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Leo-rising people are generally good-natured and it takes many afflictions of planets in one’s natal chart to destroy their good qualities, like we see in the case of Ted Bundy.

However, though good-natured, undeveloped types can be great boasters and very proud, thinking that the world owes them though they provide no service.

In the case of undeveloped types, they naturally expect favors from others, returning very little in value and thinking that they are doing those people a favor just by their presence. If others don’t do according to their demands, undeveloped types get disappointed and think the world to be ungrateful.

But if Leo-rising people develop themselves, they can be a true blessing to the world, inspiring others through their leadership abilities and sunny personalities.

They often have blond or reddish hair in the western world, the chest is usually well-developed, shoulders are broad, and hips – slender. Again, we can see the well-developed chest and broad shoulders in the body shape of Donald Trump who has Leo rising.

They have great personal magnetism and big-heartedness. They are hurt by the lack of generosity and meanness and don’t understand pettiness and narrow-mindedness.

They tend to gain weight with years but it doesn’t look like fat but more like that they are heavy built. The men tend to prematurely lose hair. Leo-rising people can be very loud unless they become self-aware.

A good representative of a natural Leo-rising person is Donald Trump, who is very direct and boastful.

He has the classic reddish hair color of Leo rising persons and he can be a challenge to be with and can view new people as potential enemies or competitors, which is again a sign of Leo-rising persons. Also he has a flushed complexion typical of Leo-rising people.

Red hair, square face shape, reddish complexion and small, well-defined mouth – the classic traits of Leo rising people as seen in the example of Donald Trump.

They are naturally cheerful and friendly, and have a commanding attitude. They usually have a high and broad forehead. The nose is of a normal size and the mouth of Leo-rising people is usually small and shapely, and it tends to be tensely held.

Chins tend to be more square than pointed, and the face looks more full than narrow. Sometimes cheeks look quite full.

Marilyn Monroe is another Leo rising and her facial shape is a good representation of this rising sign. She also has the typical Leo-rising nose which is quite hard to define but my boyfriend is Leo-rising and his nose looks similar, and it does look a little leonine in shape.

I don’t know if you will be able to tell, but below I’m providing the classic leonine nose type examples of Marilyn Monroe, my boyfriend and Barack Obama who has the sun in Leo:

Barack Obama is also known for his loyalty to his wife. As an alpha male with such fame it’s extremely unusual, but Leos are known for their loyalty. Of course, this can be destroyed by an afflicted Venus, bad Mars and other natal configurations.

Marilyn Monroe also had a small shapely mouth typical of Leo-rising persons. Her forehead was broad and the face was neither too narrow nor too broad. Her real hair color is red and without foundation her complexion was reddish, again typical of Leo-rising people.

Natural hair color of Marilyn Monroe was red, typical of Leo-rising persons.

The typical facial shape of Leo-rising people is more square than oval or squarish, the limbs have harmonious proportions. If the type has not developed but degenerated, the face will not look leonine but more like a bulldog and clear complexion will be changed by a darker one. Also such people are not ambitious but degenerate into being hard to deal with (quarrelsome).

The health of Leo-rising people

Due to this sign having a harmonious ruler the sun, internal organs are well working together and the person has much strength. Because of the optimism of Leo-rising people they fight off diseases very fast. If they get seriously sick, they may at first get frightened but then the leonine spirit wins and they put all their strength into conquering the disease.

What affects the health of Leo-rising people most is unhappiness. They must fight off unhappiness if they want to keep their health till old age. Optimism is all they need to fight off all the illnesses.

Another danger to health is overworking the body and mind due to high vitality. So they should avoid taking their high energy for granted and abusing it.

Also, Leo-rising people can have problems with their hearts but it’s actually nothing to worry about. Due to excessive energy the heart may palpitate or there could be other irregularities, but with age usually these problems disappear. And even if they don’t, the person should not be too alarmed as it’s typical of Leo-rising people to have some irregularities with their hearts because they have excessive energy and the heart is ruled by Leo.

Another Leo-rising person is Justin Timberlake. His hair has a red tinge, he has a broad forehead and the shape of the face of the Leo-rising individuals.

Justin Timberlake is Leo-rising. His hair has a red tinge typical of Leo-rising persons.

In the past Justin had a reddish tinge to his complexion but I don’t see this being the case now, maybe he wears some foundation but I cannot really tell.

Leos expect acknowledgment and admiration

Leo-rising natives are very optimistic and hopeful. The most optimistic sign of all is Sagittarius, but Leo is the second most optimistic sign. They think well of themselves and have high self-confidence.

They expect people to applaud their actions and they expect gratitude for the help that they provide. This is very important to them. If they are not acknowledged they can get very upset.

Usually difficulties have a positive effect on Leos, developing their warmer side. They become more compassionate and understanding. They also feel in their hearts that the whole humanity is connected, that we are all brothers and sisters. This understanding sometimes comes with age.

Loyalty is very important

Leos are very sensitive in relationships and loyalty is very important to them. If loyalty is broken this can be a very hard blow to them. Since this is a fixed sign, their attachments and loves are pretty much permanent and they suffer greatly if their love is betrayed.

That’s why if you meet bitter and unhappy Leo-rising individuals, it’s likely that their trust or love was betrayed, and they failed to recover from such an unexpected blow. And unexpected it was.

Leos who never experienced betrayal expect people to be like them – loyal, so when the trust is broken, the shock can be fatal. It depends on the rest of the natal chart whether they would recover or not.

Why sometimes Leos fail

Because of their commanding nature, they inspire respect, fear or hatred. Some people naturally accept them as leaders, and some feel envious and hate their royal attitude.

Because of their pride they don’t give up. They are not detail-oriented which sometimes causes them to lose in life as sometimes the devil is in the detail. Because of this reason they are not the people who can prepare strategically well.

Also, sometimes they lose because they don’t employ any dishonest tactics yet others do. They are passionately against all dishonest ways to get to the top which is similar to Scorpio-rising individuals who play fairly.

Their ambition for success is not for the sake of gathering material resources but for the glory of it. They sometimes fail because they think that others play as fairly as them; They also oftentimes fail because they trust others too much and don’t want to think that others would lie to them. So they can be easy to deceive.

Leos are too noble to take revenge or inflict hurt because due to their past hurts they would not want to inflict anything similar to their fellow brothers or sisters. So this is a complete opposite to Scorpio-rising people who feel in their heart that they have to revenge.

I remember listening to the interview of SRK who is a double Scorpio (so a great type to study for understanding the Scorpio sign) and he said that even till this day (he’s 54 now) he still feels the need to revenge those who did him wrong.

Leos can get angry but the anger doesn’t last and they forgive easily. They can be very proud and may end up alienating people because of their excessive pride and find themselves lonely. Pride is such a turn-off, but it’s so natural for Leo-rising persons to have it.

Megalomania is sometimes found among Leo-rising persons, and this was obviously the case with Ted Bundy. Killing innocent women may have been the only way to exercise his power.

Leos are also liable to fall for flattery. They don’t usually think that adulation can be false, because they think they deserve all the compliments that they get.

Leo-rising individuals also tend to overspend because of their generosity. They like buying people gifts and they enjoy surprising those whom they love with their generosity. They like to buy luxurious items and can sometimes in the joy of the moment overspend.

They don’t understand people who hoard money or who count cents. They also don’t understand those who buy bad-quality items in order to save money like Capricorn people sometimes do. They know that those people will end up paying twice.

In their speech and writing they are direct and frank, yet they tend to exaggerate and brag. They like to get straight to the point and don’t understand the need to make something unpalatable palatable. So in this regard they are similar to the Sagittarius people.

They can be very optimistic especially if born in the third decanate, which is ruled by Mars. These people never give up, they fight till the last. Madonna was born in this decanate and we can clearly see her fighting spirit and an inability to give up. Stars her age usually retire or take it easy, but she’s not even thinking of stopping.

Madonna has the Sun in the third decanate of Leo, sometimes called “Leo on steroids”. She doesn’t give up because she can’t.

Leos as family people

In family Leos are known for their good hearts but they must be the center of attention; otherwise they will seek attention somewhere else. They are loyal, but they expect attention and respect for their loyalty.

The only reason they may stray is if they are not appreciated. They are ruled by the sun, so they need to shine. If their presence is not acknowledged, they will seek out people who do acknowledge it.

They must receive respect and admiration. If they don’t receive it from anyone, they can become tyrannical, demanding it by force. If they receive adulation from the public, they will be less intense in the family circle.

If you compliment them and always acknowledge them, that will be enough for them to relax and show their good heart. But if acknowledgment is not given, their tyrannical nature will show itself, or they will simply leave in search for admiration somewhere else.

As long as they are acknowledged they will feel good wherever they are. They like to shine also in the way that they look; so they may buy designer clothes and quality items to stand out with their good taste.

In relationships Leos are very sensitive and expect much attention and repayment of their time and presence. They tend to overlook the faults of their loved ones because they tend to idealize them. We again see this to be the case with Donald Trump who idealizes his daughter Ivanka and sees no faults in her.

Leos blossom most when they are loved. So they need someone who truly loves them, because love for them is what water to the flower is. This kind of need of love and adulation makes them shine in public occupations such as acting, because most celebrities thrive on attention and do much to get the approval and praise of others.

The love of fun and excitement

Leos also love to decorate their homes and also to organize expensive parties. They love to be known for their generosity. Sometimes this can even be done to the extreme, and they may come across as showy.

Often Leos are lucky in fame and money, and success comes to them not so much through hard work but through their magnetism and aspiration to that which is the best of the world.

Leo-rising people love having fun and they also love children. They may spoil them and enjoy playing with them. They often have a good sense of humor. They, however, may find themselves patronizing others without even realizing that this is demeaning to some.

Often Leo-rising natives prefer life that is short and full of excitement than a long and boring one. This is in total opposition to Capricorn-rising individuals. Leos don’t take demands on them too well and in fact can resent being expected to do anything. Yet they themselves think it normal to demand from others anything that they wish.

Leos can be trusted with promises. Giving their word is sacred to them and unless the chart is really afflicted, they don’t break their promises. So in marriages they can be trusted, and they stay loyal even to the people who are not worth it; as I said, what can make them leave is if you don’t give them attention and admiration.

Leos as rulers

Leo is not a scientific sign but a sign of the heart. So Leos get interested in things that stir their passion rather than intellectual matters. Their approach is emotional and passionate and not scientific.

That’s the reason many statesmen have Leo rising or the sun in Leo – they can inspire the masses through their passion, and they take their commanding roles naturally. Also, since Leo-rising people see the whole picture but tend to overlook the details, it’s good for them to be in leadership positions and delegate the details to someone else.

However, sometimes Leo-rising people, if not developed, expect to be given positions of leadership without earning them. They may despise doing the dirty work and because of this sometimes they do not get to the positions that they dream of. So some of them hope their entire lives to be given some great position but never work to actually get it.

Also, unfortunately Leos often experience a fall when they’re at the height of their career or at the height of their fame. Usually something sudden happens that makes them lose their reputation or position. Sometimes this sudden event happens in their love life and not career; but a sudden fall in life is almost guaranteed.

Advice for parents with Leo-rising children

Leo-rising children should be taught to be humble as this will greatly help them in life. If they are not taught this, they will continue boasting, striving to be the center of any group or activity, and making many enemies as a result.

They may even get into dangerous situations if they challenge children such as Scorpio-rising ones. The best favor that parents can do to the Leo-rising children, therefore, is to teach them not to boast but to focus on doing things well for the sake of doing them well and not for praise. Things done well will receive acknowledgment sooner or later, but boasting about things done well will only gain enemies and hatred.

However, Leo-rising children should always receive attention and their talents and things done well should always be acknowledged by their parents for them to grow emotionally healthy and not the way that Ted Bundy did.

They should be allowed to fully express themselves emotionally and their talents should be cultivated. They should be treated very fairly for them to grow up emotionally healthy as they are quick to notice any kind of unfairness.


If you know other important Leo-rising traits, do share them in the comments below.

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