I would like to share with you the natal chart of Sridevi, the late Bollywood actress. She was a famous and very much loved Bollywood actress who shook India by her sudden death in 2018.

There are contradicting reports about her death, one of which says that she drowned herself in the bathroom (in a five-star hotel in Dubai) whilst her husband was waiting for her in the room nearby. The timeline leading to her death can be found here.

Though I almost never watch movies, I did get to see her last main-role film Mom when I was visiting my friend in the UK. She was excellent, no wonder Neptune conjuncts her nadir.

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Her birth time is not 100% certain but I think it’s the right one because she had large eyes, and the Sun in the first house often gives this feature;

She had a very pleasant personality (Venus in the first house), her ascendant is in Leo which produces a person who is very magnetic and this naturally can lead to fame.

She was also married to the person who was eight years older (Saturn in the seventh house) and the way that she died aligns with the chart. So all this makes me think it’s a correct chart.

Sridevi’s death according to her natal chart

Flying to her doom: Sridevi with her husband and daughter leaving for Dubai.

Sridevi’s chart shows that her death was something to do with her husband. The chart shows potentials and I didn’t even look at the transits, but indeed it could be that her husband had something to do with her death.

Her chart shows that her husband caused her much sorrow (Saturn square the Moon, Sun and Venus) though he could have been wealthy (sextile Jupiter). It shows he could have been deceitful (square Neptune – craftiness, planning) and this is the very same aspect that also shows a possible murder.

Saturn square Neptune. There’s so much about this aspect and where it’s taking place in her chart. Neptune is in her house of self and the root, which shows the last years of life. It’s in the sign of death Scorpio. That in itself can be a promise of not seeing much old age.

Sridevi, late Bollywood actress
Sridevi in her youth. Boney had left his wife and married Sridevi for her looks.

So this planet, placed in the sign of death, squares Saturn, which already shows possible deception by the husband. It also shows a mysterious way of dying – even today nobody really knows how this took place. Not only Neptune but also Scorpio is a mysterious sign and it’s also a sign of secrets.

Her eighth house of death has Pisces on its cusp and Aries is found there too. This shows that her death can be associated with water (Pisces) and that it can be violent (Aries). Pisces is also the sign of mystery and illusion.

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune. So death by water (Pisces in the eighth house) takes place either at home (Neptune in the fourth) or some family members had something to do with it. We know she died abroad – in Dubai. So only the latter option remains valid.

Sridevi Dubai hotel room where she spent her last days.

It’s a very, very bad idea for someone having such badly afflicted Saturn in their seventh house to get married. In Sridevi’s case it clearly shows that the husband can physically harm her (Saturn square the Moon), can destroy her self-confidence (Saturn opposite the Sun), abuse her love (opposite Venus) and deceive or even kill her (square Neptune conjunct nadir).

Neptune also represents water as Neptune is the god of water. So there are many indicators of death by water and that either she would die at home or her family would be involved.

And there’s even more. As I told, Aries shares the rulership of her eighth house, which indicates the possibility of a violent death. The ruler of Aries, Mars, is placed in the sign of Libra! Libra represents the other half or the relationship with the other half. Her chart is telling such a clear story.


One of the last pictures of Sridevi with her daughter.

So the possible cause of death is shown as to do with water (the eighth house Pisces) and violence (the eighth house Aries). That it will take place at home (Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, in the fourth house) or that family members will have something to do with it;

That the husband may be the one who will accomplish the crime (Saturn from the seventh squares Neptune conjunct nadir, Aries’ ruler Mars in the sign of the other half and marriage Libra).

According to her natal chart, her death will be mysterious, taking place either at home or that her death will have something to do with her family. Mystery is indeed associated with it because even today nobody is really sure what caused her death. The case was quickly closed, the Indian police, as far as I’ve heard, was not allowed to interfere.

Her husband is a powerful man who could have paid the Dubai police to close the case quickly.

Later on it had resurfaced that an insurance policy worth more than $33 million was bought in Sridevi’s name in Oman, and it could have been only encashed if Sridevi died in Dubai (Source). (Hmm… Saturn sextile Jupiter in the ninth maybe?)

So her natal chart indeed shows that her husband could be the one who drowned her in the bathtub in Dubai, and circumstances surrounding her death seem to confirm it.

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