The first house in astrology is the most important part of your natal chart because it determines which houses all the rest of the signs and planets will be located in. An ascendant is its starting point, which concerns your appearance, health, and vitality.

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Most people only look at their sun sign, but actually, your ascendant is very important to understand as well. The sign in which the ascendant is determines your physical appearance and how in general you appear to the world. Your sun sign indicates who you really are, though this might be different from how you are seen by others.

For example, if you have your ascendant in Scorpio, it will make for a powerful and secretive personality. The native is likely to have a prominent nose and shapely eyebrows. He will have lots of magnetism, and people will be sexually attracted to them.

If your ascendant is Sagittarius, you are an eternal student and teacher. If it’s Libra, it gifts a beautiful appearance. If the ascendant is Taurus, it will again give a beautiful appearance, especially a lovely face. It may also give the desire to gain material goods for comfort. It can gift the love of that which is beautiful, as the planet Venus rules Taurus.

The influence of planets near the ascendant

Planets located near the ascendant influence your appearance too. Therefore, planets located in the first house alter the classic appearance that each zodiac sign gifts.

The planets that are located in the first half of the first house will influence your appearance the most. Those located in the second half will influence the way you act and think.

For example, if you have Mercury located in the first half of the House, you will be one of those people who can look very different every day. You will have both male and female qualities perfectly blended together, as the planet Mercury is both male and female.

The strange influence of Mercury in the first house in astrology

I will tell more about how each planet will alter a person’s appearance a little later. But here, I should only note that when it comes to Mercury, it’s greatly influenced by any other planet near it, to the point that it takes the other planets’ qualities completely.

Thus, a pure Mercury influence can be fully felt only if it stands 7 to 12 degrees away from other planets (degrees depending on each planet, as all of them have a different orb size).

Also, and this applies to all the other planets too, you should pay attention to how the sign the planet is located in influences it. That’s because a disagreeing sign can quite neutralize the planet, whilst an agreeing sign can make it more powerful.

To know agreeing and disagreeing signs, you can consult this table of planets in exaltation, detriment, and fall:

Planets in exaltation, detriment and fall

What the disagreeing planets in the first house in astrology do to the person’s appearance

It’s important to keep in mind that disagreeing planets, or the ones whose qualities are very different, will produce a mixed type of person. For example, Saturn is a planet of restriction, so it can keep a person’s body slender.

But if Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is also in the first house, it can cause some weight gain. So the mixing, or harmony, between the sign of the first house and the planets there (if there be any) will produce the specific appearance of a person.

Here are some other significations of the first house, apart from the appearance and general behavior:

  • It represents the head and face of man and injuries that might be done to those areas or marks located in those places.
  • In horary astrology, a branch of astrology that uses horoscopes to answer all sorts of questions, the first house signifies the masses, a general state of the country about which the inquiry is made.
  • This house also represents memory, one’s likes and dislikes, mental and moral tendencies. It stands for even a native’s health throughout life (health is also assessed by looking at the Sixth House). The first house in astrology can give an accurate indication of the duration of one’s life as well.

The quality of the last years of a person’s life can be seen by assessing the fourth house, whilst the way that one will die – the Eighth. Possible accidents are indicated in the first house also, especially those that might affect the head as I told you already.

What the first house in astrology stands for

In general, the first house can be described as the House of Self. It shows who you are and your life, in summary, so to speak.

It symbolizes your mannerisms, style, and your temperament. This is the house of your outward behavior and how the world perceives you. It speaks of how you act in public and how others see you.

It shows what you want in life and how you go about achieving it. This house serves as a lens through which all the other Houses are interpreted.

The meanings of the planets in the first house in astrology

Here are some characteristics of planets in the first house, together with examples of planets in the first house of various celebrities.

Neptune in the first house * Uranus in the first house * Pluto in the first house * Saturn in the first house * Jupiter in the first house * Mars in the first houseSun in the first house * Venus in the first house * Mercury in the first house * Moon in the first house

Neptune in the 1st house

Behavior: Neptune makes you compassionate and very sensitive to your environment. People think you to be mysterious. You may have musical ability.

However, this planet also makes you less protective of negative influences. People with this planet in their first house risk detaching from reality, so it’s very important to avoid any mind-altering substances, especially if Neptune has bad aspects to Mars, Pluto, Saturn, or Uranus.

It’s very difficult to figure out the person with this placement. Even his eyes cannot reveal who he or she is. Neptune can also make a person blind to his or her negative qualities and in general, if Neptune is in a bad aspect to some planet, that’s where the person will not be able to assess things correctly.

For example, if Neptune squares or opposes Venus, the person might choose the wrong partners in life and will tend to idealize them/not see them for who they really are.

Dissolution of the ego

With strong Neptune in the first house, there might be disharmony between your needs, as the first house is all about self and your own needs. However, Neptune encourages you to dissolve the ego so that there are no boundaries between the Self and the environment.

This makes it difficult to develop and understand your identity. With such Neptune placement, you should not judge yourself according to the way that others think of you. Instead, you should protect your energy so that you yourself understand who you are. No boundaries make you take on the qualities of others, and this can make it difficult to understand yourself.

Sensitivity and boundarilessness

With such a placement you should choose friends wisely as you tend to take on their qualities. It’s most important to avoid people who are alcoholics or drug users so that you yourself don’t get into such habits.

Great sensitivity to the people and the environment could be a blessing too; if you strive to spend time in the environments that you like or be with or watch the videos of the people who have excellent characters, you will take on those pleasant qualities.

Often, an individual with Neptune in the first house in astrology lives an unstructured life, has many vivid dreams, and they tend to live in their own dream world. They usually do not resemble any archetypes and there is no way to describe them; they often change their personalities because they absorb many influences from the environment.

Open to otherworldly influences

These people have gates wide open to other worlds; they understand what other people feel, and spiritual abuse is a big risk for them. So they should set definite boundaries. They should avoid any hypnotic treatments as they can easily fall into the hypnotic state, and some people may abuse this.

People as such need a lot of time alone, to recover from feeling so many different energies of others. This will also allow them to understand and feel the boundaries of their personalities and to understand who they are much more than by being surrounded and attuned to the people around them. They also need more sleep than others to fully recover.

Appearance: Neptune close to the ascendant in the first house in astrology gives the native hypnotic and dreamy eyes. We see this in the celebrities below. Usually, it gifts a beautiful appearance in general.

Celebrities with Neptune in the first house

An afflicted Neptune can make one lose touch with reality and live in a dream world, or develop addictions to mind-altering substances.

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Uranus in the 1st house in astrology

Behavior: Uranus in the first house makes a person individualistic and rebellious against established institutions. They will love freedom more than anything else. If Uranus is in your first house, people think you to be totally unpredictable – because you are! People find it hard to label you in any way, as you are undefinable. Your mind is restless and powerful, you take interest in technology, and your life is full of unexpected events.

When the aspects of Uranus are good, you will experience many events that seem lucky, and if the aspects are negative, you will experience quite a lot of bad luck. You like to shock people with your appearance because this helps to break preconceived notions of the masses. You may take interest in the occult, science, and technology.

Activists for change

Often people with Uranus in their first house become activists for some cause to change the masses. They might like being with people, but they are well-aware of how different they are, and this can make them feel alone even when in a company. Such people will do well in the field of technology.

Their lives usually have sudden and extreme changes that can be positive or negative. They usually do everything differently from how the masses act. It’s very likely that they will not want to marry as they will not believe in the traditional establishment of marriage.

Appearance: If you have Uranus in the first house, the closer it is to your ascendant, the more you are likely to dress in a way that is very unusual. Your style will in general be very unconventional. This is because by dressing this way you want to show that you stand against fashion and stereotypes.

If Uranus is in the twelfth house, this uniqueness will manifest more in the way that you think rather than in the way that you dress.

Good examples of the first house in astrology Uranus celebrities:

First house Uranus celebrities

An ill-aspected Uranus makes one overly eccentric whom others will consider weird.

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Pluto in the 1st house

Behavior: Natives will have very strong will power, and if they desire something, they would do everything it takes to get it. They make drastic changes in their personal lives, to do with the self or the change in location. Their explosive intensity manifests either positively or negatively. Sometimes they may destroy people with that intensity, so they should be aware of that and be easy on others.

With this placement, it’s very important to express emotions as they come; because if you suppress them, they might explode with such power that others are hurt too.

You are aware that you hold great power, and your actions cannot remain unnoticed. You usually do not like to share personal information with the world. People know that you hold back a lot. Usually, with such Pluto placement, you have had a difficult childhood.

You like to be alone and are often interested in things that the world holds repulsive, scary, or negative. Your main goal is to acquire personal power and you can employ various departments of life to achieve this goal, such as love, beauty, or career.

Appearance: if you have Pluto in the first house, you will have intense sexual magnetism on the darker side. People will find you secretive and intense. You likely have very intense eyes and your look is magnetic. But again, in all these considerations we also have to take into account what sign the planet is in, as well as its aspects to other planets and what other planets are in the first house.

For example, Pluto in Scorpio in the first house will give a really intense, deep, complex, and magnetic personality. But Pluto in Capricorn will give a less intense personality due to the cold and calculating nature of the sign.

Some of the well-known personalities that have Pluto in the first house in astrology are:

Pluto in the first house celebrities

A bad Plutonian is someone who tries to gain influence over the masses for evil. Many politicians are bad Plutonians.

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Saturn in the first house in astrology

Behavior: a native will be restricted in some way and he will need to learn to function in harmony with those restrictions to reach ultimate fulfillment. He is often inhibited, serious, and reserved. People can feel an air of nobility around her.

The native tends to be cautious in almost everything that she does. This makes her miss opportunities that come her way because she thinks about what action to take for too long. Thus, the opportunity goes away.

She is often shy and prefers stability over excitement. The native likes structure and doesn’t mind working hard. She is reliable and self-disciplined. Sometimes life forces her to work from a very early age and become an adult too quickly. The second half of life tends to be easier than the first.

Such a person is likely to become a workaholic. If she doesn’t break out of that inhibited nature, she will become a magnet of troubles. It will help to break through if she lowers her expectations about herself and others, because they are likely to be unattainable. Also, it’s important to cultivate optimism so that Saturn doesn’t draw her into melancholy.

Domination and disagreeableness

With Saturn located in the first house, a native can also be quite domineering, and generally unable to see another’s point of view. It’s important to fight this trait by learning to accept the differences of others and striving to be more flexible when it comes to working with other people.

If Saturn has bad aspects or is in a disagreeable sign, it’s likely that childhood was very difficult and unhappy. She could have been restricted in some way by her parents. For example, the parents didn’t allow her to express her feelings.

The parents might have been strict, conservative, and sometimes religious extremists. The native could be the victim of bullying at school. Often this placement indicates that the person had a difficult birth experience.

Natives will feel better after the return of Saturn to its natal position, which takes place at around 29 or 30 years of age. Then the native is likely to come out of that oppressive shell and be more who she really is after the date.

The native should not marry before the age of 31 with this placement. Only after Saturn’s return will she really understand what she wants from life. In love relationships, she is likely to attract older people, especially if Saturn opposes some planet in the seventh house of the union. Relationships tend to be long-term, sometimes lasting a lifetime.

A karmic debt to pay

Having Saturn in the first house shows that you have a karmic debt to pay from your previous lives. When you repay it, Saturn will bless you and your life will improve considerably.

Although Saturn is considered a malevolent planet, if you have this planet in your first house and in an agreeing sign, with positive aspects from Jupiter, Sun, or the Moon, it actually promises a good body constitution and usually a long life. A good aspect to Mercury is also very favorable.

If it stands alone in the house, and is in a disagreeable sign, then it can give problems with health and a reserved and cold disposition. (I’ve already provided a table close to the start of the article to check if signs agree or disagree with the planets.) If it has a bad aspect to Neptune, you may dislike people in general.

Appearance: Saturn gives a downcast look, small and sometimes dark eyes, often dark circles around eyes. It gives a short stature, and slender figure.

Good examples of celebrities with Saturn in the first house in astrology:

Saturn in the first house celebrities

A bad Saturnian type is a classic dark person who hates the world and doesn’t mind doing evil. He can do evil for no reason, unlike a bad Martian who would do evil from some human passion. A bad Uranian could, like Saturnian, be mean for no valid reason (Uranus is the father of Saturn in Greek mythology).

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Jupiter in the first house in astrology

Behavior: Jupiter usually influences people to be happy, optimistic, moral, generous and they tend to have a good sense of humor. They will attract with their happiness many people into their lives. Also, since Jupiter is a very positive planet, it brings a lot of luck to the native in all areas of life.

You are likely to do everything in a big way, as Jupiter is the planet of expansion. You are likely to love traveling, or at least reading books about travels. You can also fulfill this need for exploration by delving into the mysteries of the universe or uncovering occult secrets. Sometimes you could spend more time abroad than at home.

Inspiring others

You tend to inspire people and have the ability to stand on your own feet. Therefore, you should definitely use this influence of Jupiter to the fullest to become completely independent. Jupiter also gives you the ability to fully support yourself financially and in other ways.

Sometimes natives with this placement tend to be over-confident and lazy. They can be self-indulgent and over-generous, and others can take advantage of that. Since Jupiter is the planet of higher learning, law, and religion, natives with such a placement might take great interest in any of these subjects.

Jupiter also gifts a great ability to recover from disease, great vitality, and usually a long life. The native is benevolent, and this beautiful quality attracts many people to him or her.

Appearance: if Jupiter has no afflictions in the first house, it can give the body that’s plumper, a beautiful complexion, oval or long visage. It can give a high forehead, large eyes, as well as the tendency of baldness in later age in men.

Making you beautiful

If it’s near the ascendant, observe which sign it’s in and what body part that sign represents; because Jupiter will tend to make that body part beautiful.

Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, weight problems may appear in natives with such Jupiter placement The closer this planet is to the ascendant, the more likely the person is to have weight problems.

Good examples of celebrities with Jupiter in the first house in astrology:

(We don’t know Rihanna’s birth time yet astrology websites list her with Jupiter in the first house. It’s likely since she easily gains weight. Whitney’s Jupiter is away from the ascendant but still in the first house (conjunct the Moon.)

It’s tough to find very bad Jupiterians, but afflicted Jupiter may make one a spendthrift. It may influence one to be arrogant, hypocritically religious, or a religious extremist. Jupiter may give negative qualities of ignorance and carelessness. Natives can be intolerant and dogmatic and they might look down on the belief systems and negative qualities of others.

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Mars in the 1st house

Behavior: A dynamic, assertive, and impulsive personality, sometimes to the point of aggression or the tendency to be rash in action. He is fearless, with energy reserves impossible to fully use up, straightforward, and independent.

Independence is very important to him and he feels the need to dominate his immediate environment. He tends to see life as a battlefield and tries to win the game of life. Mars makes him open, honest, and intuitive. He is not afraid of challenges but wants to take them on to emerge a winner. He is very likely to achieve his desires.

He probably likes martial arts and sports. It’s very important with such a placement to learn to control the explosive energy and to channel it into something useful. If the native’s environment doesn’t stimulate him, he is likely to want to change surroundings for more variety.

Fast and active

These individuals can accomplish in one day more than others, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be procrastinating. They may tend to delay doing things that don’t interest them. They may resent people for being slow, yet they should keep in mind that it’s them that are very fast, whilst most people cannot be as energetic.

They may not listen to the advice of older people and if their Mars has a bad aspect to Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto, the native risks developing self-destructive behaviors. In general, they should strive to control their aggressiveness because if they allow it to have its way, it can destroy their health as well as cause problems for other people.

Women with Mars in the first house will be good at succeeding in occupations usually associated with men. They will have many masculine qualities that will make them master masculine fields of work. If Mars afflicts Venus or Uranus, it means the person may prefer the other sex or may be domineering in relationships.

Possible injuries

Natives with Mars in the first house should take care not to injure their head and face. They can get high fevers when sick. They in general should guard against injuries of all sorts due to Mars’s influence towards rashness and high self-confidence. Nevertheless, even if they get injured, they tend to heal very fast.

Appearance: Mars near the ascendant gives energy and dynamism, a medium stature, athletic and strong body. It gives large bones and a greater tendency towards leanness than weight gain.

It can gift a round visage, ruddy color, curling, and sometimes red hair. Mars can gift piercing eyes, confident countenance, fearless and active disposition.

Good examples of celebrities with Mars in the first house in astrology:

Mars celebrities

A bad martian is a classic trouble-seeker or a violent criminal.

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Sun in the first house in astrology

Behavior: firstly, it’s important to note that having Sun in the first house is a very positive thing unless it is in close proximity to other planets. Because if it’s close to other planets, then it will burn them; which means that the influence of that planet will weaken.

So, for example, Venus close to the Sun would mean that the person may use sex to succeed in a career. As you can see, the qualities of Venus are abused. They aren’t as important to the native as the qualities of the Sun.

With such a Sun placement, it’s very important for you to express yourself. You will feel fulfilled in life if you learn to become a good example for others to follow.  By your good example, people will feel inspired and energized to change their lives.

You should use your determination to leave your mark in this world, and it’s very likely that you will not be happy with anyone helping you because you want to make a success out of yourself only through your own efforts. This drive to succeed independently gains for you the respect of others, which you love to feel.

Standing out from the crowd

You like to stand out from the crowd. You are likely to study many subjects so that you are considered knowledgeable and admired by others. If the Sun is well-aspected, it’s likely that you had a pleasant childhood and this healthy environment helped you to develop yourself in later years.

Sun located at a safe distance from other planets gives a native a shining and beautiful personality, lots of self-confidence, and great leadership abilities. People tend to want to follow such leaders because they perceive light in them. Natives are likely to have clearly defined ambitions and the ability to achieve them.

The person sees life as a game to win, and if the Sun is located in a fiery sign, the native’s drive and energy are even more heightened. There is a risk of too much self-confidence and arrogance with such a placement. Although self-confidence is a good trait, one should also practice humility and try not to be domineering.

There is a big need to express oneself and shine like the Sun to be adored and loved by others. This adoration and a great follower count is what builds the native’s self-confidence. He is as unique as the Sun and dislikes following other people or trends of any sort. He is in his own league.

Self-confidence and courage

Because he is so self-confident, courageous, and optimistic, he is likely to achieve great heights in his career even at a young age. Excellence at school, from a very early age, is very possible. He is likely to get smarter faster than other children and achieve great heights in his career very quickly.

He tends to spot and seize opportunities and be generally lucky in life. Good aspects to the planets Venus and Jupiter further increase his warm personality and magnetism. It’s not so much what he does but who he is that wins people’s hearts. Like the Sun, such individuals cannot pass unnoticed.

Appearance: Sun in the first house gives a large, strong, tall, and well-proportioned body; a round and large forehead, large, piercing eyes. It gives good health, a ruddy complexion, often blond hair, and the tendency of hair loss in later years.

A native tends to quickly recover from illnesses and accidents, even when his Sun isn’t well aspected. It’s likely that the native will pay a lot of attention to the body, and therefore the body will serve him well even in old age.

With such a placement a native is likely to look similar to his or her father; the father is likely to be a role-model.

Here are some celebrities with Sun in the first house in astrology:

Sun celebrities

A prominent and afflicted Sun can make a person domineering, arrogant, proud, and a hater of all people. His judgment will be wrong, he will be restless and troublesome.

He could become a spendthrift and may become financially dependent on other people, but he will think others to owe him for the kind of person that he is. He is also likely to crave admiration and then get unhappy that he doesn’t receive it, not understanding that admiration has to be earned.

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Venus in the 1st house

Behavior: Venus in the first house makes you charming, beautiful, and friendly. You are likely to be sensual and have some artistic talent. You may love music, poetry and other forms of art, as well as beautiful surroundings and everything that is pretty.

You like making new friends, but you also feel the need to meet the expectations of others which might make it difficult for you to accept who you really are. Self-acceptance is important if you want to be at peace with yourself.

You tend to be polite and sensitive to others, which wins friends.

If Venus is positively aspected, it makes you kind-hearted and able to get along with all sorts of people. You are likely to have a great sense of style and spend quite a lot of time taking care of your appearance.  If, however, Venus has an aspect to Uranus, it can make your personal style a little strange.

Feminine qualities

If a man has Venus in his first house, he will be gifted with some feminine qualities or it might make him into a womanizer, especially if Venus is negatively aspected. If Venus is badly aspected by Pluto, such a man may be stalked by women and experience other obsessive behaviors from them.

Relationships, especially love relationships, are very important for people with this placement. They will not like to find themselves alone for a longer period of time.

Although usually, people with this placement are aware of their beauty, this might not be the case if Venus is badly aspected. So, for example, instead of seeing the whole picture, they will focus on some small thing they consider unattractive in their appearance.

Sometimes such individuals can even choose to have plastic surgery done to correct a perceived fault, but that isn’t usually the case. What mostly happens is that they just complain about their perceived unattractive qualities.

Self-esteem problems

Sometimes they have problems with self-esteem and raise too high standards for themselves. They usually want to be liked by everyone and suffer greatly if someone dislikes them.

A possible difficulty with this placement is inactivity. You may lack motivation and ambition to achieve, and you tend to wait for things to happen without taking any action on your part.

Appearance: Venus in the first house gives a beautiful well-shaped medium stature, fair complexion but not as fair as the one given by the Moon. It gifts beautiful eyes, round and plump face, voluminous hair. It gifts a well-shaped mouth, often dimples in cheeks.

Good examples of celebrities with Venus in the first house in astrology:

(Angelina Jolie has her Venus at the end of the Twelfth House, which means that its qualities are carried over into the first house as it’s very close to it.)

Venus in the first house celebrities

A bad Venusian is a classic Don Juan – a person given over to sensual dissipation. If Venus is located in the Pisces sign or has an aspect to the planet Neptune, he is likely to not see life for what it is and be unable to see his own self in real light as well. So, for example, a person might be very beautiful but will perceive himself as unattractive.

Also, quite a lot of people with Venus in the first house have narcissistic qualities.

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Mercury in the 1st house in astrology

(Keep in mind that Mercury takes on the qualities of planets close to it.)

Behavior: You live through your mind rather than feelings and emotions. You analyze everything that happens to you and your logic isn’t clouded by your feelings.

You are quick, like variety, and are restless and always active. You love discussing ideas with others, reading books, and finding out information about topics that interest you. All your life you will be learning new things to expand your knowledge.

Because of your open-mindedness and the ability to adapt, you usually look younger than you really are. You love engagements that keep your mind active. You accept challenges that help to develop your intelligence. You process information and learn new things quicker than most people.

The love of study

You like to study other people and analyze their behavior. You tend to speak a great deal and it’s dangerous to entrust any secrets to you. Sometimes you talk all the time without allowing others to express their opinions.

Appearance: Mercury gives a straight, lean, tall body; high forehead, narrow, and long face. It may gift a long nose and beautiful eyes. For men, a sparse beard but voluminous hair on the head is something to be expected. In general, it causes long arms, fingers, and hands.

Here are some good celebrity examples of Mercury in the first house in astrology:

(David Beckham has his Mercury at the last degrees of the twelfth House, thus mercurial qualities are carrying over into the first house.)

Mercury in the first house celebrities

A bad mercurial person is a classic long-fingered thief, especially if Mercury is badly aspected by Mars. They are usually way ahead of others in thinking because their ability to think is very quick. Often, however, this ability is used for evil if Mercury is afflicted.

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Moon in the first house in astrology

Behavior: You are likely to be moody and emotional, but this isn’t always the case because it depends on which sign the moon is placed in. For example, if Moon is in Capricorn, you will be able to control your emotions and will appear self-composed to the world.

You are intuitive and sensitive to your environment. The approval of others matters to you. If something deeply upsets you, you may turn to food to heal your hurt heart.

Emotional ups and downs will be considerably reduced if the Moon in the first house in astrology is located in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius).

Led by the feeling

You are likely to go by your feeling and intuition rather than by your thought. You may feel what others are about, and you tend to avoid individuals that wish you ill because you feel their bad vibrations.

The Moon located in the first house may make the native quite passive unless there is a strong masculine planet located nearby or is in a positive aspect with the Moon. The behavior is likely to be quite changeable and dependable on the phases of the moon. Sometimes for no apparent reason, the native can be moody for a few days.

A man with Moon in the first house will have some feminine characteristics but not to do with sexual orientation. In general, natives with the Moon in the first house will tend to have a strong relationship with their mothers and have may some of their characteristics. They tend to be easy to manipulate and tend to like darkness and moonlight.

Physical affection important

In relationships, physical affection and the feeling of safety is very important. The natives tend to be romantic and are likely to buy many gifts for their lovers and show their affection in other ways. They are psychic and can understand others without talking to them. They usually get prophetic dreams. They find it hard to hide their emotions.

If the Moon stands alone in the first house, or away from other planets, it’s likely that such people will not want to become independent but will enjoy being dependent. They will prefer following others rather than having others follow them. If the Moon is afflicted, this presents a danger because the natives may start following the wrong people or ideologies and take on negative qualities as a result.

With the Moon in the first house, it’s important to learn to set boundaries between others, your environment, and yourself. Also, for those who are overly influenced by the Moon, it’s important to emotionally mature and not make decisions based on emotional highs or lows; because seeing life through those emotions doesn’t allow them to see the way it really is.

Appearance: the Moon usually gives a beautiful stature, fluctuating weight, white or light complexion, dark hair, round face, grey eyes, and much hair. Natives like to change their appearance and style often and tend to follow fashion trends. Usually, one eye is larger than the other, hands are short and plump, and in general, the body is likely to be plump. The native might be rather slow.

Here are some good examples of celebrities with Moon in the first house in astrology:

Moon in the first house celebrities

(The first and third examples especially show the classic white complexion given by the Moon.)

A bad Lunarian is someone who hates work, is very lazy, is of a changeable temperament, and who has no ambition. If the Moon is badly aspected, they might be hysterical and overly emotional, and those phases will come and go with moon phase changes.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the first house significance and how each planet affects your appearance. If you wish for me to look at your chart to analyze all the houses and what they say about the condition of different areas of your life, you can check this page for more information.

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