The Moon in The Fifth House: Changeable Tastes

The Moon in the fifth house.

The Moon in the fifth house, like any other house, is changeable. In this particular placement, it will give changeable tastes.

You will change your mind about what you find enjoyable, including whom you love. Your preferences are based on how you feel at the moment, and also on your imagination.

However, should the Moon be in one of the fixed signs (TaurusLeoScorpio, or Aquarius), your preferences will be more stable.


Many love affairs are likely. It is common with such a placement to be emotionally involved with more than one person. You need emotional intensity. The feeling of being in love is joyful for you.

You may also seek ways to get more emotional intensity from a relationship by creating dramas. That could be done quite unconsciously. If you’ve developed yourself spiritually, you will catch yourself doing it and will try not to repeat it.

You prefer younger people and this will continue as years pass. This later can get you in trouble, and a big age gap often causes both parties to be unhappy.


Your childhood is likely to have been happy and fun. You are attached to your mother.

You are likely to look younger than your true age. So it will be easy for you to attract younger people. There is danger, however, to become emotionally dependent on the person you love. Also, your mother, or even the entire family, may be involved in your relationships.

You have the natural understanding of women. So relationships with them should go smoothly, unless there are other chart indicators showing otherwise.


You should avoid gambling when your Moon is in the fifth house. Some gambles could go well, but some could be total losses. Also, if you like gambling, it’s best to stick to very small sums.

Entertainment attracts you, especially if food and hospitality are involved. You like family gatherings and you like dining in restaurants.

You are very talented but you tend to keep those talents as hobbies only. That’s because of your changeable preferences. It’s hard for you to stick to one creative activity.

You may dislike any kind of regular chores. However, you may like to cook on a daily basis. You may like spending time at home.


You are fertile. If the fifth house is in any of the water signs (CancerScorpio, or Pisces), you are even more fertile.

You love children and you like pets. You are likely to want to be a mother or father, and you may also decide to have a pet. The first child can be a girl, or a boy with feminine qualities. For example, he may like to cook, or he will be strongly in touch with his emotions.

However, when you have your own children, you need to be careful of the following. There is a possibility that you will repeat the mistakes that your own parents made raising you. That’s because the Moon is the sign of unconsciousness, and also of the fixation on the past.

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