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Aries on the first house cusp (Aries ascendant, Aries rising) gifts people with intense energy and ambition. They are adventurous and are not afraid to be the first ones to go into dangerous or unknown situations.

They are not afraid of being leaders, and there is natural ambition to dominate. It will manifest in all life’s areas. Arians can be quite quarrelsome and unhappy if they have to work under someone. They prefer to be leaders, even if of a small group.

Undeveloped Arians can be very selfish, not considering the well-being of others but directly going for what they want in life. They may have strong opinions, likes and dislikes and they are not afraid of expressing them, though that may create uncomfortable situations.

They may not like time-wasting people and in every situation they will try to get to the point as quickly as possible. They are very direct people and do not like roundabout ways and deceptions.

They usually create discordant situations not because they want to, but because they are very direct and self-centered, not considering the feelings of others or diplomatic ways of going about a situation. This, of course, applies only to an undeveloped Arian.

Aries people expend much energy to remove obstacles from their way, but if they perceive difficulties to be too great to overcome or it takes too long to do so, they quickly abandon them and start on a new road with the same amount of energy.

Their energetic personality might be the first thing others notice about them. They can act on their ideas immediately, but this may result in wrong actions as not enough time is spent on thinking the subject over.

Arians may be too impulsive, therefore, and they may also be impatient. They hate wasting time and can be extremely competitive. Through action they prove to themselves their worth.

The disposition could be angry, quarrelsome and even violent (but other planetary aspects should be checked before arriving at this conclusion). The person is determined to achieve his goals, sometimes stopping at nothing.

Aries rising appearance

The first house Aries person is likely to be of a medium stature, rather lean. There could be angular facial features. Eyes may be of a hazel or light blue color and the body – strongly built. The complexion could be ruddy or dark, and hair – quite coarse, fair or reddish.

Their movements are quick, glances sharp and fast, and the body is usually muscular. There is a risk of hair loss later in life for men with Aries rising.

Here are some celebrities that embody the Arian type.

Aries ascendant celebrities

Heath Ledger

I have no idea who this actor is as I’m not into Hollywood movies, but he’s a double Arian, which means that both his Sun and Ascendant are in the sign of Aries.

This makes him a perfect example of Aries rising, also because of the fact that no other planets are located in Aries thus keeping the Arian appearance pure.

As you can see, the guy even from a still picture looks very active and maybe even trouble-seeking. The eyes are daring, quick and alive. His hair is sparse and reddish-sand colored, which is quite a typical color for Aries Ascendant.

His nose a little stands out from the face, which is a usual feature of an Aries rising person. Sometimes Arians have big noses, and sometimes the nose isn’t big but still stands out from the rest of the face.

Also, his face is quite angular, which is another feature of an Arian type. His body is likely to be lean and muscular, of a middle stature.

James Dean

Here is another trouble-maker, and this one I surely know. His Ascendant is at 12 degrees Aries, in complete conjunction with Uranus, giving him an unconventional nature. Sometimes Uranus causes more height, but in his case I don’t see that being the case, maybe because his Uranus is severely afflicted.

Again here we see quick and curious eyes, his movements were probably fast, and his whole life was very short and eventful.

He died in a car accident at a young age of 24. He might have survived the crash had he worn a seat belt. He owned his Porsche only for nine days and then the accident took place. His life is definitely a good illustration of an uncontrolled Aries force.

From other photos you can also see that his hair had a reddish tinge, which is again very Arian. He often wore the color red, the color of Mars which rules Aries. His stature was lean and muscular, of an Arian type as well.

Barbra Streisand

Lastly, Barbra Streisand is also Aries ascendant, with the Sun not being too far away, only 3 degrees into Taurus.

I’m not sure if this is her natural hair, but I googled it and if the source can be trusted, she told to have brown hair. If this picture has her true hair color, this is a classic Arian hair type.

We can see light blue piercing eyes which also represent the Arian type. She has angular facial features and her nose is prominent.

(The appearance, of course, will also be modified by the planets in the first house and the position of the Moon. The Sun sign will also have the influence on one’s appearance.)

Character features of Aries rising

Aries is a barren sign, so it may indicate that the person is infertile or that fertility is low, but the fifth house also should be taken into consideration as well as the placement of the Moon.

The person is likely to be courageous and self-confident. They may view problems as exciting challenges to overcome. If Aries sign is very energized, it may make the person irritable and restless, and other people may dislike their excessive energy and impatience. Aries rising people may find it difficult to sit still even for a minute.

They may begin working on some plan with lots of enthusiasm and energy, but may lack the strength to complete the work, unless there are indications in the natal chart of perseverance (like looking, for example, at the placement and aspects of Saturn).

The person is a natural warrior, but his courage and recklessness may cause his downfall. He can inspire others with his energy and ambition, and therefore could be a natural leader, especially in competitive/war-like environments.

But if the energy is not controlled, it can cause quarrels, bitter enemies and physical injuries. Arians tend to get hurt physically quite a lot, experiencing falls, cuts, burns, explosions and injuries, especially to the head and face.

There is a strong sex drive and the person feels the best if he is acknowledged for his achievements as a leader of some sort. There is always a need to prove oneself through action.