Aishwarya Rai birth chart analysis.
Possible Aishwarya Rai birth charts.

According to, Aishwarya could have been born between 10 am and 12 pm, making her ascendant Sagittarius. (Watch Aishwarya Rai’s astrology video here.)

I think she should have been born between 9.35 and 10 am. Since I’m just a little familiar with her life, it’s difficult for me to tell which chart is more suitable, but the general vibe is right.

I would probably say that the 9.35 am chart looks more accurate for her (the one on the right), because of several reasons.

Differences in two possible birth charts

First, she is under intense scrutiny in the public, which a Virgo Midheaven signifies.

Also, she is highly protective of her daughter, as though feeling that something may happen to her. We can see that in the second chart, Mars is in the fifth house, which shows the danger to children, even their death.

So maybe she consulted with astrologers and they advised her to protect her child, and that’s why Aradhya is always very close to her.

Aishwarya Rai astrology with her daughter Aradhya.
Aiswharya Rai is always protective of her daughter Aradhya.

She pours a lot of energy into her child, which again Mars in the fifth house indicates.

What’s more, she never shares her plans with others, and in general, does things in secret. So Mercury could be in the twelfth house. Yet secretive nature could also be there due to her two personal planets being in Scorpio.

Were she born later than this, the situation changes somewhat. Then the trouble comes not to her children but parents. Her mother is still alive, so I doubt the first chart is right, but who knows, maybe she’s a strong lady. This kind of placement would also make her eager to start a family early.

The chart ruler of her children’s house would then be not Mars but Venus, and Venus is right on or close to Aishwarya’s ascendant. This makes her daughter looking similar to her, which is the case:

Aishwarya Rai as a child is on the left, her daughter is on the right.

Also, if the first chart is right, it means that her childhood was not happy at all. Already with Saturn in Cancer and Chiron in the fourth house, the family life was not happy. But if an afflicted Mars would be there too, it would be much worse. Then she may have experienced violence at home.

So these would be the main differences between these charts – judge for yourself which is more suitable if you are more familiar with her life.

Now, let’s focus on what both charts say about Aishwarya Rai.

Aiswharya Rai’s astrology: how the public sees her

Aishwarya Rai astrology
People love scrutinizing Aishwarya’s appearance and life.

Her Venus is on or close to the Ascendant, gifting her extraordinary beauty. Also, Venus is happy in the fire sign Sagittarius, making her optimistic and wishing good to others. This placement shows kindness, a good heart, and spiritual nature.

It shows the love of freedom, risk-taking and maybe gambling proclivities, being attracted to foreign people (especially men), and luck in getting money and other necessary things.

She is charitable and philanthropic. Her gestures are refined and she is cultured. Also, this position indicates artistic abilities, and interest in drama, music, and dance. This placement, however, shows that she may have had multiple love interests, and other placement (which I will tell about later) shows that too.

Judging from the aspects to Venus, she easily expresses attraction to other people and she is passionate in love. She is highly magnetic, which benefits her career as she may get benefits from the charmed public.

But there is a side of her that is insecure and doubting beauty and abilities. She is capable of sacrificing her happiness for duty and it’s difficult for her to express her true emotions. She has problems with older people and authority figures. Probably she had a hard time at home, maybe because of the father.

A hidden side of Aishwarya

Aishwarya Rai astrology with her husband Abhishek.

Moving further into the first house, we find Lilith close to the Moon in Capricorn. This shows that her emotional nature is in need of development. First, she may feel very little towards others. She may even hide from her own self how she really feels.

She can make very calculated decisions detached from emotions. These placements show a restless nature, and the Sagittarius ascendant does too. Lilith here indicates that she can do a lot to achieve what she wants, even doing something immoral to further her career, but this will be totally hidden from the public.

Lilith in the first house can give fair eyes, and she indeed has blue eyes which is very unusual In India. Also, Lilith here gives seductive eyes, body, and gestures.

This asteroid in Capricorn can signify controlled sexuality and choosing partners who are more submissive. This, combined with Saturn in the seventh, makes her attracted to older men.

Aishwarya Rai likes to be in charge. She may choose partners not with the heart but logically. Aish may choose partners who help to further her career.

Lilith in the first house gives great sex appeal, to the point that some people can act inappropriately with her. This is the same placement as in the chart of Marilyn Monroe.

Aishwarya Rai’s astrology: wealth situation

Aish has Jupiter in her second house, showing multiple income streams and a great financial situation. She is a big spender, however. She chooses the kind of work where with the least effort she could make the most money.

Money comes through involvement in groups, through influential friends and the focus on her career. She’s generous with friends and her family (or only the child, if the second birth chart is correct). She can suddenly spend a large amount of money, but she has saving aspects in her chart too, so it’s not that she’s a total spender.

Humanitarian and haughty nature

Aishwarya Rai astrology

Aishwarya Rai has a strong humanitarian side. She accepts people as they are, and she may find it difficult to relate to overly traditional and close-minded people. Aish gives of her time and money to those in need not so much because she feels emotional about their problems, but because in her heart she knows it’s the right thing to do.

However, she also can be self-centered and arrogant. She follows what feels pleasurable and acts how she wants to act, no matter what others say about it. There is a tendency to overindulge in things she finds pleasant. Maybe this manifested much more in her young years and she gained control over it, but the tendencies are definitely there.

It’s very hard to see this side of her personality for the public. I certainly don’t. That’s why astrology is so useful in gaining insight into these hidden parts of the personality.

Aiswharya Rai’s astrology: Relationship problems

Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan
With an ex-boyfriend Salman Khan.

Because of Saturn’s condition in the seventh house, her relationships are not going to be successful. this applies both to marriage and business partnerships. She will tend to attract partners that hold her back and dampen her enthusiasm. Though she may prosper from partnerships because of the second house Capricorn.

Though the partner can be well-established and famous (Saturn’s trine with the Sun), he may die early. He may be overly negative and stubborn because of the Pluto square. He may be jealous and insecure in love (Venus square).

Interestingly, Vedic astrologers also see that her husband may die early. That’s why astrologers advised her to at first get married to the tree, and only then to Abhishek. So that’s what she did, though this was denied. But she did get sued for this.

What’s even more interesting, is that Vedic astrologers determined that in a totally different way than what is shown by her Western chart! Yet the conclusion is the same!

So let’s see if the disaster will be avoided.

With such a placement, it’s almost impossible to make relationships work, And in general, because Cancer is involved here, dealings with any sort of family may be difficult, be it her own or the husband’s.

Sometimes, this placement indicates an older partner, but that’s not the case as her husband is younger than her. But for sure it means he’s pessimistic.

Aishwarya Rai’s astrology: sudden fame

Aishwarya Rai
She got famous because of her Pepsi ad in which she had to say only one line.

She has Uranus in her house of career, which very often gives sudden fame (it can give a sudden downfall too, though, and so can Pluto found there). Libra is the ruler or the co-ruler of the tenth house, so her occupation – in the beauty industry – is excellent for her.

She also wanted to become an architect, which is again great for such a Libra placement as this sign is about beauty and balance. Even earlier, she considered a career in medicine, so that would be a Virgo Midheaven.

Having Pluto and Uranus in the tenth house can signify a life full of changes, some pleasant, and some not. Pluto’s presence there shows that people feel strongly about her, and that career is so important to her to the point of obsession.

Also, since Pluto is located in Libra in this position, beauty is very important to her too, and so are relationships. But relationships are unpredictable, transformative and intense, and she is likely to have had many of them.

Aiswharya Rai’s astrology: her temper

Aishwarya Rai astrology
Aiswharya Rai being angry at reporters.

Her temper is unpredictable, intense and she may be accident-prone. She can really hurt people with her speech, and she can be critical and cynical. I don’t see that about her at all, so either she hides it very well, or she developed her character.

She is a very poor looser and it’s hard for her to acknowledge that she may not be knowledgeable about something. Aishwarya has strong determination to succeed no matter what that would take. Aish goes for what she wants no matter how that makes others feel.

Aishwarya Rai can be dictatorial, she fears poverty and quickly reaching the top in career is very important to her. She is stubborn and can be ruthless. Again, maybe she worked on those traits, but she certainly came into this life with them.

Twelfth house mystery

Aishwarya Rai astrology

She has a well-aspected Neptune in the twelfth house, showing a supporting influence coming from the other side. Whether she knows this or not, she may have some sort of spirit friend helping her out.

This also points to her past life. She is likely to be from a higher realm, like a deva, that fell into this physical existence. She does have an other-worldly beauty, so gives strength to this possibility.

Aishwarya’s health

She certainly has digestion problems and they will get worse if she eats indiscriminately. She also is likely to have blood problems, such as high blood pressure or blood sugar.

There can be liver problems too, and her constitution is not strong. However, if she practices a life of moderation, she can reach very old age.

Aishwarya Rai’s astrology: Chart pattern and stars

Most of her planets are in the eastern hemisphere of the chart. This shows that she is self-motivated and she shapes her environment rather than allowing other people and the place she lives in to influence her.

She has quite a few important fixed star conjunctions, the most significant ones being Spica and Arcturus conjunct her Uranus. This can give fame, success, and wealth, but also great pride and commanding nature.

She also has Mirach conjunct her Mars, which gives refinement to her actions, and makes her home condition better. Alternatively, should Mars be in the fifth house, this star gives beauty to her child, and makes her kind, lovely, devoted and good.

Tejat conjuncts Mars, which is a good influence on her partner. It shows that he is elegant, that his temper is even, and that he is refined, honorable and artistic.

Finally, she has Vega conjunct her Moon, giving her idealism, wishing others well, but also changeability. It signifies that she is level-headed, shows herself to be more honorable than is the case, and this star can give lustfulness too. It shows her to be gentle, good-looking, intelligent and refined.