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Gemini ascendant, also called Gemini rising, gives to a person his or her physical appearance and outward behavior. However, the presence of other planets close to the ascendant will alter that appearance and then it will no longer be a typical Gemini appearance.

Also, if the rising sign is afflicted or weak, then in a man’s chart the Sun’s position should be examined for the appearance, whilst in a woman’s – the Moon’s. Though both the Sun and Moon in the charts of both men and women will have some influence on the appearance and outward behavior.

The locations of other planets also need to be taken into consideration, as each planet rules a particular part of the body. For example, the muscular system is ruled by Mars, and the appearance of a mouth – by Mercury. So checking which signs such planets are placed in can give us more detailed information about one’s appearance.

The natal chart ruler of Gemini on the cusp of the first house is Mercury, and one should look at where Mercury is located in the natal chart to be able to give further details about one’s character and appearance.

Gemini rising behavior

Gemini represents the air element and the minds of Gemini rising people are perfect examples of that. They ever wander, ready to take on the color of any impression it comes in touch with.

They are born entertainers and are very interesting to talk to because they usually know a bit about everything. They can be so versatile and sometimes random that you cannot help but get entertained by them.

Maxim Galkin – he is such a wonderful example of a Gemini. His looks are pure Gemini. His birth hour is unknown but the Sun and Mercury are in the sign making it strong and unaltered. He’s a comedian, a television personality and married to an entertainer thus he will never get bored:)

They usually have an excellent command of speech and therefore they can persuade you; this makes them great sellers. Unevolved Geminis may use lies to sell you things that you don’t need or which aren’t what they were described.

Pure Gemini types aren’t sensual and you may get little affection from them. Their activity is mental, they process everything with their minds and therefore sometimes they get accused of being unfeeling. This is quite true for pure types, but those influenced by water signs will be more emotional.

Gemini rising people are always curious and are interested in new people and experiences. They are interested in them to be entertained and to learn something from them. But their interest may not be long-lasting – if something more interesting presents itself Geminis may start paying attention to the novelty.

This doesn’t necessarily have to manifest in intimate relationships as Geminis are not sensual (unless strong aspects modify this trait); but they will have the need to always be mentally stimulated and that’s why they like to seek out novelties and be involved in many pursuits at the same time.

Young Mick Jagger – he’s a Gemini rising modified by the presence of Saturn in the first house and Uranus conjunct ascendant from the twelfth. We can see the narrow face and straight nose of a Gemini, and he’s also quite tall – over 1.78 m.

If a Gemini was properly educated, the thirst for novelty will manifest as a craving for knowledge instead. So he won’t be too much focused on getting entertained but on becoming smarter.

However, he is likely to be pursuing various kinds of knowledge at the same time so his knowledge of one subject doesn’t get deep. Because of this reason they are often accused of being superficial.

They are also accused of having no heart, lacking loyalty and being ungrateful. It’s not that they are consciously so; they just don’t operate like the more feeling types.

They get along with various types of people – there really are no people that they truly dislike. That’s because Gemini is a mercurial sign and Mercury is the planet that adapts to anything yet is not really changed by anything. For example, we see that in our earthly mercury which we can find in a thermometer. It rises and falls according to the heat yet is unchanged by it.

For example, Gemini rising people can suddenly get emotional but that’s a surface emotion; and then something catches their fancy and their mood changes instantly, because that previous emotion had no effect on them.

Gemini ascendants have a very strong ability to adjust to the circumstances or change them so that they benefit from wherever they are. They don’t like to attack others and there is no strong resistance to any influence. They are excellent critics and observers of small changes, so occupations that require attention to detail are suitable for them.

Michelle Pfeiffer is 61 yet she still retains a slender figure, like Gemini rising people usually do. She also looks great for her age.

Geminis rarely get attached to people and they don’t complain much about the circumstances they find themselves in. Because they’re often not interested in deepening the relationships with others, neither others get too much attached to them.

In marriage they make friendly and useful partners. The main problem in marriage arises when a partner expects too much of a Gemini. He may not be fully giving of himself and this may be perceived as lack of care. He’s just this type of person and he’s not consciously withholding himself from being too affectionate; so this is important to know before marrying an individual with a Gemini rising.

Geminis do best in quiet environments because of their high nervous sensitivity.

Geminis are childlike and it’s beautiful that they retain their youthfulness in the way that they think and behave till old age. Their mind is extremely logical and the intellect is not influenced by emotions.

This allows them to solve problems and arrive at right conclusions, but some people can be shocked by the coldness of the intellect, especially the ones who are influenced by water signs of the zodiac.

Louis Tomlinson is Gemini rising – he has the boyish look that Geminis sometimes have.

Geminis may look highly creative but actually what they do is combine existing bits of knowledge to form it into a new whole.

Their main problem is the lack of a single focus. And this can actually be benefited from if they choose careers that require variety. For example, if they become vloggers talking about many things they are not likely to get bored, whilst the audience will be entertained due to variety and their good command of language.

The nervous system of Geminis is very sensitive. All their impressions are processed mentally and they may suffer from being inattentive and distracted as well as unable to sleep if they are engaged in too many activities or put through too much stress.

Advice for Gemini rising children

To be happiest they always need to be occupied with something. If they’re not busy they will get bored, unhappy, and may start doing something that’s not good, like getting involved with the wrong company or in harmful activities. So this is a lesson for all parents who have Gemini children – keep them busy with beneficial activities so that they don’t take the wrong path.

Also, unless some positive astrological indicators are there, Geminis may lack moral principles and therefore use their intelligence for any sort of activity that they are interested in, be them moral or not. So again, parents are strongly advised to instill strong moral principles in Gemini children.

They should also be encouraged to be grateful for what they have, because their mind is quick, and nature – changeable. So they may get quickly dissatisfied with their toys, friends or environment. But if parents encourage them to appreciate what they have, instead of growing up to be dissatisfied individuals, they will grow up to appreciate who they are and what they have.

They should also be encouraged to express themselves physically and they may want to express themselves through acting or making up stories. So acting or theater classes may be very useful to them and will satisfy their dual natures.

Also, parents should take great care to select right friends for him, because he will take on the qualities of people he finds himself with. It’s also important to carefully watch for their talents, because due to their changeable and adaptable natures they may choose occupations suggested to them rather than selecting something truly suitable for them.

Also, since their imagination is quick and powerful, parents should never tell them any scary stories as they will be too frightened to sleep. They need plenty of fresh air and a lot of sleep, though sleep may be spread throughout the 24-hour period.

If parents follow this advice, their Gemini child should grow up into a healthy adult. Otherwise they may grow up to be nervous and dissatisfied.

Gemini rising appearance

This sign is so unstable and changeable that any planet present close to the ascendant can strongly alter a person’s appearance. But pure Gemini rising people have very active sparkling eyes, active body and long limbs. Often they have pointed chins and straight noses.

The body is usually tall and face more on the narrower side. The eyes are often grey or hazel, and rather small.

Kristen Stewart is a Gemini rising and she has a classical Gemini pointy chin and small eyes.

They are flexible and thin, and this thinness is maintained by their constant movement and interest in the mental world more than the physical. They look younger than their age. For example, my boyfriend is a Gemini and he looks around seven years younger than he really is.

Unusual length of arms, fingers and legs is another feature of Geminis. Usually hands are thin, with notable bones and knuckles. Once you know this look you will never mistake it.

For example, Osho has that pronounced look of his hands:

Osho was a Gemini rising and although most energy is focused in his Capricorn and Sagittarius, we see clearly that he has the hands and arms of a Gemini. In his youth his nose was long and thin, which is again a classic Gemini rising trait.

Gemini rising people should be careful with their lungs as they are delicate. They should definitely avoid smoking. They should ideally be living in unpolluted environments as plenty of fresh air is important to them.


If you’re a Gemini rising or have more information to share about their behavior or appearance, please leave a comment below.

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