Before I checked Yogi Bhajan’s birth chart, the first thing that attracted my attention was his birth number, which is 26. This number is very hard to control, and it often brings disaster, especially by following the advice of other people, and keeping bad company.

All kinds of partnerships and unions must be gotten into with great consideration with such a birth number. It often gives more disasters later in life than at its beginning.

Since his birth number is ruled by Saturn, I naturally checked its placement next. Saturn plays much importance in the native’s life because of being the birth number.

Yogi Bhajan’s birth time is not certain, but it’s likely to be at the sunset. has his birth time at 7pm, but that would make his Ascendant Pisces, which doesn’t suit his personality.

Let me explain.

If his Ascendant would be Pisces, he would be a sensitive person with a rich fantasy life and a romantic outlook. If you’ve seen his teaching style and personality, you would know he was the opposite of that.

Pisceans avoid problems rather than facing them head-on. This man was not afraid of problems, and courageously tackled them. Pisceans are strongly focused on the past. He was focused on creating a better future, at least through his work with groups.

Pisceans have changeable personalities and are disorganized. This man had a strong discipline which he stuck to all his life, and he had a firm personality.

So his character was the opposite of that of Pisces. His birth is likely to have taken place between 5 and 7 pm. If you put his birth time just 10 minutes earlier, at 6.50 pm, that would make his Ascendant Aquarius, which suits him much more and therefore I have this rectified chart shown here.

First, Aquarians are always surrounded by people. Look at Madonna (who herself told that her Ascendant was Aquarius, and not Virgo listed on – if you check her social media pictures, she’s always with people. This is one of the easiest ways to recognize Aquarian Ascendants.

And now look at the life of Yogi Bhajan – he was always teaching large groups, he was probably almost never alone.

This would ideally suit the Aquarius Ascendant scenario. And then, looking at Saturn, the old ruler of Aquarius, it’s placed in the tenth house, making him achieve success early in life (which was the case).

(To note: he achieved early success not because of Saturn being in the tenth house (which can delay success), but because the ruler of the Ascendant (which is Saturn in this case) is in the tenth house.)

Aquarius Ascendants focus on humanity, try to improve them according to their vision. They are focused on the future.

They can be funny and sarcastic, easily noticing the faults of others and making fun of that. This is definitely Yogi Bhajan. Aquarian Ascendants can be very tall, and Yogi Bhajan looks tall in pictures.

Yogi Bhajan at work

His Saturn is placed in Sagittarius. So the old ruler of the Ascendant is placed in the sign of foreign lands and cultures. This perfectly suits him, as he spent about half of his life in the USA teaching people (Sagittarius is also the sign of teaching and spirituality).

(And bare in mind that at that time, long-distance travel was very rare, especially for Indians to travel to the USA.)

Looking still at the situation in his tenth house, it perfectly corresponds to not only his later career as a spiritual leader abroad but also to his previous job in India, as a customs inspector (Saturn) at Delhi airport (Sagittarius).

Retrograde Saturn conjuncts the fixed star Lesath, which stands for malevolence, immorality and unreliability, so there are likely to have been some aspects of his business that were dark and maybe illegal, and how he got positions in life could have involved some underhand tactics or something similar.

Saturnian and Uranian influence on Yogi Bhajan

I look at the old ruler of the Ascendant quite a lot in this chart because of the birth number influence, which is ruled by Saturn.

This old ruler makes his character firm, and his personality strict. He was a rough and disciplined person, teaching his spiritual techniques military-style.

And looking at the current ruler of Aquarius, which is Uranus, its placement is in the first house in Aries opposing Mars, giving rudeness to the character and a violent and unpredictable streak.

He probably quite enjoyed throwing sharp and provocative words, and this reminds me of the chart of Joan Rivers, who had an Aries Ascendant and Uranus in the first house, and a tongue that was very sharp, probably because of which she died.

The chart itself is not that strong to signify his stature in life, but coupled with the birth number being the old Aquarius Ascendant ruler, this gives much more strength to the chart, making it possible to achieve a lot in life.

Uranus also has a pleasant Jupiter influence from the family house, making him positive, inspired, inventive, optimistic and helpful. It makes him humanitarian, sincerely wanting to help humanity through what he has learned in his home country and family (Jupiter in the fourth house in Gemini) and through hard body exercise and willpower (Aries).

Without the influence of Jupiter but only the opposition of Mars to the first house Uranus, he would be a rough and rude character without the saving grace of kindness and pleasantness in the background that is magnetic.

From the Moon‘s placement, we can judge that Yogi Bhajan had a strong and enduring body constitution, and was very intelligent because of Mercury in Virgo connected to the Moon. He was practical, realistic, persevering, and methodical.


Yogi Bhajan comes from a very rich family of landlords, being the only child of theirs, as far as I know. We can see that Jupiter is in his fourth house, only afflicted by Saturn, but just slightly because the opposition is loose.

However, this aspect shows that the family (or the generations before) gained wealth gradually, by overcoming difficulties and oppositions, and that this wealth gave them some unpleasant responsibilities to bear.

This and Uranus aspects show that the family was traditional in some matters, especially about business, but they were also quite individualistic in their outlook.

Looking at the fourth and third houses, Yogi Bhajan had a very pleasant childhood with indulgences, but also there was much time spent on the development of his mind.

Multiple love affairs

Yogi Bhajan is accused of having multiple love affairs. This is highly likely, according to astrology.

Looking at his fifth house of pleasure and love affairs, we find Cancer on the cusp, which is known for its sensitivity and being emotionally driven. It’s in the area of pleasure and love that his emotions and attachments were seen.

This sign placement shows a powerful attraction to the opposite sex, and this is magnified by Venus placed there in conjunction with Pluto. This in itself says it all. It was almost impossible for him to say no to beauty and pleasure, and this pleasure-seeking is likely to have been habitual.

There could have been also other indulgences he was engaged in, maybe eating sweets or something like that, and this pleasure-seeking probably was there from his childhood, when he would get what he wanted.

Also, this pleasure-seeking may have impacted his good health with years. Was it not for that, it would have been difficult to break the good body structure and health shown by the unafflicted Moon in Taurus except for the weakening influence of Neptune conjunct the Sun.

This is the placement that is largely responsible for his bad name after death. Pleasure-seeking and being almost obsessed with gaining what gives him pleasure went against the principles of yoga. He had the weakness for the fine things in life and for the indulgences of his senses.

The first house Uranus opposition to Mars, retrograde Saturn in the tenth house and an afflicted Mars in Libra in the seventh house also contributed to his bad name. Even the cause of his death, shown by the eighth house, point to the Venus-Pluto conjunction in Cancer (which stands for indulgences and sense-pleasures).

If he failed to work on the roughness and harshness of his character, and nourished pleasure-addiction, especially if in childhood he could have all that he wanted, that indeed could have nourished a person who was a sex addict and an abuser.

(And it’s indeed likely that he got all that he wanted in childhood, because he was very much loved and cherished as the only son of the rich family. Such boys in Indian families are very much pampered, which leads to the uncontrollable growth of undesirable characteristics.)

Often, Cancer on the cusp of the fifth house shows love affairs that are not wise, falling in love because of senses and getting too deeply entangled before one realizes the mistake. Also, Cancer is a fruitful sign, and with Pluto as well as Venus placed there, Yogi Bhajan indeed could have had more children than what’s known.

Venus inconjunction Saturn, and also Venus being in conjunction with the malefic star Procyon, could have been responsible for the sexual misconduct, and elevating the women in speech, and then disrespecting them in deed.

Venus inconjunction Saturn also shows that there’s a disconnection between who he is, and love and pleasure. It’s like two separate parts of him operated: one at work, as a spiritual teacher, and one part was activated by beautiful women and things he considered pleasurable. Since these two parts of him were separate, he might have been a different personality when his senses were triggered by pleasures.

His Pluto conjuncts Castor, which could have magnified fame and gains, but this star also often gives a downfall, and a nature that’s cruel and sometimes ill-intentioned.

He has a seventh house stellium, showing much focus on intimate relationships as well as business partnerships. Some of such partnerships were beneficial and important, and some could have brought misfortune and even violence.

However, I can also see because of the afflicted Mars in the seventh, that some partners of his could have been dangerous or ill-wishing, whilst other partners could have been spiritual, intelligent, and even well-known. He is likely to have had business partners, lovers or close friends who had spiritual powers and advised him about his work.

Mars is placed in Libra and is afflicted, showing disagreements in intimate relationships, and nasty sudden breakups or divorce.

Lilith in Aquarius may be responsible for the contradictions in his teachings, for saying one thing and doing another. This placement sometimes signifies saying things to shock people.

Spiritual inclination

His Sun conjuncts Neptune in Virgo, which shows that he was always spiritually oriented, and wanted to be of service to humanity through spirituality.

This conjunction decreases his physical vitality, but gives a spiritual vision, and inspiration to somehow enlighten the mankind.

Neptune is also in trine with Saturn, the ruler of his house of career, showing an ability to organize, systematize spirituality, and to give structure to it. He wrote many books about yoga postures, yoga sequences, and yogic asanas to be done to relieve different ailments.


Like most people, Yogi Bhajan was a complex character. Because he had a strong personality and his destiny was to affect millions directly or indirectly, his good traits and faults, like of many other leaders, were magnified.

He was a man of contradictions. He provided an excellent form of Yoga for humanity and gave many yogic secrets to the multitude which before were hidden from them. So in that sense, he helped humanity to spiritually progress.

However, as a leader, he didn’t have all his negative features mastered, and with much power and money, they found a fertile ground to greatly expand.