Shahrukh Khan’s birth chart

I wanted to do the chart of Shahrukh Khan for a while and now I’ve found the time for it. I believe the birth time of 6.25 AM to be correct because that would make him a double Scorpio which suits him completely.

Sometimes he can be confused with someone born close to the midnight because of the way that he looks and behaves. However, that’s because of the double Scorpio in his chart.

Starting from the first house, we can see that his Sun conjuncts the Ascendant. This means that he can easily gain popularity and that he has much attractive power. His power is greatly magnetic also because of the fact that the Sun is in Scorpio. However, the Sun, being so close to the Ascendant, often gives too much pride and egotism unless one works to eliminate such qualities.

Although Neptune is in Scorpio in many people’s charts as that’s a generational placement, in his case this placement is more significant because it’s angular. This makes him embody those features, and those are not good ones.

Neptune in Scorpio can give fetishes, strange attractions, the power to mesmerize, shadiness in the dealings with taxes and the wills and inheritances of other people.

Neptune-in-Scorpio eyes. I’ve also written on Neptune eyes in this post.

Mercury, also placed in the same sign, conjuncts the benefic Toliman star which can give fame, and since it’s in the 29th degree of Scorpio without any major aspects, the mind becomes totally scorpionic, which means it’s revengeful, highly observative and competitive, insightful, secretive and deep. He cannot but express himself emotionally. His words are charged with deep emotion.

Moving to the second house we find VenusMars conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a classic spender signature. He spends big. He feels emotionally well when he spends and his spending can be emotionally-driven. When he feels down he may go shopping to feel better.

Money doesn’t stay in his hands. He is highly motivated to make money and when he does, it’s spending time. He can suddenly surprise his friends and women in his life with lavish gifts. He likes to buy items he considers beautiful or unusual. He likes to buy luxurious items. Once he has them, he will not allow them to be taken away from him. If they are nevertheless, he may grieve.

He is likely to have many love affairs due to the very same conjunction and aspects. Love affairs could suddenly start and end, yet he may consider those women his property. He will also consider his friends, especially female ones, his property, and there could be an attempt to control them.

He is very proactive when it comes to love interests and fearlessly goes for what he likes; he can be relentless in getting his goal.

The way that he thinks is quite conservative and this is the side that it may be hard to see in him. This is due to the third house cusp being in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, operates with difficulty in Pisces and it’s located in an unfavorable-for-it fourth house.

This means that his views on life are largely based on what he grew up with but because Pisces is a sign of secrets, he may not openly admit that. This also indicates that he can be selfish in his thoughts.

Also, the same third house shows his siblings. It indicates the lack of them or only one or two. He has one sister as far as I know. Saturn is the ruler of his third house. Its placement in Pisces in the third indicates that the sister can suffer from depression or other mental problems and that he may have to look after her until she dies. And indeed the sister lives with him, and she has mental problems.

The same placement shows that his thinking can be fixated on family issues or his childhood and that this could make him depressed.


Due to Lilith conjuncting the cusp of the family house, we can already see that there’s going to be some trouble there. And indeed there was. He lost both of his parents, firstly the father, then – the mother.

There’s the Moon there, showing the deep impact that the mother had on him. It’s placed in Aquarius, the ruler of which is in the eleventh house, conjunct the god of the underworld squaring Mars. From this it could be possible to predict a sudden or unexpected death of the mother.

It’s even possible to predict this using traditional astrology as the ruler of Aquarius then is Saturn, which is in the sign of self-undoing Pisces again in the fourth house, opposing the same Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

When it comes to the father, we need to look at Saturn as it’s considered a night birth. Thus the indicators were already given – it’s placed in a sign unsuitable for him which stands for self-undoing, secrets and dissolution, and it opposes the mentioned conjunction. So even his father’s death could be predicted, and even more easily so.

Apart from these unfortunate events, here’s what else these planetary placements reveal. The mother could have suffered from some mental problems and may have been fighting with her dark side and there may have been problems with sexuality and maybe substance abuse. She may have often been lost in her own world of dreams.

She may have been a foreigner or the family itself may have moved to India from abroad. His childhood was traditional in the religious sense yet parents may have held very different views from the rest of the culture about other matters, and there could have been many secrets in his family too.

Sharukh Khan is deeply involved with his own family and he gains emotional balance there. Yet he may also perceive family as a burden and derive much unhappiness from it too.

Children and free time

The first child may be very creative, dreamy, holding unorthodox beliefs yet he may be his own worst enemy through the abuse of mind-altering substances. The second child is much more material, interested in beauty, comfortable and luxurious living and money. That’s his daughter I assume, and it’s shown that she’s likely to be a big spender too.

The third child is going to be very attached to his family ties and homeland. He may have emotional problems.

Pisces rules his house of pleasures. This, combined with the fact that the ruler of it is placed in Scorpio in the first, means that he may be secretive about what he really likes to do in his free time and indeed this time could be associated with sexual activities, some research projects or matters illegal or dark. He may prefer being on his own, and he may find himself very creative then. He may also use mind-altering substances, focus on family matters and then suddenly be social again.

Because the co-ruling sign of the third house is in Aries and looking at its ruler’s placement, it also shows that he may spend his free time brainstorming about various projects as he’s motivated by a possibility to make great profits.

Work and habits

He’s motivated to work if he sees that there’s a possibility of learning something new or earning money. He’s also motivated to keep himself in a good shape through good daily habits if he sees that this will help him to make money and have an exciting life.

He puts a lot of energy into what he does but it’s likely that the energy is not even but he puts his all to accomplish a task and once it’s done, he may be totally inactive.

At work he likes to challenge himself and he thrives in situations requiring quick reaction or those involving risk. However, he is prone to sudden and difficult injuries because the ruler of the house of work squares the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and that conjunction itself is located in the sign of work – Virgo.

Since both, Pluto as well as Mars, are the rulers of his Ascendant (Mars being the traditional ruler), this negative connection is very dangerous indeed. Although there are long-life indicators in his chart, he may end up with multiple injuries in his old age.


He’s attracted to wealthy and good-looking women because of Taurus on the cusp of the seventh. Since the ruler of Taurus is found in his personal resources’ house, it even more indicates that wealth of a partner is very important to him. He may base his marriage decision on the beauty and bank account of a mate.

Another indicator that his wife is wealthy is found in the eighth house, since it’s the house of personal resources of the partner. We find Jupiter there, and since it’s located in Cancer, it means that she may have wealth because of her parents.

Jupiter located in the eighth house also means that Shahrukh Khan dwells on the subject of sex a lot (also because of the heavy Scorpio) unless he spiritually progresses. Then interest would shift to spiritual matters, occultism, mysteries of life and similar subjects.

Jupiter being placed in Cancer indicates high fertility (Scorpio also shows it), the fact that he will live in a big house with his family, and it could also be that in his childhood he lived in a big house or that he lived with an extended family. Jupiter’s connection to Venus shows that he may spend large amounts of money on home, buying large items for his home and trying to make it as cozy as possible.

Travels and spiritual philosophies

His view of spirituality is seen in different places in the chart. Saturn in Pisces shows the lack of spirituality but this is counteracted by Jupiter in Cancer in the eighth. That coupled with Cancer being on the cusp of the ninth, means that he may have simply inherited a strong belief in God as a result of parental indoctrination. It also means that he’d rather keep his beliefs private.

If he moves abroad he may find there feeling more at home than in India; yet he would bring all his Indian and parental beliefs together with him no matter where he goes.

His views on life are especially based on the teachings of his mother, and he may even choose to write about his parents or the mother in a book or an article.


I’ve already discussed daily work but when it comes to career and public face, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do since we find the Midheaven in Leo. This shows that he’s a creative and charismatic individual with many talents. He enjoys being in the spotlight and he likes all the compliments and attention that he receives.

Often he may perceive that luck comes to him just because of the way that he is as well as through being active in career. That’s because of the trine between the Sun and Jupiter, which is a wonderful planetary connection to have.


He invests a lot of his energy into social activities and friends are important to him. However, he doesn’t hang out just with anyone – he is picky about his friends due to Virgo being on the cusp of the eleventh.

Also, because the Uranus-Pluto conjunction is there, friends can suddenly be made and they can leave his life just as fast, and sometimes involvement in social events can bring accidents and unexpected events due to this conjunction squaring Mars.

Also, since the co-ruling sign of the eleventh is Libra, its ruler placed in the second house shows that friends can bring financial benefits and that he will have many female friends.


He may shorten his life as a result of scandals to do with love affairs, not paying taxes or other problems with money such as getting in debt and not repaying; women in general may cause many problems though they are financially beneficial to him too.

He needs to be careful of quick yet unscrupulous ways of making money as he may get caught.

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