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The ruler of the tenth house is Saturn and its sign is Capricorn. As you may know, this sign is all about work; so this house deals with what service you provide to society, as well as your public image.

Interestingly, from the fourth house, one can judge with what resources the person starts life, whilst from the tenth – what he will do with the given resources. Whether he will make the best of them, as well as with his talents and abilities, or whether he will misuse/not use them, thus not achieving much in life.

This house shows whether the person can reach fame and importance in the public world. It shows whether the person is driven and ambitious, or whether he lacks the enthusiasm necessary to succeed.

It shows how the native will succeed, and whether people of renown/in some kind of authority position will help them. It shows the likely relationship with the person’s employers.

Since this house is ruled by Saturn, this planet rewards hard work; so those who persistently try to succeed through much honest work will have this house favoring them.

It also rules people of importance in politics, like those holding high positions in this sphere. It rules the governmental structure as well.

Here are the meanings of the planets located in this house.

Pluto in the tenth house
Neptune in the tenth house
Uranus in the tenth house
Saturn in the tenth house
Jupiter in the tenth house
Mars in the tenth house
Sun in the tenth house
Venus in the tenth house
Mercury in the tenth house
Moon in the tenth house

Pluto in the tenth house

It shows that the person will do anything it takes to succeed. He can be a political or spiritual leader, destroying the structures that no longer work and establishing new ones. He might have the ability to foresee the future or to heal in a spiritual way.

He understands and can well deal with people in positions of power. He feels the need to change the world, to make it better in some way. This results in powerful supporters as well as relentless enemies.

He is likely to be misunderstood. If Pluto is well-aspected, the native will plan well for the future of his career and will be able to foresee likely future events and help the society to avoid downfalls or obstacles.

However, if Pluto is afflicted, the native will do all it takes to achieve his selfish occupational interests, sometimes at the expense of others.

There could be a huge career change, sometimes for the worse; but if the lesson is learned, the person can, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes; since that negative career change will happen due to some character deficiency.

Also, you will evolve through your career and public responsibilities. Pluto may make you achieve extraordinary heights in public life or the depths of infamy, or you may have to experience both.

You may find it difficult to work for someone else. You will probably despise the power others have over you and will not want to do as they say. Sometimes self-employment is the only valid option for happiness with such natives. You will feel happy, secure, and confident when you reach power in your career.

Pluto is able to shred your public life into pieces, but this can also cause you to be reborn, to regenerate yourself, to overthink your life and actions.

This placement may also show that your father was domineering. You are likely to fear your father, consciously, or unconsciously.

You are likely to be a workaholic and achieving high status can become the major goal of your life. You are likely to have good relationships with mature people or those in high positions in life.

The native may receive help from secretive and powerful individuals. Sometimes he may not know from whom the help comes, as the individual wants to remain unknown.

With this placement, it’s easy to get involved in politics. If Pluto conjuncts or is near the Midheaven, the person will be known in public. If it’s located towards the end of the tenth house, he may hold powerful secretive occupations/hold power away from the public eye, like being a member or a leader of some occult society.

If Pluto is ill-aspected, the native is likely to become infamous.

He will get noticed by the public whether he wants it or not. He is likely to know how to persuade others, and no obstacle will stop him from achieving his career goals. He is likely to be a perfectionist in his work.

Possible occupations can be connected with finances, research, occult, and politics.

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Neptune in the tenth house

Through the help of intuition, you will be able to select the right career. This placement makes you able to have occupations in the field of psychology, spirituality, and psychiatry. You might be a good spiritual leader, actor, artist, musician, or any occupation requiring creativity and spirituality could be good for you. Your profession is likely to be unusual in some way and some strange circumstances may surround it.

If Neptune is ill-aspected, you may be impractical in your job, not being able to get along with co-workers or employers, and not being able to properly plan your career.

If the planet is well-aspected, you may achieve career heights, especially if the career has something to do with spirituality, water, or creativity. An afflicted Neptune may make one unreliable and dishonest; these qualities may cause the native to lose occupation or a good public image. It can serve as a good lesson not to be selfish, so this downfall can benefit the native if he corrects his faults as a result.

It might be that the native goes about his work by simply transferring what he gets from spiritual planes. He should be careful with self-deception, however, especially if Neptune is afflicted. He needs a job that allows him the freedom of his imagination.

He might be a good hypnotist or he can spellbind people when he is in public, like through his performance of some sort, or simply through his personality, eyes, or the way that he uses words.

This placement may also indicate that the father of the native was a dreamer, spiritual, or it could be that he was a drug addict or an alcoholic.

He might not be good at jobs requiring strict structure or organization. The native is just not designed for following strict protocols or doing routine jobs.

It’s very likely that the native won’t have a stable job until the age of thirty. If Neptune is afflicted, the native is likely to be tempted to sell illegal mind-altering substances but he is very likely to get caught.

This placement, if Neptune is afflicted, can influence deceptive people to enter the native’s life through his work. It could also mean that the native himself is deceptive at work. He might even be an energy vampire and might deceive himself about this fact as Neptune tends to blind.

Occupation connected with water could be profitable. A creative occupation, like acting, dancing or painting is also possible, especially if Neptune aspects Venus.

With this placement, it’s important to distance yourself somewhat from occupational praise and blame, because you are likely to be greatly affected by public comments about you, to the detriment of your service to the public.

Neptune may obscure the native’s view about the future so it might make sense, therefore, to get external qualified advice about it. The native may also ask less in payment than what he is really worth.

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Uranus in the tenth house

You are likely to have an unusual profession or reputation. You may be a science or spiritual leader. You might be a great humanitarian. You might also choose careers to do with mathematics, electricity/electronics, or astrology. You are likely to create innovations/improvements in your selected career.

You are not bound by traditions in your work; but if Uranus is afflicted in this house, you might be a rebel without a cause.

You will dislike working under anyone and you will strive for personal freedom in your career. You will try to achieve prominence in your work. You might find it difficult to get along with people holding authoritative positions.

You might change quite a few jobs in order to find something that suits you. This placement can make you very picky in your career. You might feel uncomfortable in the usual jobs. You need lots of mental stimulation to keep you interested.

An afflicted Uranus might lift you high in your career and then make you fall. It might be difficult for you to stick to a routine.

Since you value freedom in work so much, it’s best to be self-employed or find work where work hours are flexible and your creative input is appreciated. Hypnotism, writing, or work connected to the field of internet or technology might be good for you also.

You have progressive ideas about society. Your father might have been very unique, a genius, or an eccentric.

One of the best options for your career is in the field of technology or working online. It’s best for you to have freedom of movement in your work, thus internet jobs are preferable.

You may quit work absolutely unexpectedly and quickly. If Uranus is ill-aspected, you may have to go through long periods of unemployment. You might dislike the process of going through formal work selection and therefore might end up doing unusual jobs.

Sometimes this placement might make you famous without you wanting to. You might become famous due to your unique way of approaching work.

In general, this placement makes you not much concerned with your public image or career. So though Uranus can make you lose good public face as well as to regain it, you are likely not too much care about such matters anyway.

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Saturn in the tenth house

It’s an excellent placement for this planet, making the native responsible and mature in his work. Great responsibilities might be placed on his shoulders. The native is likely to be very ambitious in his occupation.

He will have a great drive to achieve prominence in his career, especially after the return of Saturn, at around the age of twenty-nine to thirty.

If Saturn is well-aspected, the person will achieve wealth and recognition through his career because of his moral code, good work, and reliability. But if due to the desire to rise in the career, the native doesn’t act in accordance with his morals, this may lead to his downfall.

It’s very important for natives having Saturn in this house to remain moral because Saturn is a very strict teacher wherever he is placed, and this is the house of his strength, so he may easily cause the native to fall if he doesn’t adhere to moral code.

The native is likely to plan well about the future of his career. With an afflicted Saturn there might be obstacles in the native’s career as well as the lack of opportunities. He is disciplined and persevering in his work. Usually, success with this placement comes later in life but when it comes, it will last.

The native is likely to work on projects that leave a long-lasting impact on society. He can sacrifice a lot for his work and not perceive it as such a big sacrifice.

His focus and discipline are great. He is very realistic at work; therefore, he is not likely to be deceived or has unrealizable goals or unreasonable expectations.

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Jupiter in the tenth house

It shows that the person will achieve wealth and success, maybe also will be well-known in his or her career, but that this will usually happen later in life. This benefic planet makes him experience a few obstacles and attract lots of success, especially if the planet is close to the Midheaven.

Jupiter placed in earth signs is an especially good position to acquire wealth. People of position and authority are likely to help the native in his career. People from the law and spiritual fields are likely to help him too.

He is likely to work in a moral manner, and his profession might be associated with education, spirituality, religion, or long-distance travel. He will study in order to be recognized for what he does. He will feel happy when the public knows who he is. Others are likely to perceive him as an authority in his field and as a teacher. His employees, or the people he works with, are likely to appreciate him.

His happiness depends on being known in his career, as well as doing well in his work. He is likely to be very lucky in his career and may not need to try as hard as others to succeed in it. He is also going to be charitable and will be truly concerned with the well-being of humanity.

This placement also shows that his father is likely to have been an influential and positive figure in his life who contributed to the person that the native is today. He was probably a very successful person who taught the native business or work principles. The father is likely to be respected by others and have a great reputation at work, and this inspired the native to achieve similar goals.

The native is likely to be very ambitious, but also honest and reliable in his work. Due to his high principles, he becomes acknowledged by the public for the way that he works, and for the kind of person that he is. Sometimes this placement can produce good politicians or those who hold official public positions of other sorts, as well as those having their own or manage businesses.

It’s likely that the native will study and research in order to become the one considered most knowledgeable in his sphere. It’s possible that the native will sacrifice his time with family and loved ones in order to achieve more in work.

If Jupiter is afflicted, the person may think that he deserves more than he does in terms of career rewards. It can also indicate the loss of public prominence or a fall from a high position. The native might do almost nothing at work after achieving the status sought for.

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Mars in the tenth house

You really want to achieve fame and a high position in life. You are very ambitious and energetic, and you will spend most of your energy to achieve career heights. Professions to do with sports, military, politics, or business management suit you. Also, professions where you have to wear a uniform are going to be attractive to you.

You may become a leader in politics or the military. Your energy may inspire others to be more productive. An ill-aspected Mars may mean that the person will stop at nothing to achieve success in his career and this ruthlessness may cause his downfall. Also, he will strive for material success, so money with an afflicted Mars may be more important than ethics or morals. It can make the native reckless and extreme.

He will never be satisfied with a low position in life and will do all it takes to rise high in his carer. He is happy when his achievements are seen by the public. With such a placement it’s possible to have a personal “rags to riches” story.

If Mars is ill-aspected, this could mean that the native’s childhood was difficult and that his father was overbearing and maybe even violent. So this may create an individual who is driven to succeed just to show to the father that he can achieve heights in life.

Also, an afflicted Mars may make it difficult to get along with people in power positions, and the native may not be able to accept any career advice or suggestions about his career from the public. He may go into the defense mode whenever such a comment is made. Also, he might be too competitive if Mars is afflicted, sometimes using underhand tactics to achieve what he wants.

Since Mars simply shows force, it’s the aspects from other planets that will show whether the native will achieve success in his work or his hard work won’t be much acknowledged. Aspects from Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus may grant success. However, if Mars is located in Taurus or Libra, it could be that the native will use underhand techniques and will be caught, resulting in the loss of a good public image.

The native’s self-esteem is linked with the heights he reaches in his career; thus, he will invest a lot to achieve the highest position possible.

The native will be enthusiastic about achieving his goals and this may motivate others to do the same. For a woman, this placement gives a masculine drive and ambition, and it’s likely to make her into a high achiever. She will display masculine traits in her work.

If the native fails at work, it really goes to his heart. But also when he experiences success, it makes him feel happier than most people.

If Mars conjuncts the Midheaven or is quite near it, the native might be too obsessed about reaching career heights. It could become everything in his life, his single goal. Mars also could grant success very early in life.

If Mars is afflicted, the native might be violent at work and may have troubles with government, police, or people in high power positions. The native might be a poor team player, preferring to have his own business or do work independently from others. Also, the native might choose careers where he can show off his athletic figure.

He might be in general an aggressive individual, but if he channels that aggression only into his drive to succeed in an ethical way, he can achieve amazing career heights.

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Sun in the tenth house

You are ambitious to attain a high position in your career. You like to be seen as an authority figure in your field. Sometimes people involved in politics have this position. You are not afraid to work hard to attain a position of power.

You are likely to be an excellent manager.

You a may be from a wealthy or even famous and respectable family. You are guided in your career by morality. You appear noble to others and the people are inspired by the way that you conduct yourself at work and in public in general. You feel it’s your duty to lead an exemplary public life.

If the Sun is afflicted, you may be ruthless in your climb to power and may be domineering and attempting to control others. This might result in the loss of position and damage to the public face. This is highly possible if Saturn ill-aspects the Sun.

A well-aspected Sun, however, brings success and high honors. You will love being in the public eye and the public will see you as a powerful person and as a leader.

Your self-esteem depends on the position that you hold in life. Like the Sun, you will strive to shine in your occupation. It’s important for you to be recognized in your profession.

Your father is likely to be a strong authority figure. Sometimes this placement shows a father who outshines his children or is so powerful that the children find it difficult to form separate personalities.

Fame and great success are quite likely with such placement. Your self-confidence is also connected with how others see you. Acceptance of the public is something really important to you and you will strive to be respected and seen as an exemplary figure.

This is a good placement for work in the field of politics, being a profession where it’s required to be in the public eye. Acting is another favorable career.

This placement might inflate one’s ego, so humility must be practiced because if it’s not adhered to, this may cause the native to fall from his high position, especially if the Sun is afflicted. Otherwise, success is likely to be life-long.

The native might invest in his appearance so that he’s liked by the public not only for what he does but for how he looks too. Sometimes the native can be a totally different person in his public life to what he is at home. So this might create problems between the public and family life of the native.

Sometimes with this placement, the native might start his career as a result of the support from his father or family. In general, people in high positions of power are likely to help him in his career.

He will strive for independence at work and might become his own boss. The goal of such natives will be to leave an impact on humanity through their professional pursuits as well as to prosper from their occupations, rather than simply getting by.

Again, it’s vitally important to be humble if you have this placement, as this will assure continual success.

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Mercury in the tenth house

With this placement, the native will study hard to succeed in his career and will have excellent planning skills for the future of his professional life.

The native will know how to talk to persons in high authority positions. This placement is excellent for being involved in the field of politics. Other great occupations are writing, media, publishing, and lecturing.

If Mercury is afflicted, the native may use his intelligence selfishly to climb the height of his career, hurting others as a result. Since Mercury tends to take the qualities of planets located close to it, if there are any conjunctions, you will be able to acquire more information about the work field and career from the qualities of the conjunct planets.

You might have more than one career at the same time. It’s easy for you to get along with many kinds of people because of your excellent communication skills.

You like to challenge yourself in your career and to mentally evolve through it. When people positively comment about your intelligence you feel truly satisfied.

It’s likely that your family or father strove to educate you and have instilled in you the belief in the importance of thorough education. You are likely to be multi-talented. You might know how to manipulate your speech to influence various kinds of people. Your father might have had excellent communication skills from whom you learned this ability.

Although you will get along with employers, you could also have your own business, preferably in the field of communications, finances, or work involving calculations or attention to detail.

The public will perceive you as an intellectual person. You are appreciated for the smart way that you go about your career or the smartness you display in your everyday work.

You might be involved in different work activities at the same time because of your active mind and the need for mental stimulation. You are likely to change quite a few jobs in your life. Sometimes you will quit jobs when they become monotonous because you can’t stand boredom and lack of intellectual stimulation.

Sometimes you may receive high positions not because of hard work but because of your extraordinary ability to speak persuasively to the people in authority (if Mercury is well-aspected, that is).

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Venus in the tenth house

You are likely to be in the public eye in some sort of artistic occupation. You are likely to marry for status and money. You will maintain excellent relationships with influential people and you will know how to speak with the other sex. You may reach career heights through the help of the opposite sex.

If Venus is afflicted, you might rise high in life by using other people. You will feel at ease in the public eye. Being recognized by the masses is something that makes you feel good. You have probably been popular from very early on.

You also try to improve your public image through the way that you dress and through your personal appearance in general.

You are likely to have a good relationship with your father. He might have been a refined and good-looking person.

You will love your occupation and this will make it easy for you to become excellent at what you do. You will sometimes rise in a career simply because other people will perceive you as a lovely person.

This placement also shows that you are likely to find love through work. You might be attracted to older individuals. Sometimes you will feel attracted to your employer or people in high positions, and they may also become your mentors.

Sometimes this placement indicates that the native gets so blended with his work that it becomes his only love.

The public perceives the native as likable and a charismatic person, and it’s quite easy to become famous with such a placement, especially if Venus is strong and well-aspected. Venus I this house also gives appearance suitable for cameras; the native will shine/look attractive in the public, and photos and videos of him will look great.

The native has a natural ability to mesmerize the masses and make them like him. Sometimes with an afflicted Venus, this might be used selfishly to gain money. For example, the native may use his image to sell something of low quality.

The public may view him as an idol and may even try to imitate his public image.

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Moon in the tenth house

The native will feel the need to become well-known in his career. His family might be prominent in the public and the native’s mother will push him to achieve career heights. Women will greatly help the native to achieve prominence in his career. The native is likely to become well-known in public life.

The career might not be a steady climb towards success but the native will experience fluctuations. He is intuitive about public trends, able to catch the right opportunity to start some business or to further his career.

His family might have instilled in him the belief in the importance of financial security. He might try to impress the public because he wants to gain their respect and admiration. He might be needy in his carer and his force with which he achieves success could be emotional rather than mental.

What others think of him will matter a great deal to him. He will also feel emotional about his career in general.

He can achieve success in jobs that are traditionally considered suitable for women like connected with food, beauty, or the fashion industry.

This placement also shows that the native’s mother is a strong character and might have been dominating. She might have been quite often not at home, likely due to her employment or other duties. It could also indicate the family of renown, and that the native was instilled the importance to become well-known in his career from childhood.

It’s likely that his career, public image, and finances will more depend on external influences than on his personal choice and actions. So sometimes he may do much for the benefit of his career without any effect, yet sometimes he may do nothing much, yet success and money suddenly come.

He will be aided in his career by women and in general, he may be surrounded by women in his occupation. He will be perceived as emotional and charismatic and might be photogenic.

An afflicted Moon will cause the native to worry about his career, finances, and public life. It may also cause him to take ill-thought-out emotional actions that may damage his career opportunities and public image.

It’s a good placement for employment to do with taking care of people, or for being involved in the service industry in general.

The native’s emotions are easily hurt and he is greatly negatively affected by critical remarks. He may never forgive the individuals who criticized him and might even seek revenge. He might be overly concerned about the public onion about him. So the native should learn to disconnect from what others think of him; otherwise negative emotions may affect the native’s carer.

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