5.50 pm birth is, in my opinion, more likely than the one listed officially.

There are several reasons why I think David Icke’s official chart may not be correct. Firstly, when he describes his childhood, the first thing he says was that they were very poor. That suggests to me Capricorn on the cusp of the fourth, not Aquarius. Also, a big memory was that he often had to hide in his home from the rent collector, which rightly would put Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, in the twelfth house.

Would we take Aquarius as his home life ruler, this would mean that the family relocated abroad, or at least were deeply involved with other cultures, publishing or religion (as the Uranus‘ placement would indicate). But he has no such descriptions of his family life.

Furthermore, my suggested time would place Saturn close to his Ascendant. He suffered from rheumatoid arthritis from early on in life, and this is the kind of placement that could give it. Also, considering the negative aspects that Saturn makes – to the Moon and Mercury, confirms this even more; since the Moon can stand for the body like the Ascendant does, and Mercury – for hands. He has arthritis in his hands.

Arthritis could also be suggested by Capricorn being in the third house, with Chiron. This indeed could mean disfiguration of hands due to arthritis, as Capricorn rules arthritis, and the third house is to do with self-expression and hands (as it’s ruled by Gemini).

Also, he told that in childhood he was a loner, so the Sun in my opinion should be in the eighth and not the seventh which would make him totally interested in relationships. Of course, Saturn in the twelfth also indicates time alone, but if it’s indeed the ruler of the house of family, this would more suggest days spent alone in old age.

What’s more, afflicted Saturn in the twelfth suggests time spent alone not of his own choosing and the feeling of loneliness experienced in such isolation. He may suffer from depressive moods (Moon square Saturn) and there’s a need to escape harsh reality through fantasy or mind-altering substances (Moon square Neptune).

The only placement that I would say is for the official one is the chart ruler being in the sixth, indicating the love of work, rather than it being placed in the house of relationships.

In this reading, therefore, I will interpret my suggested chart, without discussing the aspects already mentioned unless they also have other meanings.

Neptune in the first would make him a spiritual person but since Neptune is afflicted, he will not always get correct hunches. However, when it comes to his career, he should follow his intuition. He also gets emotionally involved with decision-making (Moon tightly squaring Mercury) which makes it even more difficult to make good choices.

Neptune being located in the sign of Libra gives the lack of clarity about relationships, or something unusual/chaotic about them. I know that David Icke in the past lived with even three women, so this would explain the placement, and also he has Jupiter in the seventh which makes it difficult to limit himself to only one person in relationships.

However, because of Moon squaring Neptune, he gets involved in complicated emotional relationships and tends to not see the situation for what it is in intimate relationships.

Neptune in Libra can give the lack of clarity when it comes to legal marriage or other legal issues. There could be some secrets about his marriage status and it could be difficult for him to deal with legal matters.

The ruler of the chart being in the seventh and Venus at that, means intimate relationships are very important to him. However, Venus is in its detriment – in Aries, which produces combative relationships. Also, since the planet opposes Neptune, he will find it difficult to see what his partners are really like. He may put them on a pedestal and then when he finally sees their real nature he stops being attracted to them.

But this is not a straightforward situation because relationships – both business and intimate – will bring much luck as well as cash to him. For example, lovers can become employees or business partners – true friends. But he does need to be very realistic about such partnerships rather than idealistic, and he shouldn’t just jump into relationships but wait and see if people he’s interested in are really who he thinks they are.

Mars in the second makes him more a spender than saver. He sees money as a tool to acquire what he wants but still the focus could be on its acquisition. He will spend on travel, spirituality and home improvement, and he may also acquire some luxury items. He will earn money through research (Mars in Scorpio). There are also more materialistic planetary aspects (though this one is quite materialistic as well) which I will describe further down.

Also, considering unaspected Jupiter in zero degrees of Taurus, this makes him a money magnet. So he will find it easy to earn money without even focusing on it. And since his Sun is in Taurus too, that makes it even easier.

He will find that luck (especially monetary) comes through hard, persistent work, through investment in lands, houses and expensive items, and through determination.

His family life was hard and there was a lot of loneliness. The father isn’t shown as a good influence – David might not have been able to really express himself in the presence of a father and he served as a limiting influence (afflicted Saturn conjunct Ascendant, the Sun in the eighth).

The mother may have been interested in home-making, education and she had progressive ideas. He’s more attached to the mother (Moon in Cancer) and the effect of the father’s treatment of him is surely felt strongly but it’s likely that he doesn’t view the father in a positive light due to the way that he treated him.

He is also attached to his family in general, and the attachment is emotional. Also, he will feel emotionally at peace if he has his own family. Living on his own is not good for him, he would be much happier living with his family.

That’s because his Moon is in Cancer and his Ascendant is Libra. Such people feel their best when they have the other half next to them. Also, his Sun in Taurus indicates a person who loves home, so he would definitely enjoy if his wife cooks meals for him and they stay together at home on weekends.

He’s a true husband material but he needs someone who is good-looking (Venus in the seventh) and spiritually advanced or wise (Jupiter in the seventh). Also, he needs to be less impulsive when dealing with the other half (Venus in Aries) and he needs to compromise rather than fight in relationships (the same placement).

His Sun aspects Mars and this is a good aspect to have, even a negative one like his – an opposition. It gives a lot of energy to achieve. So in his case his ability to delve deep and to uncover secrets (Mars in Scorpio) is directed at things hidden, spirituality, death and similar subjects (Sun in the eighth) and also indeed there could be motivation to make money through such pursuits, as Sun is in Taurus, the sign of wealth and things material.

This particular negative aspect (Sun opposition to Mars) also shows that he is passionate and competitive and that he absolutely must put intense energy into action, otherwise unreleased it can explode into arguments and dramas. What’s also hard to understand from the personality we see on screen is that he is a very competitive person. This is indicated not only by the just discussed placement, but also because his Mars is in Scorpio.

He will aggressively pursue people he falls in love with, things that can make money and occult topics. He will fearlessly research what he’s interested in. However, due to the Sun-Mars opposition, it could be difficult for him to control himself when he feels angry.

He will put a lot of energy into pursuing what he wants despite of how he is perceived by others. He will receive less opposition if he learns to go for what he wants considering how this would affect other people. He is also able to make use of the resources of others because of these two discussed placements.

He has great stamina and he’s a very passionate person in relationships. There’s danger of being sexually manipulative, jealous and unforgiving. In order to win he may resort to secretive action and even some underhand activity unless he developed himself.

This kind of placement of Mars may make one disloyal in intimate relationships. If he’s interested in someone, he will actively pursue the person, maybe even using the power of domination or manipulation to get his desire. If he wants something, he will zoom into that one target and will pursue it until he gets it, be that a relationship, career goal or some material need.

This is a placement of explosive sexual energy and it also shows that danger can come from dark places, or if he’s involved in disputes to do with wills and inheritances. In fact, this is the greatest trouble indicated in his life which may lead to his life being cut before his time.

His house of career has Pluto in it, which almost guarantees a career fall. That’s what he experienced, but because he was persistent and believed in himself, he never quit. He didn’t allow public ridicule to get to him and kept working. By now many of his predictions have come true, so he regained the lost reputation.

This particular placement also indicates that he transforms himself through career, and Pluto located in the sign of Leo, especially in the tenth, makes him almost addicted to being a public figure.

Finally, the Moon conjunct Uranus in Cancer makes him a home-loving person who gets easily attached to people that he likes. This placement shows either frequent travels or relocation to live abroad, and both of these options are true in his life.

The Moon-Uranus conjunction makes him an unusual person who has views that are not of his time, so he will be much more understood by the future generations. So the more since the Sun is in the eighth indicating bigger fame after death.