Diana natal chart
Diana’s natal chart.

The first thing that I notice about her chart is that her emotional and physical security is based on finances. Money is extremely important to her, and not only having enough, but having excess. She wants to have the best that life can offer.

This is because her ascendant ruler is in the second, the Moon is there also, and look at the placement of Venus. Also, she spends a lot – it’s easy for her to go overboard. That’s because of Jupiter squaring Neptune and Venus in Taurus square to Mars. Also Jupiter itself tends to expand in the house where it’s found, so it can mean an expansion of wealth but of spending too.

She may spend a lot to create a desired image before the public – because of the Jupiter’s square to Neptune in the tenth. And this placement of Neptune in Scorpio is actually very bad – it shows that she may be attracted to men who have fetishes, are immoral or alcoholics.

She’s also attracted to men who are good-looking and who are wealthy (Venus in Taurus). However, the kind of men she chooses end up harming her or something goes wrong with the love affair (Moon square Venus, Venus square Mars, Mars in the eighth).

Also, since Venus is in the fifth house, this in itself almost guarantees many love affairs, and so the more since Moon squares Venus; and this particular placement of Moon shows that she may see her love interests as personal possessions. Since Venus is afflicted, the trine to Saturn doesn’t help much, though this trine, if the rest of the chart agrees, would indicate fidelity.

She’s also likely to be a hoarder, because of Venus in Taurus, two personal planets in the attachment sign of Cancer, and because her Moon is in the second house. It’s painful for her to separate from items and people that she loves.

We can see that Jupiter conjuncts Saturn and this is an indicator of the suppression of luck. So she may be aiming to achieve something, for example, and she does (look at her Mars in the eighth); yet what she achieves turns out to be not what she needs, for example.

Jupiter and Saturn have opposite qualities so this conjunction is not lucky. It could make life seem very hard, but it also shows that she can achieve what she wants through hard work. This conjunction also gives luck (Jupiter) through land ownership, big business, politics and other Saturn-ruled things.

This particular conjunction also shows the lack of spiritual guidance and spiritual understanding, and though spirituality is very important to her (her chart ruler is Jupiter) she’s going to get bad spiritual guidance (look at Jupiter’s square to Neptune) and even if she trusts her own instincts, she may be misled due to the discussed aspect.

Her chart ruler squaring Neptune also shows that she is likely to not see situations clearly; her imagination may suggest her something about the situation and she would act on that rather than on what is real. So if an aspect like that is made to my client’s chart ruler, I would advise him or her to base the judgment on reality and not on what the mind or emotions suggest.

She’s likely to be interested in New Age topics and astrology (Jupiter is in Aquarius) and she will spend on spirituality (Jupiter in the second). She finds it hard to direct her energies into the right channels, however (Jupiter square Neptune, afflicted Mars).

The Nadir is in Aries whose ruler is afflicted in the eighth. The fact that the ruler of her family house is afflicted with the opposition to the Moon and a square to Venus, shows that she is likely to have experienced violence when she grew up, and this is likely to have been sexual, bodily, and emotional violence.

What’s more, this violence could have taken place on a daily basis (Mars in Virgo) and it was extremely traumatic (Pluto conjunct Mars). Pluto conjunct Mars in the eight shows extremely strong desires as well, and those will be about love affairs (square to Venus), finances (opposition to Moon in the second, Venus in Taurus) and humanity at large (Moon in Aquarius).

Mars conjunct Pluto shows that she has a lot of energy but that she may become obsessed about her desires. This is also an aspect of sadism and brutality, and looking at the aspects I could say that she was capable of violence in love and her emotions were expansive and unpredictable – also because of the Moon’s opposition to Mars and Jupiter’s square to Neptune. This last aspect makes her very sensitive too.

The eight house is the house of death, and that’s where we should look at a possible cause of death. and in Diana’s case this is very obvious, because an afflicted Mars in the eight shows a sudden or violent death, so the more with Pluto there.

Plus, she has Uranus conjunct Mars too, and this conjunction is associated with accidents. Also, her cusp of the eighth seems to be on the zero degrees of Leo, and this can make the person become more famous after death, or it also can mean death being publicized.

Her Sun is not in a good place. The Sun doesn’t feel comfortable in a watery and passive sign of Cancer, so the more it being in the seventh house ruled by Libra, where the Sun is in its fall. This makes her focused more on others than her own self, so this makes it difficult for her to learn from her mistakes and to improve herself.

This also shows that she could be easily influenced by people close to her, and Mercury located in Cancer shows that her family was very important to her and that she’s not likely to change much in her views about the world from how she was brought up.

It also makes her memory accurate, and she’s likely to have been interested in history in general, as well as in her country and family history. She treasured family inheritance.