In this post I’m going to analyze the natal chart of Demi Moore.

Demi Moore’s natal chart

What a chart that is… There are so many unusual things about it, and also so many interesting numerological combinations.

One of the first things that comes to notice is her Pisces ascendant at 22 degrees and 25 minutes. It conjuncts the Markab star which promises sorrow, violence, but also honors and riches. It gives legal problems and accidents.

If you read her biography (she also wrote her memoir) you know that her life was very difficult from the very beginning. Her mother completely betrayed her – she left her in a room with a man who raped her, and then he told her that her mother sold her for $500. She talks about it here:

Can you imagine the betrayal? I cannot think of anything worse happening to a person. No wonder her Moon (representing the mother) is in opposition to her Venus (betrayal of love), Sun (diminishing of self-worth) and Neptune (betrayal).

The Moon is also in Taurus, showing material-mindedness of the mother. But the same configuration benefits her financially, since she was born during the full Moon, and this Moon is found in Taurus in her second house of wealth. Though afflicted, this is such a favorable combination that no wonder she’s a multi-millionaire.

The interior of a home shared by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Her stellium in the eighth house shows that she will have many transformative moments in her life, life and death situations, catastrophic moments which will change her life’s direction. It’s a placement that gives many lives in one. This can either break the person or result in rebirth, depending on how they are dealt with.

This could be the natal chart of someone deep into the occult and an occult leader, but owing to the number of afflictions and knowing her addictions, it’s obvious that she’s tapping into the lower vibrations of this configuration and instead of becoming a spiritual adept is currently quite lost.

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This chart shows that she could be successful in work behind the scenes, doing something spiritual. And maybe she will, if she learns from the lessons that this life has for her.

Her highly afflicted Mars shows the difficulty in stopping doing the activities that please her body but which lead her to destruction. Afflicted Jupiter in Pisces in the twelfth shows a propensity to drinking which can lead her to an early grave.

Demi Moore admits that knowing when to stop drinking alcohol is very difficult for her, therefore she stayed away from alcohol for many years, unfortunately breaking the abstinence after problems with Ashton.

In life she’s a total flirt (afflicted Mars in Leo in the fifth), therefore her relationship problems are mainly caused by her getting paid for what she had earned. There could be sexual addiction for sure, owing to the afflicted stellium in the eighth with Venus there as well, all these planets being located in the sign of sex – Scorpio.

Also a highly afflicted Mars in the fifth house ruling children can give miscarriages, and she did report having one.

When analyzing charts, it’s important to understand if a person is tapping into the higher vibrations of the chart or lower ones, and in this case it’s very difficult to access higher vibrations, and looking at her life we know that she hadn’t yet done that.

So the interpretation of such a stellium in Scorpio in its own house is high sexual magnetism of a lower sort with her focus being on lust and addictions that lead her to mental imbalances and physical destruction.

The presence of the four planets in this house can financially benefit her after the marriage, but the partner could also be a spendrift. She is also likely to benefit from managing the funds of others, but there could be strings attached to the wills and property left to her.

She indeed may be attracted to men younger than her, because the cusp of her house of marriage is located in Virgo which is currently ruled by Mercury. This planet represents young guys as well as androgynous humans.

There was a fifteen-year age difference between Demi and Ashton.

Also, coupled with the fact that both this planet and her Sun is in the eighth house (the Sun represents a husband in a woman’s chart), this is a double confirmation that the kind of people that she attracts are highly sexual (both planets being located in the sign of sex Scorpio).

Since these planets are afflicted in that sign, and also since Venus joins them, being in a very unfavorable location giving lust rather than love, it means that the partners may have some sexual perversions.

For example, she claims that her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher asked two of them to invite the third person into their bedroom to experiment:

In addition, this stellium gives near-death experiences, shocks in life which feel like death sentences, and also bigger fame after death. Death could be dramatical, and if her line of head ends on the lower mount of Luna as it seems to, it would indicate a likelihood of suicide or insanity.

Even a slight affliction of Saturn gives many problems, but her Saturn is totally afflicted and unfortunately in his strength in Aquarius, and this sign is in its own eleventh house. This planet is strong also for the fact that the cusp of the eleventh is actually in its ruled sign Capricorn, giving the lack of friends.

But because Saturn is afflicted here, the friends she does make are usually older or more authoritative than her, and they end up betraying her. So with such a planetary configuration she should never trust older people or people in authority who are trying to befriend her.

People older than her or in more authoritative positions are likely to betray her; but she’s likely not to be trusted in such relationships either.

But this placement also shows that she herself is not to be trusted in relationships. It’s risky to make such a claim only based on one indicator. However, there are other indicators to confirm this.

For example, her Jupiter is afflicted in the sign of Pisces in the twelfth house, showing the likelihood of her revealing secrets entrusted to her. Also, her cardinal houses are located in common signs, showing the fickleness of character.

It’s just her nature, so she may not really want to break people’s trust and she may really want to keep the word, but it’s just not in her nature to do so. And also the fact that her ascendant is in the last decanate of Pisces – this in itself gives fickle tendencies and longings for things that are not possible to achieve.

This particular decanate (I write in detail about decanates in my Ancient Egyptian Tarot book) also shows that she will have a life that’s exciting and intriguing, and that she will have many kinds of experiences making her adaptable to different kinds of people.

This decanate often gives prosperity too, as well as a possibility of contacting entities of other planes. Her Jupiter confirms such a likelihood, but such encounters may prove troublesome and unexpected, because of the afflictions to the mentioned planet.

Demi Moore’s decanate and the second house configuration promise wealth.

Her Jupiter is afflicted by Pluto and Uranus from the house of health. Both of them are located in the sign of health Virgo. This particular affliction means that she can be addicted to some sort of health regime and overdo it to the detriment of her health.

From her interviews I’ve learnt that she sometimes gets too obsessed (Pluto) with daily exercise (Virgo), and that she has extreme or unusual diet fads too (Pluto and Uranus in Virgo). For example, she’s been vegan for many years.

Another amazing thing about Demi is that she was born on 11/11 (November 11th) and also on the full Moon! This makes her ruled by the number 11, which in occult doesn’t have the same meaning as it’s popular among new-agers.

This is an occult number promising hidden dangers, treachery from others, great trials in life and great difficulties to deal with. We know from her life story that this description fits her.

Her birth on 11/11 promises many difficulties in life.

Also, the fact that her life path number is four makes it even worse, because this makes her feel limited, and she feels that on a daily basis (afflicted Uranus in the sixth house connected to the twelfth). She would like to express herself more freely, but finds herself unable to do that.

Her self-expression number is eight, which makes her fully pay for all the wrongs that she does, as this number is ruled by Saturn. Therefore she will be heavily punished for all her misdeeds.

The fact that her Sun sits at the accursed degree of 19 Scorpio further makes it clear that she’s the author of her own misery. This is the degree that gives many problems and misfortunes in life, but it’s also the degree which shows that the person is her own worst enemy.

So this means that all her misfortunes are self-created. She definitely came into this life already with a heavy karma, but if she doesn’t attempt to correct wrongs with rights but adds more to the baggage, her life may become unbearable.

According to astrology, Demi Moore’s life will improve if she learns that the source of her problems is her own self.

The only way to get some relief is to become as mindful as possible to identify her daily misdeeds and then correct them one by one. It’s going to be difficult to do that though, because her ascendant is in Pisces.

Pisces people rarely know themselves. It’s a very challenging sign, I believe the most challenging one. It gives a weak will (though in her case the Scorpio stellium strengthens it), a nature that is easily led and the inclination to escape world’s difficulties either through mind-altering substances or by getting lost in the world of fantasy.

So no wonder she feels lost in life and she doesn’t know herself. Her only hope is to practice mindfulness, be alone engaged in spiritual work, and fully understand that she is the author of her own problems.

Demi Moore admitted that she feels lost. This is typical of Pisces ascendant and sun people, because Pisces is the most challenging sign of all to master.

Due to the decanate and evil stars she was born under, as long as she doesn’t reflect on her actions, she will continue thinking that the world unfairly punishes her. I’m not trying to be judgmental here because I really feel sad for her – such a chart shows a very difficult life. But indeed she only will be able to have a happier life if she realizes that the source of her problems is her own self.

Her Jupiter in the twelfth house has only a few afflictions so it would be beneficial for her to anchor herself in a spiritual life and have spiritual rituals in solitude. This can lift her out of her problems because these spiritual rituals can replace her addictions.

This kind of placement of Jupiter, however, shows that she is likely to sacrifice too much for those who love her, and some people for this reason can be tempted to use her. She has much compassion and is likely to donate large amounts to charitable causes, but her self-sacrificing nature can be abused.

So it’s important for her future well-being to find refuge in spiritual pursuits in solitude; otherwise, if she continues with the lifestyle encouraging addictions and perversions, she can end up ruining her health and also in a mental institution at the end of her life (the fourth house in Gemini ruled by an afflicted Mercury in the eighth, connected to the twelfth-house of self-undoing).

She also may end up alienating all the people she knows and therefore dying alone (stellium in the eighth, afflicted Saturn in its strength in the eleventh).

What Demi Moore’s hands reveal

Finally, if we look at her hand, further information is given. However, I was unable to find a clear picture of her hand so I can only summarize the basics.

She has a highly developed Mercury finger, which, coupled with the fact that her name number is five, makes her a great business woman.

Demi Moore’s palm

The shape of her hand shows the love of things that are new and the desire to live a life that’s exciting. Though the finger of Mercury shows mental independence, she’s a secretive and probably shy person, looking at the way that she holds her thumb. But I would need to see more of her waving photos to be truly sure.

Her thumb is very long and well-developed, showing an ability to create a direction for her life and good will-power. The line of heart seems to be terminating between the mounts of Jupiter and Saturn, which is an excellent ending of this line, showing the love nature that’s neither too idealistic nor too calculating.

However, if the line ends before this between point (it’s hard to tell because the picture is not clear enough), this would more align with her Venus being in Scorpio, and would give her a much more lustful and selfish approach to relationships.

Demi Moore’s palm

Her line of head is very worrying, because it seems to end on a lower mount of Luna followed by the red marking. It’s again tough to make predictions because the picture is not clear enough, but if indeed this line ends at this spot, it means that she may indulge in morbid imagination and such a headline is sometimes found among suicides.

I hope it ends on the middle or upper mount though, which would simply give high imagination and an artistic nature. She also has a well-developed Luna mount indicating creative talents.

Her fate line seems to start from this mount too, showing that she can earn money through appearing to the public which she does as an actress.

Her two visible marriage lines show that two relationships are going to impact her the most, with the one occurring late in life having the greatest effect on her, which I suppose was the relationship with Ashton, whilst the previous one I assume to be of the relationship with Bruce Willis.


Although more can be said about her life, I think that I covered the main and most interesting points.

I feel really sad for her for such a childhood and such a difficult life, but nothing is undeserved, and she’s bringing heavy baggage from a previous life which I hope she will deal with.

I sincerely hope she will shift from addictions to spirituality, as her natal chart shows this to be one of the best ways to turn her life around.

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