We don’t know the exact time of the birth of Aaradhya Bachchan, the daughter of Aishwarya Rai, but Astro.com lists a possible birth time of 9 am. The news of Aaradhya’s birth was tweeted at 10 am, but the birth could have taken place an hour or two before.

I personally think that she was born at around 8.20 am, because a 9 am birth would put her Venus, Mercury and North Node in the twelfth house. This doesn’t sit right with me, because her beauty is obvious. This means that Venus should be in the first house.

Were Venus in the house of limitation, beauty cannot be that obvious. It would then shine in another way: through the way that she is, or her aura, but not the obvious looks.

Also, if the birth took place at around 8.20 am, we find that the Moon moves to the eighth house, the realm of Scorpio. Her mother Aiswharya is a Scorpio Sun, so this would suit the mother too.

Aaradhya’s Ascendant, North Node, Mercury and Venus are unaspected, which means the personality is not complicated. She is highly artistic and a pleasant person, easily able to talk to different kinds of people. She is likely to be interested in music, dance, and other artistic pursuits. She is refined and optimistic.

Aaradhya will be fond of traveling, and will desire all sorts of new experiences. She will like the change of scenery, and three other placements (apart from the Ascendant) indicate her need for change: Neptune in the third, Uranus in the fourth, and Mars in the ninth.

This makes her a sworn traveler, and it would be difficult for her to have stability in life. She is likely to have a family (children) because of the Moon’s situation and because Jupiter is in the fifth. But her domestic situation will lack stability and she may feel trapped at home (Uranus in the fourth).

Also, her affections will be large, and it will be hard for her to limit herself to only one person. This is because of her Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus in Sagittarius, Jupiter in the fifth, Gemini on the cusp of the seventh, and Uranus in the fourth. She is a person who loves the whole of humanity, so it’s hard to limit her affections.

She is likely to be like her mom: philanthropic. She will genuinely fight for the causes she believes in, and she will too be found frequenting hospitals, shelters of any sort, and maybe even prisons. She may also help animals.

Also, like her mother, she may pursue acting. She is likely to be a better actress than her mother, because of her Neptune in the third. This may give her the talent of easily copying other people, and even channeling the personalities she portrays.

She is a highly sensitive person, because of the Neptune-Sun connection, Neptune ruling the third house, and the Moon’s condition. However, she is not likely to show how she feels, just like her mother. This is because of the twelfth house Sun, Moon being in the eighth house, and the Moon’s square to Saturn.

This square is unfortunatelly tight, which shows burdens from the family. She had to grow up early and probably her life is not only about fun, but a lot about duties, routines, and schedules.

The Moon shows a lot about her mom.

Aishwarya is shown as burdened by responsibilities (square to Saturn), famous (trine to the Moon), and unique and independent (trine to Uranus). She is likely to care for her daughter alone, but this can, later on, manifest as either Aaradhya being too dependent on the mother, or the daughter holding negative feelings towards the mother because of the early responsibilities.

Afflicted Saturn rules Aaradhya’s house of finances. Saturn is strong in Libra, so afflictions will manifest stronger than usual.

But there are saving placements too. Her Venus feels well in Sagittarius, and it’s conjunct Ascendant. This attracts money. Her Jupiter is in Taurus in the fifth, which also will attract money through acting, land and real estate, luck, risky ventures, and in other ways.

Also, she has Pluto in Capricorn in the first house, showing another side of her that may not at first be obvious. That’s a person with leadership skills, determined to rise to the top, and able to deal with big business. This, again, will help to attract money.

Lilith in Taurus shows that there’s a side of her that really cares about material things. She’s likely to be not a hard worker but a smart worker. She will try to get the most return from the least input. This is the kind of placement that also shows that she will do a lot to reach the top.

I must note here that sometimes people with such a placement would even sleep their way to the top. However, her Lilith has no aspects, so such material desires aren’t likely to be that strong.

Due to Jupiter’s presence in the fifth, she is going to want to have children. Her Moon’s condition can assure more than one child, and it’s likely that children will bring much happiness. However, the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn is worrying, showing that she may lose one child, or something tragic may happen to him or her.

Also, the square between Pluto and Uranus can indicate a sudden death of a family member, likely to be a father, which will change her life. Since The Moon is in the eighth and also in a bad aspect to Saturn, that can also indicate the death of the mother, or her being in bad health.

She is a very sensitive person and there are addiction aspects too in her chart (Sun square Neptune, Mars – Neptune opposition). She needs to be watched from childhood not to develop such tendencies.

She may live abroad, and she will be actively involved in humanitarian causes. She is a natural teacher, able to inspire with her zeal. She is going to find herself working more on humanitarian and spiritual causes than putting energy to earn money through normal work.

She is going to choose a similar person to herself for marriage. But she may feel not free after marriage, and this may result in divorce. Divorce, and other legal involvements, can result in much money loss. But she will find happiness in the children that marriage can bring.

If she pursues spirituality, it may result in sudden awakening, and old age being about spiritual endeavors. She is likely to receive inheritance from both parents.