From the moment I saw Rekha in a movie I was interested in this Bollywood actress. She is so mysterious and secretive. Very little is known about her current personal life.

So when her unofficial biography came out from a reputable author, I was looking forward to reading it.

I’ve finished the book and it was all I expected it to be. The writing itself is something to learn from for all writers, and the book revealed many unknown-to-me aspects of the life of this reclusive actress.

Her story is definitely inspirational, since she succeeded against all odds.

Her very birth was unfortunate, being born to an unmarried mother, which is a big taboo in India. She received insults from children when growing up, for being “a bastard child”.

Gemini Ganesan, her father, went ahead and married his next interest unofficially (since he was married already), to the shock of Rekha’s mother. This is a lesson to not get involved with married men as this only brings misfortune.

Left alone, the mother struggled to raise her children. Rekha when growing up didn’t know that her mother was in a lot of debt, because their life standard was kept high. But when, as a child, she was forced to work in the Bollywood industry, she understood the mother’s financial situation.

What’s worse, although Gemini Ganesan was a famous South Indian actor, he did nothing to further the career of her illegitimate daughter. He was at the top of his career when Rekha was standing for hours in front of studios to audition; his one word of approval would have given her the roles.

Gemini Ganesan, Rekha’s father.
Gemini Ganesan, Rekha’s father.

It looked like he actually didn’t want anything to do with her daughter, so some movie directors didn’t offer her roles for this reason. So having a famous father worked against her.

Another thing that worked against her was that she was chubby and not so pretty in her younger years. Although she had the intensity, she easily memorized her lines and she was natural in front of the camera, her appearance worked against her.

Things began changing when one director intuitively knew that he spotted a star – her. So he signed her for his several movies, and he never regretted, since her personality attracted so much publicity that even before the release of the movies everyone was talking about her.

At the age of 65, she’s still doing movies, which is something rarely heard of in India, where women stop acting if they age or get married. Of course, things are changing, and more older actresses get movies, but still this isn’t happening often.

Rekha at the age of 64.
Rekha at the age of 64. Truly stunning.

When she met Amitabh Bachchan, another very famous Indian movie star whose son is married to Aishwarya Rai, she experienced personal transformation. Her appearance dramatically changed – seemingly overnight she became one of the most beautiful actresses around.

She said she was inspired by the perfect manners and the ways of working of this famous actor. She has gotten into the relationship with him, but he went ahead and married another woman. She still loves him and publicly acknowledges that.

Rekha with Amitabh – a movie scene.
Rekha with Amitabh – a movie scene.

As a result of this influence she put much more heart into her acting, but when it came to honoring agreements, she still failed at it.

She still preferred love interests to the promises to act, so she would miss film shootings if she wanted to see someone she was in love with at the time. She also broke marriage agreements, getting involved with men who were married.

As an outsider, I see that this is something she must work on – honoring agreements. This is where her misfortunes appear from. She was born to a mother who did not honor such agreements – she got involved with a married man and brought forth Rekha, an illegitimate child. Yet Rekha continued to repeat the unlearnt lesson running in her blood.

Rekha’s mother.
Rekha’s mother.

She says she believes in love and love only, so she doesn’t care whether a man she’s in love with is married or not. And yes, people can go ahead and break such agreements if they wish to, but there’s a heavy penalty to pay.

This life is a school and everyone learns lessons unique for their progress. I see that for Rekha that lesson is definitely honoring agreements, be it to appear for the film shooting or not to break into another marriage.

Although I respect this actress greatly for her acting skills and I love her sense of dress and beauty, my opinion about her changed after reading her autobiography and finding out about this disregard for agreements. Probably because to me agreements are sacred. Whether it’s a business transaction, agreement to meet someone at a specific time, or marriage, I hold these mutual promises sacred.

The suicide of Rekha’s husband

Rekha and her husband Mukesh
Rekha and her husband Mukesh.

There was another tragedy that happened to her when she was young. She got married on a whim, without finding out much about who the guy she was then attracted to really was.

Only after marriage she found out that he was on antidepressants, that he almost committed suicide after a failed previous relationship, and that he was a weak and emotional man who couldn’t bear the separation from someone he loved, even for a little while.

He would emotionally blackmail Rekha to spend more time with him, and when his lack of backbone drove Rekha more and more away, he hanged himself on a fan with Rekha’s dupatta (scarf), as it’s claimed. That was his only claim of power over her.

This left a black mark on her public persona. Traditional Indian community disowned her. She was told to be the murderer of her husband (doesn’t matter his previous suicide attempt due to the other failed relationship and his personal history of deep depression).

Nobody wanted her to star in movies, and her face was even blotted out form the posters of her coming movie.

Yet, after some time of silence, the audience started missing this actress, and she started getting roles again. And this is the reality even today, at the age of 65.

What Rekha’s astrology chart reveals

Finally, let’s briefly look at the chart to uncover motivations behind her actions and find out a little bit more about her.

Rekha's natal chart.

Her birth time is not 100% certain but I believe we’re looking at the correct chart here. Sometimes it’s easy to tell if a person is born at night or daytime, from how they behave and their appearance. I can almost guarantee her birth was at night, and that’s the birth time of her that I found – 3am.

Although she was looking for the one, she remained single, and this is sometimes what happens with Virgo ascendants or suns.

Also, we see that Pisces graces her seventh house cusp, with the Moon there. This would indeed attract partners who are unstable, highly emotional, with feminine qualities, looking to “dissolve” into the other half, and getting heartbroken if the relationship doesn’t work.

This is the right description of her husband who committed suicide. We also see that the Moon has a connection with Saturn, which sometimes gives low self-esteem, and also to Mercury, which can give mental health problems though these could be light or avoided, as the aspect isn’t negative.

We also see that Neptune, the ruler of her seventh house sign Pisces, resides in her house of wealth, which means the husband could have been wealthy. And he was indeed.

He worked hard to earn money so that he would prove to the world how worthy he is (the sign of low self-esteem). Then he would invite celebrities to his mansion so that his ego is further expanded as a result of friendships with famous people.

The Moon placed in a fertile sign of Pisces in the seventh usually gives many partners, and she indeed had plenty of them. Unfortunately, the Moon is an unstable planet, causing the relationships to be relatively short. The person with the Moon in the seventh would strongly fall in love with someone, but then the passion fades away, and the person would have nothing much in common with the partner.

This makes me remember that Cher has a similar placement, and she also had many men but those relationships didn’t last. But her Moon is in Capricorn, an earth sign, so the relationships she had could have been longer than Rekha’s.

Also, the fact that in her childhood and teenage years she was a chubby child can be seen from her natal chart. Her Sun is in Libra, whose ruler is Venus. This planet has very expansive aspects in her chart.

It’s connected with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, Mars, the planet of energy and action, and Pluto, the planet of power, intensity and obsession. So she may had compulsive overeating, or she would start eating and then not want to stop.

However, as time passes, the influence of the ascendant asserts itself, and her ascendant is in Virgo, the sign of labor and discipline. As time passed, she got in control of herself, started regularly engaging in yoga, changed her food habits and totally transformed her appearance, remaining fit till this very day. So this again proves that her chart is likely to be correct.

Another indicator that the chart is right is Pluto being close to the ascendant, influencing her personality to be intense, magnetic, obsessive, something that seems like trouble. We can especially see that intensity in her eyes when she was young:

Young Rekha
Doesn’t she look like trouble from her eyes?

Also, her love nature is very intense. Her Venus is located in Scorpio, the sign of sex. This makes her love lustful. This lust increases with a square to the planet of obsession, Pluto.

Her earthly love nature is expanded by a trine to Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and made even stronger and more explosive by a sextile to Mars, the planet of energy and war.

So if she falls in love, it’s going to be all-consuming; so intense that most men wouldn’t be able to take. She wants to feel loved but it seems that no matter how intense her love is, it’s never enough. This intensity is too much for most guys. Maybe that’s why most men backed off her.

So I will stop here, as this article is getting too long. If you know more about this actress, or have interesting observations to make about her natal chart, please do leave a comment.