On astrology websites we often find the watered-down version of some astrological aspects because of the current fashion of not wanting to offend anyone. However, to keep astrology pure it’s important to not change the meaning of the aspects.

And though what those websites tell is partly true – like about masculine and feminine sides being totally merged on such a birth – a lot of work is required for it to actually show as a balanced personality.

There are two different meanings of such births – it depends on whether you were born when the Moon was totally losing its light or gaining it.

If you were born when the Moon was approaching the exact aspect with the Sun, it means it was losing its light. You can know this for sure by looking at your birth chart.

If that’s the case, it means that your personality will be burdened by the things of the past: traditions, parental influence, karma of the past generations. All this will be difficult to separate from who you really are so you may end up the product of all these influences.

If, on the other hand, the Moon was starting to increase in light, which means that the conjunction has occured and now the Moon is getting separated from the Sun (waxing), a meaning is different. It would indicate that your personality is only starting to be formed, as it’s the new cycle of the Moon.

This means that then you will find it very easy to take on the qualities of people who surround you, as well as the environment itself. You will easily adopt the majority opinion and you may follow the trends of the world.

You will be easily shaped by external influences and you will find it very difficult to control subconscious influences because you will simply be not aware that they are controlling you. So you may be unable to control your emotions, for example, getting angry as soon as the anger arises, without feeling that you could actually manage those emotions.

This is, for example, the case with Jaya Bachchan, an ex-actress and the wife of a very famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. She’s not only a New Moon child, but she’s also Aries, which even more so indicates a totally new soul to this earth.

When she gets angry, she shows it straight away, even though she’s a famous person. She just can’t control her emotions even if she’s in public. She also never questions that, I’m sure.

Some people would say that it’s good that the person is so united that they show their emotions straight away. But this is not the case – if the subconscious impulses have total control, this can hardly be called strength.

But there is an opportunity for New Moon children to transform this – then they can achieve anything that they want in life. But about that – at the end of this article.

True New Moon Birth

Some people are born on an exact New Moon which is when the Sun/Moon aspect is at 0°00′. This is very rare as the Moon stays in this position just for a couple of minutes.

This kind of birth could indeed mean that the feminine and masculine energies are totally merged and therefore there’s no inner conflict, but for new souls it could also be that they will display either of the trait sets I’ve already mentioned.

The New Moon birth is also considered inauspicious in Vedic astrology. The Moon is being burnt by the Sun, and thus it’s combust. This makes those Moon qualities non-existent or the person is not aware of them.

For example, the need to mother could be very strong yet the person is not aware of that. So the woman can become a mother without questioning this need at all. People can follow archetypes without questioning them if they are born on a New Moon day. Like a man can manifest a very male archetype without being aware of that.

Often people who are born on a New Moon had very weak maternal influence, because again, the Sun is burning the Moon, representing the mother. This could manifest as being born without a mother or losing one’s mother (like Prince William who was born on a New Moon), the mother being distant when bringing the child up, or the mother’s personality being very weak or overshadowed by the father’s.

The good news

Any difficult problem, if overcome, can grant great blessings. The same is with the problems that New Moon children face.

If they only manage to detach from parental conditioning, the burden of the past or if they manage to separate themselves from environmental influences and the opinions of others, and if they really try to understand who they are, they would then be able to achieve anything that they like, because the masculine is in unison with the feminine already.

Left unhealed, the feminine part of the personality will not function in a healthy way and will cause problems, especially money problems, general life struggles, and difficulty in achieving acknowledgement and fame (as the Moon is responsible for that as well).

So it’s important to focus on healing this aspect through strengthening one’s personality, detaching from past or current influences, understanding personal likes and dislikes, so that a balanced and self-aware human being emerges.

If they do this, New Moon people will find it easy to achieve their goals, even very big ones. In fact, with such a conjunction mastered, they would be able to achieve more than most people ever could.