The third house of astrology is about your brothers and sisters, neighbors, and relatives. It’s also associated with self-expression and communication, including sending emails.

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It signifies short trips, and whether you tend to stay in one place or move quite a lot. So this house is about your immediate environment.

The natural ruler of this house is Gemini and the ruling planet of this sign is Mercury.

The third house of astrology: stability or change

If a movable sign is located in this house (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), it means that the native will travel a lot. In general, she will have an active life.

But when it comes to travel, it’s about small trips rather than long journeys. The long journeys are indicated by the ninth house.

On the other hand, if you have fixed signs in this house, it means that you aren’t likely to move about much. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The Moon is considered malefic in some houses, but not so in the fourth house of astrology. Here, if it’s located in a movable sign, it gives an interesting life and many changes and trips. It gives negative traits too though, and I will list those in the Moon description part of the text.

The meaning of the planets located in the fourth house of astrology

Pluto in the Third House * Neptune in the Third House * Uranus in the Third House * Saturn in the Third House * Jupiter in the Third House * Mars in the Third House * Sun in the Third House * Venus in the Third House * Mercury in the Third House * Moon in the Third House

Pluto in the third house of astrology

You are very influential in speech and the written word. Your communication of any sort radiates power. So with Pluto in the third house, it’s very important to choose your words carefully as they will have a huge impact on others.

It’s likely that your childhood wasn’t easy and in some way, you were not allowed or could not express yourself. This might have led you to accumulate large amounts of knowledge to prove yourself an excellent speaker or just an intelligent human being. This need to consume knowledge and prove yourself intelligent is always there.

This restlessness when it comes to self-expression may manifest in too much talking or obsessions about certain subjects. You perceive some kind of emptiness in the area of self-expression which propels you to take action to fill it.

Security in knowledge

Your emotional security is based on this accumulation of knowledge. You find it hard to face the fact that as you grow, your beliefs about things can no longer remain the same. It could be a challenge because you depend on your knowledge, and letting go of that which you have outgrown might be difficult.

You should try not to create problems with your siblings, especially if Pluto is badly aspected. The siblings might have some dark secrets or obsessions, and the best thing to do is to live with them in peace. The same advice applies to your relationships with relatives and neighbors.

To avoid destructive situations, it’s best to maintain total peace or to stay away from such people if you cannot maintain peace with them, especially if your Pluto is badly aspected by Saturn, Uranus, or Mars.

Another scenario could be that gathering too much knowledge makes you faced with many opposing views which makes you lose ground. Sometimes mental instability results from this accumulation of too much information.

Influential speech

With this placement, you have a natural ability to obtain through your speech what you want. People find it hard to deceive you because you know what questions to ask. You know how to use your speech to your advantage, such as using it to sell something.

Pluto located in this house influences the native to be on his toes when it comes to forming friendships. He has a deep-seated fear of betrayal, and cannot trust people easily. And he not only questions people but everything in general. For example, he won’t get into anything new or believe anything new until thorough research into the subject is done. This naturally makes the person very difficult to deceive.

The native is likely to be very independent in self-expression and therefore most of the things that he knows were not imposed on him but he chose the kind of information he wanted to learn. It’s difficult for him to be taught by others – he prefers to be his own teacher.

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Neptune in the third house of astrology

If you have Neptune in your third house, it means you are a very creative person and will do best in creative occupations.

You might be a poet, astrologer, dancer, painter,  actor, or filmmaker. If there are no other planets that influence you to think practically and logically, this placement can also produce an artist who is unable to make a living from his talents.

Also, some people may believe you to be mad, because you express yourself in a way that doesn’t seem logical or is just too different from the crowd. You may find it difficult to fully express what you mean because you perceive how limiting the language is.

Highly influenced by the environment

Because Neptune is a very receptive planet, you can absorb a lot from your environment. This can be dangerous at times, because you may absorb bad influences. Also, Neptune makes it easy for you to be hypnotized. Such a placement might make you subscribe to false ideologies as well, and become a member of some religious sect.

You might do well not only in creative occupations but also those to do with exploring the subconscious mind. You may be able to truly help individuals who are mentally disabled, or you may be an excellent psychologist.

With such a planet placement it might be difficult for you to focus on one subject, and sometimes confusion rules your mind. You are better with abstract ideas than with details.

Brain fog

As Neptune is the planet which breaks borders, you are likely to feel brotherly love for your neighbors and other people close to you. It’s also a planet of confusion, and it can manifest through your brothers or sisters not being your blood siblings, or through having siblings you don’t even know of.

This confusion also carries over into the area of work, sometimes making it difficult to stick to appointments or being responsible enough for important positions or the signing of documents.

With such a placement it may also be difficult to stick to a school schedule, and the native may daydream during the time for study and might neglect homework. His mind functions in a different way, and it’s difficult to squash creativity and operate in an ordinary way.

Natives are likely to travel a lot and they should live in places close to some body of water. They should ground themselves regularly in any way that they can so that they don’t lose touch with reality, as they love living in their own mentally created worlds.

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Uranus in the third house of astrology

With Uranus here, reedom is very important to you, especially freedom of self-expression. You don’t want to be like the masses, and your thinking is very different from the rest. You value individuality and don’t want anyone imposing their views on you.

Depending on which aspects Uranus has and whether it’s afflicted or not, your different way of thinking might be either accepted or rejected by the masses. They may praise you for the brilliance of your mind, or they might think you to be plain mad. Sometimes this placement creates emotionally unstable people as well.

People usually consider you strange and probably you had difficulties fitting in at school. You dislike formal institutions such as schools or universities because you think them to restrict your freedom. You might rebel against them. Traditions and established religions may not appeal to you, and you may actually be against them.

Unique siblings

Your siblings might be unusual characters too. They might be geniuses or have mental problems, depending on the aspects of Uranus. Sometimes a completely unexpected separation or some other shock might happen between you and your siblings.

If your Uranus is negatively aspected by malefics, you may become a magnet to strange people. But in general, people will find you very interesting, and unusual events, sometimes of a spiritual nature or connected with travel, will happen quite often to you.

The presence of this planet in the third house can make one a writer of occult subjects or an artist of some sort. Since it’s the planet influencing electricity, technology, and the internet, the native may choose to create a blog about technology, have an occupation to do with these mentioned subjects, or just have a hobby associated with them.

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Saturn in the third house of astrology

The placement of Saturn here sometimes means that your early education was delayed or you learned to speak later than other children, or it can indicate that your speech is slower or you have difficulty in speaking or expressing yourself. You probably don’t like to speak much, and you express yourself in short sentences.

You dislike constant interaction and when you are entrusted with secrets, you keep them well.

Your creativity is expressed through determination and discipline. You don’t express yourself with excitement but with reserve. There is much intelligence, but it’s difficult for you to express yourself in words. You should work, therefore, on expressing your intelligence through the spoken word, and this comes only with practice, so don’t be afraid to try again and again.

Unpleasant school experience

Your school experience might have been unpleasant, and maybe your siblings gave you problems as well. Doing homework was a big struggle, and you needed to invest much more effort to learn new things than other children.

You might have grown up in a restrictive environment which is responsible for your inability to fully express yourself. This restrictive shell can be a thing of the past if you forgive those who limited you in your past and experiment with different ways of self-expression. You should try to overcome your shyness as well.

Your immediate environment limits you, or at least that’s how you feel. Saturn in this placement also makes it hard for you to learn new things, but once you learn them, they are likely to stay in your head for a very long time – sometimes you will never forget some of the things that you learned.

Also, the planet Saturn gives you a strong will to complete what you set out to achieve no matter how hard the task might be.

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Jupiter in the third house of astrology

With Jupiter in the third house of astrology, you love gaining all sorts of knowledge and visiting different places. Different philosophies and cultures interest you.

You love to broaden your mindset and gathering various pieces of information helps with it. Great relationships with your siblings and neighbors are highly possible unless your Jupiter is afflicted.

You are likely to have many books at home. When you use the internet, you open many tabs because you want to obtain lots of information in as short a time as possible. The danger here is the consumption of useless information together with useful. It’s important to be discriminating so that not to introduce chaos into your mind which will stress you out.

Digest before consuming more information

Also, you should take time to stay away from learning new information after the consumption of much of it. Because your mind needs to process the information it acquired – that’s the only way the gotten information will truly benefit you and will be able to be applied.

You are happy when you intellectually evolve, and you are likely to maintain good relationships with people around you. You are an eternal student – you feel joyful in studying subjects that interest you.

Your life is full of happy events and pleasant surprises. You take many trips and are active. Talking is something that you love, and you can spend hours chatting directly with friends or via the internet or phone.

Time at school was probably pleasant, unless Jupiter is badly aspected. You found and do find it easy to learn new things.

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Mars in the third house of astrology

The placement of Mars in the house of communication and self-expression may make the native love debate. Sometimes he may even get into quarrels. The impulsive planet Mars can make you speak without much thinking, and this may insult and hurt some people, or cause you trouble.

With such a placement it’s quite easy to make you angry, and you will not spare words when you are. Another danger with this placement is accidents, especially to do with short trips and transport. So you should take care when using transport especially driving your car or riding a motorbike, and be careful when you go out in general. You are especially advised against speeding.

If you have siblings, you probably were at constant war with them in your childhood. You also have difficulties with your neighbors, and the disagreements are usually caused by you, especially if your Mars is badly aspected. If Mars has many bad aspects from other planets, it’s highly likely that you will start quarrels because you simply enjoy them.

Challenging school time

This placement also indicates challenging time at school (maybe you had been bullied), lots of problems when you were growing up and being raised in a dangerous or troublesome environment.

You are an impulsive person and tend to take quick actions without fully thinking them through. If Mars is well aspected, you will be good at making things from iron or dealing with sharp objects, sometimes the objects of war.

Another good occupation is something that involves motivating other people and making them take action. Your speech is powerful, and through it you can make people take action.

However, it’s important not to allow Mars to become uncontrollable – you should only say things that don’t hurt others and don’t cause destruction of any sort. Another occupation that suits the native is something that requires quick thinking in emergency situations.

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Sun in the third house of astrology

Sun is a powerful placement in any house. In the third house of astrology ( which is about communication and self-expression), it will encourage you to shine in your communicative abilities and your creative abilities in general.

You will want to achieve renown through creative self-expression. If the Sun is badly aspected, this can even turn to boastfulness or being unhappy that others don’t appreciate you in a way that you want.

With an inquisitive mind, you love seeking knowledge. You know that you are intelligent, but this can turn into boastfulness if you are not careful. The practice of humility is very important with this placement.

Clear self-expression

You are able to express yourself clearly, and you might be a good public speaker. It’s likely that your siblings or neighbors play an important part in your life. You love learning from your immediate environment.

Probably you were a bright child, able to learn things fast. You learned to express yourself through words earlier than other children.

You love talking and you are naturally curious. But it’s important not to reveal any secrets entrusted to you, and sometimes you may find it difficult to do.

You are brilliant at sharing knowledge and teaching people. The more you do this, the more your own knowledge and understanding will increase. But never overburden yourself with too much information, so that you don’t suffer from any mental imbalances.

Independent study

You may prefer selecting what to study on your own, without involving yourself in formal education. Also, the Sun placed in the house of self-expression gives you optimism and general positivity. People love spending time with you.

This placement promises many short trips, and the trips will be successful if the Sun is well-aspected. The native is likely to love driving, riding, cycling, or simply using public transport.

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Venus in the third house of astrology

You are interested in subjects to do with arts and culture when Venus is here. You are able to express yourself in a beautiful and elegant way. Since you are gentle in your speech, rough language may intimidate you.

You appreciate literature and poetry, and with this placement, you might be a gifted writer or speaker. You might also have a beautiful voice if Venus aspects Neptune. There is a danger in using your excellent speech for selfish purposes, especially if your Venus has afflictions.

From a very early age you loved learning, and probably had a great time at school. You are likely to have been able to learn subjects rather quickly or at least those you found interesting. If you have siblings, you probably get along with them and they might be artists or just of a beautiful appearance. They might also have quite a few love affairs.

Hard to passionately love

With this placement, it’s difficult to be passionately in love because you tend to over-analyze your romantic relationships. So there’s a lot of thinking going on which outweighs feeling. It’s important for you to find a person who can listen to you and who is communicative in a relationship.

Venus in the third house gifts you many short trips and kind siblings as well as good neighbors. You probably have a loving relationship with people close to you, and you choose your intimate partners from your immediate environment. Those relationships, however, usually don’t last long.

A native with this placement will love visiting beautiful places, such as parks, and may feel depressed if he is deprived of such experiences. The environment is very important to them and they feel best when in a harmonious place. This love of harmony carries over into other areas of life as well, and people with such a placement will stay away from impolite people and arguments.

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Mercury in the third house of astrology

The third house of astrology is an excellent placement for Mercury. This planet gives superior intelligence to the native and an excellent way of expression through speech or writing. With plenty of original thinking and a sharp intellect, such a placement creates public speakers and writers.

If Mercury has afflictions in this house, however, the native may use his speech to spread false information. He might experience difficulties to do with legal matters, such as signing documents and similar activities.

Such a condition of Mercury can also influence people to use their clever speech to achieve selfish goals in one way or another. They can easily convince people/win them over to their side, whether Mercury has afflictions or not.

Multiple interests

You take interest in many things and this sometimes scatters your energies. You don’t feel like you have enough time to just focus on one thing to the exclusion of all the other interesting things to learn or activities to try.

More likely than not you have a great sense of humor. Friends tend to always be with you. If you are alone, you will tend to keep the communication going through text messages, calls, or the internet.

You feel best when you move, so you are likely to visit cafes, parks or other public places rather than sitting at home. Walking, driving, or using public transport is what you do as you love to move; and the faster, the better. In general, you will have a very intersting life for sure.

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Moon in the third house of astrology

The third house of astrology is a rather difficult placement for the Moon. (It can be very positive as well – please read further down.) This placement will influence the native to have his reason clouded by emotion or how he feels about a situation.

It signifies people who love living in fantasies, or at least they indulge in a lot of imagination. It also creates a sort of people who love to discuss things that aren’t important, like small daily events that don’t matter.

This placement creates people who like changes and who cannot stick to a routine for long. Their feelings and emotions decide how they will express themselves rather than their intelligence. The native will have a life full of change, especially involving many trips.

The change of mind

Change not only will happen to do with the immediate environment but also opinions. The native is likely to keep changing his views and preferences of people to hang out with.

The strength of this placement is similar to the placement of Neptune in the first house, which is the ability to absorb information very quickly. The native will even be able to copy speech patterns and the behavior of others, making him an excellent actor.

Moon in this house can gift great skill in arts. This placement sometimes means that the native has siblings who are emotional and sensitive. Neighbors will be frequent visitors to the house, and in general, the native may enjoy organizing social gatherings in his own home and cooking food to guests. When interacting with people, the native should guard against (s)mothering them!

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