with children.

One downside is that if Jupiter doesn’t receive energies from other planets, the native may have plenty of talents but might be too lazy to make something useful out of them.

The native’s children are probably lucky and may take interest in religion, spirituality, or philosophy. They are likely to achieve heights in the careers they choose. The native may have many children and the children will bring happiness to him. He will love his own children, and children in general.

Luck in love

This placement also indicates luck in love relationships and the likelihood of being in a relationship with a wealthy person who will support you. Jupiter in this house may signify many love affairs. You enjoy involvement with people who give you a great time. Thus, intimate relationships are not deep, but based on the amount of fun you can get.

In general, you love everything that brings fun and pleasure, and it’s unlikely that you will form a deep bond with any of your love interests of short love affairs. This, of course, will change when you find the person you want to start a family with.

You probably love finding out new information every day and you take interest in life in general. You are like a child who never loses interest in life, and life for you is a big adventure rather than something serious and unhappy.

Gambling is dangerous

If the planet has afflictions, it is very important not to engage in any sort of gambling, because this could result in heavy losses. So if Jupiter is afflicted, it’s wise not to make any unusual investment or get into stockbroking or similar activities where one expects to make money easily.

If the planet has no afflictions, businesses and pursuits that are based on luck might indeed end up bringing a lot of wealth. The danger in starting to earn easy money lies in the fact that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and thus will encourage the native to continue with such activities, sometimes to the point of obsession.

This is very dangerous, because transits may cause negative aspects to form with malefics which may result in heavy losses. Therefore, it’s best not to start with easy money-making in the first place.

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Mars in the fifth house of astrology

This is the placement that gives the native lots of energy to pursue that which he finds pleasurable. They will confidently pursue that which they like, and they will have a strong sexual drive and the need to be in a relationship most of the time. Usually, passionate love affairs don’t end well, leaving the native unhappy.

He will avoid long-term commitments and will usually not marry until later in life. Numerous intimate relationships are a high possibility, as well as many partners ending up with broken hearts. The native sees winning hearts as a game, not realizing she can scar some people for life.

However, when she marries and has children, the native will love playing with them and spending time with them in other ways. The first child could be a boy or a girl who has male traits such as high ambition, interest in sports, and is very competitive and courageous.

Passionate nature can get in trouble

If Mars has afflictions, one has to be careful because passionate nature can get out of control. Such a condition of the planet sometimes results in accidental pregnancies or difficulty in childbirth.

This placement also gives an ability to make tools, sculpture, and use hands in other ways to make works of art or something useful. It also gives a talent for sports of all sorts, and the drive to succeed, as well as ambition and the ability to compete. The native is likely to care for his body and exercise to maintain an athletic figure.

The native will like outdoor activities in general. He will excel at teaching children something physical, like teaching them sports or tactile arts. The native has the ability to motivate others and his high energy levels inspire people. He may become someone children look up to.

Child abuse

However, if Mars has afflictions, the native is probably a poor teacher, because of too much domination and forcefulness. This emotionally harms children. This is especially possible if Mars is close to the fifth house cusp and has challenging aspects to Pluto or Uranus.

Such placement also gives a high possibility that the native was a victim of child abuse. So the native may perpetuate abuse in one form of another and emotionally scar children unless he heals his own wounds.

If Mars has afflictions, the native shouldn’t use any mind-altering substances such as drugs or alcohol. That’s because he may not even remember the damage done when under the influence. He may be aggressive towards his children or partner and may not even remember it the next day. Or under the control of substance, he may gamble and lose large amounts of money.

Dangers for one’s own children

An afflicted Mars is a particularly dangerous placement for natives who have children because it warns of dangers concerning them and even their deaths. Gambling is also something not to engage in, especially in Mars has afflictions, as it may result in big losses.

The native likes to be the center of attention and to display his talent in public. That’s why a career in sports is very suitable for him, as well as acting. One thing to guard against with such a placement is not to direct anger towards those whom he loves when he loses or things don’t go the way that he plans. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, the native should learn to direct his intense energy to sports or other ways to express it in a constructive manner.

Life for the native is about either winning or losing. He loves taking risks as it makes him feel alive. He has the same competitive attitude in sports, career, as well as love affairs. He finds it very difficult to acknowledge having lost, so he does everything he can to become a winner. There’s even a possibility of using unfair means so as not to lose.

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Sun in the fifth house of astrology

This placement gives to the native the urge to be known for his self-expression. He wants others to notice his talents, and he truly enjoys life. He thinks that having fun and enjoying pleasure are life’s essentials.

They take interest in many sources of entertainment. They may like music, sports, arts, theater, cinema, shows of all sorts, and other activities that are fun. They shine at parties. There is a risk of spending too much money on entertainment. With negative aspects to Mars and Neptune, there’s a danger of starting to drink or even using drugs.

They would be excellent at careers to do with entertaining people. Since they love children, they would also be excellent teachers. The native is discouraged from getting into any kind of speculative business. He’s also discouraged from gambling as such a pursuit is more than likely to result in losses.

Active and happy

People are fascinated by them because they are usually happy and energetic. They are competitive also and usually win. They are active and are likely to be good at sports, both men and women. In fact, this placement gives to a woman some masculine qualities of high energy, high drive, and ambition. She’s not afraid to compete with men and usually wins.

If they don’t work on self-improvement, they might come off as shallow and immature. Sometimes they become too obsessed with themselves appearing egotistical to others. They also may have too much confidence in themselves and overestimate their abilities. Thus, sometimes they experience failure simply due to this overestimation of what they’re capable of.

Low fertility

They also find it fun to play with children. The Sun placed in fire signs in this house may indicate that they have low fertility. They may not even be able to have any children at all. Also, it shows that if the native will have children, it’s very likely that the first child will be a boy.

In relationships, they are passionate and can be truly romantic. They also are likely to be generally faithful to their partners or have medium-length relationships until they find the right person. Natives may tend to be dramatic sometimes, and the ego may get inflated. Sometimes they may appear as though acting on stage rather than dealing with reality.

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Venus in the fifth house of astrology

It’s a good placement indicating the native’s love for life and huge importance placed on love relationships. The native will be liked by others and he will spend a lot of money on entertainment, especially things that he finds beautiful, like arts. Quite a lot of money can be spent on things to do with romance.

This placement produces love of children and the native would do well in careers associated with them. Also, the native will excel in the performing arts. If the native has children, they are likely to be beautiful and talented girls and he will probably be a very good parent.

The danger with this placement is an excessive pleasure. You may start being addicted to pleasures which will lead to your fall. Many love affairs or dating a few people at the same time is a possibility with an afflicted Venus.

Speculative businesses and easy gains are possible if Venus is in some way connected to the second house. If Venus is afflicted, losses are expected from such pursuits.

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Mercury in the fifth house of astrology

Mercury in the fifth house of astrology influences the native to express himself intellectually through some form of communication. It produces writers, critics, copyrighters, and those involved in changing people’s opinions in some way. The trouble with this placement is that the native sometimes doesn’t finish what he started.

They can express themselves in a way that affects people emotionally. Thus, they are excellent at careers to do with advertising or politics. They are also good at long-term strategy. They can win speculative games because of the ability to understand the underlying order when other people think there isn’t any.

Since they love getting involved in playing with children, the native would do well in careers dealing with developing the intelligence of children. He will find interesting ways to make them learn, and the children will find his approach fascinating.

Intelligent children

The native’s children are likely to be very intelligent. The native will spend a lot of time helping to develop their intelligence. Needless to say, communication skills will be most important in their relationship. This placement also makes natives excellent teachers of children in general. They will also love to play intellectual or strategic games.

The native is likely to be attracted to intellectual people and finds it easy to form new relationships due to his excellent communication skills. This placement may also indicate the native being interested in people who are younger than him. Many short love affairs are a possibility with such a placement too, as well as the need to date more than one person at the same time.

If Mercury is afflicted, this can make the native almost dangerous. that’s because excellent communication skills remain but they are used for evil. The native may pretend, manipulate, lie, cheat, and hurt many people through communication.

Attraction to intelligent partners

He is attracted to someone who is even more intelligent than him. The native always enjoys developing his own intelligence – and how can this be done unless the other person is an intellectual superior.

An afflicted Mercury will make the native too critical. He will tend to over-analyze his love relationships, and he is likely to be too proud of his intellectual capacity.

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The Moon in the fifth house of astrology

The Moon is a changeable planet and this quality manifests in whatever house we find it. So in the house of pleasure, the native is likely to be changeable in what he finds enjoyable, including love relationships. His preferences are based on emotions and imagination.

This changeability somewhat decreases if the Moon is in one of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius.

The native is likely to have many love affairs and be emotionally involved with more than one person at the same time. He seeks emotional intensity. Sometimes, he gets into relationships just because he enjoys the feeling of being in love. Sometimes there’s an unconscious seeking of ways to dramatize the relationship so that the native might feel intense emotions.

Preference for younger people as partners

In later years he is likely to continue preferring younger people in love relationships. But this might end in a really bad way.

His childhood is likely to have been lovely and fun, and the native is attached to his mother.

He will probably look younger than he is and will easily attract people he’s interested in. He may become emotionally dependent on his partner. The native’s family might start getting involved in his love relationships. Whether the native is a woman or not, they understand and get along with women.

Gambling not adviced

This placement is rather dangerous for gambling. So if the thirst to gamble cannot be extinguished, the native is advised to seek ways to satisfy this thirst through gambles that don’t involve losing much money.

The native will like entertainment where food is involved, such as family gatherings, going out to restaurants, and parties where food is offered. He is likely to keep his creative abilities only as hobbies. That’s because although he is talented, he is too changeable to make any of his talents into a career.

The native is not likely to like order or any chores that repeat themselves every day. The only such regular thing he doesn’t mind and actually likes doing is cooking.

High fertlity

This placement also indicates that the native is fertile and is able to have many children. This possibility is even more strengthened if the fifth house is in one of the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The native will love children in general. She will want to become a parent at some time in his or her life. It’s likely that the first child will be a girl.

A little danger with such placement is with regards to raising children. The native may repeat the same mistakes with his children that her parents did. This is because the Moon may keep the person fixated on the past. So this is something to keep in mind and consciously try not to repeat the same scenario.

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