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The fourth house represents your childhood, what kind of relationship you had with your parents, and it especially represents either the mother or the father, astrologists cannot agree.

I’m personally leaning towards it representing the mother, or at least the more passive parent who stays at home, whilst the tenth house represents the more active parent, usually the father.

This house represents not only your childhood and relationships with your parents but also how you are likely to treat your own family too. Its stands for your general home life as well as the house that you live in.

The fourth house also stands for what your roots are and what you hold dear. It shows where your emotional security is and reveals that which you hide from the world. It’s also the house that tells about your end days – whether they will be peaceful or not, and how you will live the last years of your life.

Here are the meanings of each planet located in the fourth house.

Pluto in the fourth house
Neptune in the fourth house
Uranus in the fourth house
Saturn in the fourth house
Jupiter in the fourth house
Mars in the fourth house
Sun in the fourth house
Venus in the fourth house
Mercury in the fourth house
Moon in the fourth house

Pluto in the fourth house

Pluto in the fourth house represents a classic domineering family member. There might be a power struggle at home.

If you haven’t learned tough lessons of your childhood, you will end up repeating the same pattern as you had at home when you were growing up. With this Pluto placement, you have suffered a domineering parent, probably a mother who wanted to control all the aspects of your life, and if you haven’t learned the lessons such tough experiences gave you, you will end up repeating the same mistakes your parent(s) did. You must forgive everyone who made your life a misery if you want to break this cycle.

If Pluto is badly aspected by malefics, you might have even been physically abused by your family member(s). Afflicted Pluto creates a terrible home atmosphere which causes you to either break or become a stronger human being. Sometimes aspects from this planet to the Sun, Saturn, or the Moon can indicate an early loss of one or both parents. The Moon usually stands for the mother and the Sun or Saturn for the father. The loss might not be death but any sort of loss, like the parent leaving the family. Of course, it can indicate a literal death as well.

With this placement, there is a possibility that you will want to control the members of your own family at any cost. It gets even worse if the planet is afflicted, as other family members are likely to dislike or even hate the fact that you want to dominate them. If, for example, Pluto is in opposition or square to Uranus, this may make the native violent and unpredictable.

So with this placement, it’s very important to try to tame that domineering side and channel this energy into more productive purposes, like providing for a family or improving your domestic situation in other ways.

This placement also gives a strong bond with the earth. The native may like spending time in natural surroundings and may be good at jobs such as mining or anything else to do with the earth, even leaning towards the occult side. Interest in the hidden side of nature is likely to develop in later years.

This connection also might be not only with the earth but with one’s country as well. This placement may make one into a patriot and sometimes into an extremist who would kill for his country. This placement also can show that you will leave your home country and move to live in a foreign country, or at least change houses, but the change will greatly affect you.

There might be some secrets in the family or mystery associated with it, especially if Pluto is located in Scorpio. The presence of Pluto in this house can also indicate an unusual family, maybe in terms of breaking of traditions or just unconventional family members.

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Neptune in the fourth house

You are strongly connected with your roots (family) but the degree that this connection impacts you might not be known to you consciously.

One of your parents might be very intuitive. If Neptune is afflicted, this may manifest as chaotic family life. There may be some secrets or a mystery associated with your early life.

You have lived or would like to live near the body of water. It’s ideal for you to live near water as it will help you to relax and you will feel at peace. This placement can mean that you will change homes quite a lot, and if Neptune has a negative aspect to Mercury, you have to be very careful in purchasing property as you might be deceived.

You also have to be careful about what kind of people you take into your house. Although you may feel compassion towards those who are drug addicts or alcoholics, you are strongly advised against trying to heal them or accepting them in your home, because they will end up using you. Help can be provided in other ways, such as by financially supporting some organization that helps people in such trouble.

You are tuned into nature. You understand it better than other people. If Neptune is afflicted, this may manifest as mental problems later in life whose roots cannot be found. If the planet is really badly afflicted, it could be that mental problems arise from a chaotic family life or unstable or simply mad family members.

Sometimes this placement indicates that you grew up in a family whose one parent was absent. Another possibility is that a native might have been an orphan, or that your parents didn’t fulfill their roles, like those who get into New Age teachings and act as friends to their children, or even try to learn wisdom from their own children, thus reversing the roles.

Your parents might have been addicted to alcohol or even drugs, especially if Neptune is badly aspected by Pluto or Mars. They might have been members of some religious sect, or at least one parent was. In any case, the child did not have a normal relationship with his parents so he lacks some basic behavior and communication skills and feels like having raised himself.

Whatever the scenario was, the native has grown up feeling confused about his roots. It’s very likely, however, that he will tend to not want to see family problems in their true light and may idealize his family members who were not role models in any sense of the word.

Another possible scenario of the family life with such a placement could be that you find it difficult to live without your parents. You prefer the ease of life and safety experienced in the family. Independence in such a case can be achieved if you refuse to wear rose-colored glasses and see your family with all its negative aspects as well.

The end of life spent in some spiritual way can also be indicated by such placement.

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Uranus in the fourth house

You are likely to be born in an unconventional family that failed to give you a sense of stability. One of the parents is very unusual. Some unusual events can take place in your home. The family house, for example, might have been used to gather people for discussions about occult subjects.

Another possibility is having an unconventional family – maybe you live with people who aren’t your blood relations, yet your parents accept them as family members. Whatever the situation is, it’s not a healthy one. It will affect the native in a way that he will feel the need to be unconventional in some way, like to suddenly make great changes, even moving houses or moving abroad for no apparent reason.

If Uranus isn’t afflicted, you grew up in an unconventional family but this affected you positively. This possibility even further increases if Uranus is positively aspected by benefic planets such as Jupiter. This placement can also indicate an occult ability inherited from ancestors.

If Uranus is afflicted, instead of occult gifts, the native might be susceptible to mental instability that is in the genes. If this is the case, the native should also carefully monitor his own children as mental problems run in the family. This possibility increases even more if Uranus is in conjunction with the Moon or Mercury, or if there are negative aspects from Uranus to these planets.

If Uranus is afflicted, this can indicate an unexpected change of circumstances, like having to move house out of the blue. Even if Uranus is not afflicted but located in a mutable sign, this could be a possibility. Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Another possible outcome could be unpredictable family members, some difficulties with native’s family, or upsetting events in childhood. The child might rebel against his parents. The parents of the native, however, won’t leave a lasting impact on him. He will form his own opinions which might be completely different from the opinions of his parents.

When it comes to homeownership, Uranus again influences the native to behave in an unconventional way. For example, he may not care about owning property. He might buy a property that is repellent to others but he feels good about it. He might even prefer staying in hotels or renting places rather than purchasing something of his own. His home might look really different from those of others.

Whatever the situation with his home is, it’s going to be unconventional. One more thing that could be said about his home preference is that he would be completely miserable if he had to stay in a house he owns for the rest of his life, as change is something really important to him and makes him feel alive.

The native has craved independence from an early age and felt different from the rest of the society from the time of his childhood. It’s likely that he left his family home very early. He feels the need to always change or move, and this is caused by the conditions that he experienced in his childhood home.

If Uranus isn’t afflicted, there could be unusual events in the family but they won’t be of an upsetting nature. The family will be technologically advanced, and you yourself might love everything to do with technology and be the first one to buy some new gadget. You may also have the habit of changing the interior of your home frequently.

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Saturn in the fourth house

It’s not a good placement for this planet. It indicates burdens in childhood and limitations imposed by parents. They might have been very strict or conservative. They might have been emotionally unavailable. Their attitude towards you caused your low self-esteem, and it’s important to work out these issues so that they don’t affect your future. Low self-esteem will cause you not to trust yourself.

Your parents might have made you feel that you are not wanted, and the emotional need to be liked or loved might make you seek the approval of everyone around you. You will feel crushed when people don’t like you, and happy when they love you. But that’s not healthy – you should feel worthy even if people don’t actively admire you. So you should heal the wounds of your childhood to function in a healthy way. Learn to accept yourself and be at peace with who you are.

Saturn in this house may indicate a strict or even cruel father. He might even have physically punished you, and this either will result in you being cruel to your own children as well, or you will heal from the wounds and not repeat such behavior with them.

Another possibility is that Saturn can represent an old and unhappy mother who doesn’t express love for her child and this leaves an emotional wound. The native might have even suffered abuse from his mother or even both parents, especially if Saturn is afflicted by malefics or forms conjunctions with them.

Another possibility for such a placement is a native being raised by his grandparents because his parents were busy working or were burdened with other responsibilities. The grandparents gave less attention and affection, and thus the child grows up feeling unloved. Sometimes it even indicates an orphan who’s adopted just to do chores for older people.

Sometimes parents struggle to make a living which makes the native’s life miserable. It can also mean that you will have to take care of your parents or some other person and that it would be a burden for you. This is a big possibility when you are aged 28 to 30, and the responsibility might last only a few years or be there for life. Whatever way it is, this is something to do with repaying your karma so it’s important to do this duty.

It can also mean that you yourself will be somehow limited in your old age, especially if Saturn is afflicted. It could mean, for example, that in old age you would hardly leave your home or would join some religious order where seclusion is a lifestyle.

As the fourth house shows information about lands and houses, having Saturn in it can indicate problems with the property. It could be that there would be delays in selling or purchasing real estate, or a house being old or hard to sell. Things change if Saturn is well-aspected by benefics, and this may cause you to acquire an old house, but the investment might be solid.

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Jupiter in the fourth house

This is a wonderful placement to have, indicating good family relations, joy in childhood, and a desire for learning. The native will feel safe and lucky living with parents. Family life is harmonious and happy. Parents are likely to be wealthy or at least financially secure.

The house itself where you grew up might have been large, and the family could have been large too. Your parents might have organized some cultural or religious events at home or gathered people to discuss philosophic, religious, or cultural topics.

The family likes to discuss foreign travel and if it’s within the means, travels abroad out of love for different cultures.

Parents are likely to be educated and religious, instilling good values in the native. The native may have financial luck in his mature years.

However, if Jupiter is afflicted in this house, this could mean that instead of parents being financially secure, they might be deep in debt; and instead of instilling good values, they would impose on children their extremist views of religion.

Another negative outcome could be that the family was so providing and lovely that the child ends up being spoiled. He might become lazy and not care about self-growth. He might expect everything to be provided for him on a silver plate. If he doesn’t try to develop, especially spiritually, he would miss out on even greater blessings from Jupiter who’s responsible for religion and philosophy.

With this planet placement, the native is likely to want to have a stable family life after marriage. He will instill the same values in his children as he received them from his parents. He will try to make his home safe and secure for a spouse and children. He will likely to own his own property as he feels secure when owning rather than renting. Also, his real estate purchases will provide joy as well as security.

If Jupiter is well-aspected, the native should choose to have a property close to home, as those investments would be most successful.

This placement can indicate a mother that was very hospitable and always made sure that you ate enough food. She might have been overweight. She was a true hostess, loved by all people visiting your family house.

Jupiter in this house will influence the native to want to have a large family. Maybe his dream is to have many children, or just to have a house that’s full of friends and activities.

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Mars in the fourth house

There is much intensity when it comes to family matters and the native might desire to dominate family members. This can lead to disagreements or even violence, especially if Mars is afflicted.

Natives tend to invest a lot of time and skills in this area, such as fixing broken things, repairing the house in general, or doing something physical to do with improving home matters. There might be rash decisions with regards to starting a family.

The whole family might be leading an active life and be into sports or at least be very competitive. The native’s outbursts of pent-up anger in the family are expected as well.

It can indicate a domineering mother too. Parents might be sportspeople, working for the police, or having careers to do with defense or war. There is also a possibility of the family being involved in a generational illegal occupation, such as gun smuggling.

Family might be the number one in the native’s life and he may treat anyone threatening its well-being very harshly.

An afflicted Mars in this house may indicate that there was much disagreement between the native and his parents and that sometimes the situation can only be improved between the parties if the native moves away from the family.

When it comes to homeownership, an unafflicted Mars promises it. However, if it’s afflicted, there might be problems associated with owning a home, like legal problems, quarrels regarding ownership, the property being damaged by fire, or other accidents.

When it comes to health, Mars in this house provides great recuperative powers and lots of energy well into old age. It gives a vigorous body and an inclination to exercise. There will be strong survival instincts.

A thing that one must be careful about with such a placement is not getting injured at home, as this placement of Mars might make this a frequent possibility, especially being injured by sharp tools, objects made of iron, or fire.

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Sun in the fourth house

Having this luminary placed in the fourth house makes the native take pride in his roots. He might feel happy about his parents and the kind of home he was brought up in. The native’s family might be famous, wealthy, and/or aristocratic.

He might be so close to his family that he doesn’t know who he is as an individual. In such a case it’s important to stay away from one’s parents for some time to understand who one truly is.

He is concerned with having his own family because that’s where he feels most at home and where he shines. He needs a stable family home to feel secure in life.

He will continue his own inherited tradition and will uphold the customs of his parents and grandparents. He might also uphold not only a family tradition but the tradition of his birth country as well.

However, if the Sun is afflicted here, it means that the native may be boastful about his roots and unable to get along with his parents. He may try to control his own family.

A possibility with such a placement is that the native may gain some benefits, which could be financial, from his parent(s).

The mother of the native might have been strong and domineering. She might have been controlling to such an extent that left the native thinking himself to be insignificant. Again, distance, as well as forgiveness, might make the native understand who he is as an individual.

This placement also promises more wealth and security in old age, whilst at the beginning, the going might be tough. The native may want to invest in property or land or engage in activities related to real estate or natural resources. This is going to prove successful if the Sun isn’t afflicted. Inheritance of lands, homes, or businesses is also a high possibility.

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Venus in the fourth house

You are emotionally attached to your home and roots. Your relationships with parents and siblings should be beautiful unless Venus is afflicted.

You are emotionally attached to your parents. Your childhood is likely to have been full of happiness and affection. This upbringing made you a loving and compassionate person, and people love you for the person that you are.

One of the parents, probably a mother, really cared for you and made your childhood full of fond memories. With such a placement it’s possible that your family financially supports you.

There will be a strong wish to have your own family that resembles the structure your parents gave you and the culture you grew up in. If Venus is afflicted, your own family might not appreciate all the efforts you put into creating a nice family atmosphere.

There is harmony in the family and you are likely to be a wonderful host. You express your love to the family not only through how you treat them but also by trying to make your home look beautiful. You feel happy and at peace when you make your home look charming and cozy.

You will probably spend quite a lot of money on home decor. It’s also important for you to make sure that people who visit your home find it lovely.

You are likely to inherit property from your parents. Your end of life is going to be harmonious and peaceful (unless Venus is afflicted). In general, you prefer staying at home to going out. And if you have enough funds to make your home look beautiful, you would definitely prefer staying in.

You are likely to be an excellent gardener and will love not only plants but the land itself. You appreciate the beauty of your homeland. The best choice to purchase property is going to be in your homeland and close to where you were born unless there are other indications in the chart showing that purchasing it elsewhere is good also.

In general, purchasing of property and lands is going to be successful, and you may choose this activity as your business as it’s likely to make you prosperous. Another good option is doing any kind of work from the comfort of your own home.

With this placement, you are likely to try to avoid any sort of quarrels at home, which might cause some issues to remain unresolved and the suppressed energy will eventually come out in even more violent ways; so it’s advisable not to avoid discussing things that family members disagree about so that the conflict doesn’t escalate into something much more negative.

If the home is beautifully furnished and tidy, you will feel emotionally secure and will go about daily activities in a positive state of mind.

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Mercury in the fourth house

This placement gives a possibility of you being born in the home of intellectuals. Both parents are very intelligent and probably educated in great institutions. Lots of ideas are discussed at home, you are likely to read and discuss the day’s news, and a huge library at home is a possibility as well. If Mercury is afflicted, not debates but arguments might take place in your home.

Your intellectual parents are highly concerned with your education and try their best to teach you using various methods. Discussions, puzzles, solving riddles, reading books, and other means are employed to develop your intelligence. You are likely to follow the same or similar tradition when you start your own family.

It’s likely that your parents invite friends to their home to discuss a wide variety of topics. You yourself might be interested in matters to do with your family roots, local real estate, environmental issues, whether or lands. You might, for example, write about such subjects or your job might be connected with dealing with such subjects in some way, usually through some means of communication.

Working from home is a high possibility with such a placement too. You are also likely to research your roots, customs of your country, and details about your ancestors either professionally or just out of interest.

You might be truly attached to your roots and may find it difficult to leave your country even for a short period of time. If Mercury is afflicted, the situation gets worse, making you close-minded towards other cultures and only thinking that your own country and culture are best.

This placement doesn’t indicate a stable family life but is more likely to influence the native to have to move homes quite a bit. He might even have his home on his shoulders and be a backpacker without any permanent place to stay. Another option is people who live on wheels. Sometimes a traveler’s lifestyle is adopted not as a result of personal preference but because of employment requirements.

This placement also indicates that as a child you might not have received real affection as this was replaced by logic and communication. This might make it difficult for you to express affection as well, and you may tend to over-analyze your love relationships instead of allowing yourself to feel. The person who taught you most was the one who stayed at home, probably your mother. She is likely to be a teacher or her work can have something to do with giving information to others.

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Moon in the fourth house

It’s a strong placement for the Moon and it influences the native to place special importance on family matters. The native is happy as long as the family situation is good. But if there’s discord there, the native suffers greatly, to the extent that he cannot be fully functional at work or concerning other matters.

It’s usually the mother who is the most influential person in your life. You are likely to be living near the body of water or would like to live near it. Another possibility is living near a body of water during your childhood.

You like cooking and probably cleaning as well. This love of cooking and an interest in subjects relating to home life may make you excellent at careers to do with food, interior design, real estate, or housekeeping.

If the Moon is afflicted, family discord and instability of home is expected, as well as frequent moving houses or other great changes in your childhood. There might be close emotional bonds with your parents, especially the parent who was more passive and stayed at home. Attachment to your home and parents will always be there; matters to do with your parents and your childhood impact your life to a great extent.

You probably talk a lot about your family and share memories about them fondly. It’s a high possibility that you own items possessed by your ancestors or at least have a collection of old photographs to do with your roots. Maybe you have a few precious items owned by your grandparents which you wish to pass on to your own children.

Men with such a placement will sometimes choose wives that remind them of their own mothers. Unless there are other chart indicators showing otherwise, the native is likely to want a long-term relationship and avoid any relationship that doesn’t lead to this goal.

Because family matters so much to you, if the Moon is afflicted which means that your childhood wasn’t harmonious, you are likely to want to quickly start your own family to provide them the emotional security and ideal home life that you lacked. There is a risk, however, that you will end up repeating the same mistakes that your parents did, so there should be no rush in starting your own family but you should think about it very carefully and make such decisions slowly.

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