Sushant’s birth time is not known. This is my suggested birth chart for him, which would put his birth at 9.52 am.

I’ve found on one site his birth time listed at 2.15 am but that would make him Scorpio rising and I just don’t see that much Scorpio in his behavior.

Thus, another sign has to be responsible for it. I was vacillating between two ascendants – Aries and Sagittarius but because of his untimely death and his overall energy and large goals, it was Aries that would more suit according to the chart. Also, his appearance is more arian than sagittarian.

When, therefore, I entered Aries as his rising sign, the chart beautifully aligned. It tells his life story perfectly. The ruler of the rising sign would then be found in the eighth house, and the ruler would be Mars.

This would make him extremely goal-oriented and he would go for his goals no matter what. Also this would make his goals big, as Mars is connected with Jupiter. Jupiter is in the eleventh in this chart, which would confirm the greatness of his goals, not to mention that three personal planets are in this house, intensifying it even more.

So according to this chart his life was mainly about achieving great goals as well as being the leader. Also, the chart ruler being located in the eighth can make him more famous after death, and indeed many people got to know this actor as a result of his murder/suicide, including myself. I saw his excellent movie before, but I know him by name only as a result of his death.

He achieved many of his goals with the use of his shrewd intelligence (Mars connected with Mercury in Capricorn) and great determination (Mars in Scorpio in the eighth). Also, taking action to achieve his goals itself brought luck to him (Mars connected with Jupiter, the planet of luck).

This ascendant also makes him a pioneer. He will want to be the first in what he does, like the best actor, the first to do something. And he was probably the first one to get famous in the city of Patna; he was also the one to buy land on Moon, he was the one in Mumbai to own very expensive telescope to see the rings of Saturn as he was interested in astronomy (Uranus in Sagittarius in the ninth).

Looking at the second house it becomes clear that wealth was very important to him and that he was afraid of being poor (Taurus‘ ruler squares Pluto). Since Lilith is located in his second house too, it means that were he not to develop himself spiritually (which he did), he would use underhand methods to get wealth and would be very interested in physical pleasures.

He indeed had great wealth goals and he loved expensive things. However, because of the presence of Lilith in Taurus, he was not satisfied with what he would get but would want to achieve more. He noticed this, however, and therefore was turning to spirituality.

The third house shows that his self-expression was influenced by the mother and moods (Moon is on the cusp of it). His desires aligned with his needs due to masculine and feminine sides being well integrated (Moon trine Sun) probably as a result of a good relationship between his parents.

He was not a surface person (Sun square Pluto), he was reliable and responsible (Sun sextile Saturn). He was practical, level-headed and logical (Mercury in Capricorn) and more mental than emotional (heavy Aquarius, Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Capricorn).

His mother died early, when he was only a teenager. In the chart we can see that the Moon (representing the mother) is closely opposed by Saturn, the symbol of death. This particular aspect also shows that the mind tends to dwell on the past and it’s hard to let go of what happened. It also shows that he may have had a low self-esteem and worked harder than most to prove himself.

It’s the aspect that often produces depression and it also shows no marriage or marriage to someone older and having no or few children. It’s quite a tight aspect in his case (-1°05′) which means that those qualities that I’ve just mentioned were intense.

However, there’s also a counter-aspect – his Moon is trined by the Sun-Venus conjunction. This gives a cheerful mind. So when two opposite aspects are found, we need to look which are stronger. Unfortunately the Sun is in its detriment in Aquarius, and the tightness of the Saturn aspect is stronger, which means that the mind tends more to cling to the past and get attracted to depressive thoughts than tending towards optimism.

He probably liked to spend his free time reading, learning (the ruler of the fifth in the third), being with women or his mother, and also creatively expressing himself (as Leo is in the fifth house too). He also liked to stay at home in his free time, and maybe even cook.

His work choice was perfect for him, as Leo is on the cusp of the sixth. It means that his work should be about self-expression, creativity, being in the public eye and expressing himself in some theatrical or dramatic way.

We also can see that Neptune conjuncts the Midheaven, which is sometimes found in the case of actors; since Neptune is the planet that describes Bollywood and Hollywood industries the best – nothing is as it seems. Neptune rules fantasy, pictures, movies, dressing up as someone else, among other things.

Libra is on the cusp of his seventh house. This sign stands for beauty. He was in a six-year relationship with his ex girlfriend who was a model and actress:

Ankita Lokhande, Sushant’s ex girlfriend

Since Sushant’s Venus is under the rays of the Sun (“combust”), the quality of Venus is weakened. Sometimes this results in no marriage at all and Sushant indeed did not get married. He has Venus connected with Saturn which can show fidelity.

However, Venus also squares Pluto which intensifies his sexuality (as well as Mars being in Scorpio in the eighth) and this aspect also shows that he will demand a lot from his partner and would choose a person who matches his mental ideal. It would be hard for him to compromise on partners or his goals.

This aspect also shows that he’s afraid of being poor and that wealth is important for him. Venus trine Moon shows that he was charming and that he was perceived as an attractive and pleasant person.

Now let’s talk about his eighth house. Pluto and Saturn are almost there too, making this house captured by malefics. Saturn’s presence there makes his desires very strong and he will try to achieve them no matter what. However, Mars’ presence in the eighth sometimes gives death before one’s time, especially if indeed Mars is the ruler of his ascendant representing the body.

Such a placement can also give death that’s violent or quick. Also, considering the aspects, death cause could be reaching too high. For example, maybe he had great goals in Bollywood and this was perceived by people ruling the industry as a threat, so they got rid of him.

If the chart’s guessed time is indeed correct, this would leave to me no doubt that he was murdered. But depressive tendencies were there for sure too.

This chart also has two more death indicators close to the house of death – Saturn and Pluto; Saturn opposes his Moon (body, mind) whilst Pluto squares his Sun (identity). This makes it even more possible to die in a violent way or before one’s time.

His spiritual views were not traditional (Uranus in Sagittarius) and he liked sharing them (this placement being in the ninth house). Also, it was hard for him to change his spiritual views (Saturn in the ninth) and he may have been zealous about his beliefs.

This particular placement of Saturn shows that his education may have been delayed or stopped, and that’s indeed what happened – he stopped his higher education to pursue acting. His sudden change in career from pursuing physics to becoming an actor can be explained by Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and sudden change, being close to his Midheaven.

I mentioned Mercury before but I should also add that it being located in Capricorn in the tenth would make him very shrewd when it comes to his career. He will intelligently and energetically (connection to Mars) pursue his goals. He would not be content staying quite known – he would aim to be the best known and would take persistent action to make it happen.

Three personal planets located in Aquarius in the eleventh makes him people-oriented. Friends were very important to him but he was not too close to them. He preferred keeping certain distance between him and his friends.

This placement also shows that he had many big goals in his life and that he was determined to achieve them. He would have achieved them, in my opinion, were he to stay on this earth longer. One of the big goals that he achieved was learning to fly an airplane (Jupiter (long distance travel) in Aquarius – the sign of air.

Finally, Pisces in the twelfth. The ruler of it conjuncts Midheaven. This shows that the cause of death could be something to do with his career. Also, death may have been mysterious or we were not told the truth, as Pisces and Neptune are about secrets, lies, the lack of clarity and things mysterious. It also rules drugs, medicines, poisons and water.

Neptune and Pisces also featured in the death of another actress believed to have been killed – Sridevi.