The Moon in the Second House: Fluctuating Finances

Moon in the second house

Though the Moon is the symbol of fertility, having the Moon in the second house makes your finances go up and down. The good news is that you will always have money, though sometimes you will have more of it, and sometimes – less.

There will be some unpredictability in your finances. For example, you lose your job, suddenly get an unexpected promotion, you get a valuable gift, you lose some valuable item. As you see, the financial situation for such reasons fluctuates.

At least you can be sure that if you experience some losses, you will, probably quite soon, regain what you lost, and maybe even will gain more. So with such a placement, do not get obsessed about controlling this aspect of your life, as it has a mind of its own.


This placement shows that you emotionally attach yourself to your finances and skills. You feel emotionally well when everything is okay with your finances. You feel at peace when you know that your skills are good and that people appreciate them.

Your internal resources depend on your moods. You can perform very well when you are happy, but if you are unhappy, it seems that that inner richness is not there. Your mother may have had a similar way of functioning.

This placement sometimes indicates that you are financially dependent on your mother or some other female or mother figure in your life. It can especially prove to be an obstacle for a man, if they don’t learn independence. They, in such a case, can remain passive, quite feminine characters, for the rest of their lives. This would prevent them from making real achievements.


The Moon in the second house may cause you to spend money on home decor and comforts. Also, you spend money on things that make you feel happy, food, cooking, family, and luxurious items. The last purchase can especially be usual for people who have their moons connected with the planet Venus.

If, however, the Moon has a connection with Venus, this will increase finances. Also, finances will be more abundant if the Moon is in connection with Jupiter. Witch such connections, you will really not need to worry about money.

If the Moon has no such beneficial connections, you need to be careful of emotional spending as this can get you in debt. You will repay it, but being in debt can cause you to feel even more upset.


The Moon in the second house can signify that you work for yourself. Working from home is very suitable, especially if your work is about home or family matters, food, or you deal with women as your customers.

This placement also indicates that when you make friends, you may be very attached to them. You may start treating people close to your as your own possessions, and you may mother them. You feel emotionally attached to things and people that you like.

It’s very hard to separate yourself from such people or items. Also, if the Moon is afflicted, you can become greedy and a hoarder. So this is something you should be aware of.

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