Your birth number is the most important number in your life because it cannot be changed unlike your name number. It indicates your harmony note which will last right till your last breath. It’s related to the planet’s influence on the day of your birth.

Your birth number is the number of your birth day. So if you were born on the 6th of January, your birth number is 6. And if you’re born on the 18th of March, you need to add those two digits together to get a single digit. 1+8=9, so in this case the birth number is 9.

If a person is born on the 29th of any month, they would add 2 to 9 to get 11, and then they would add 1+1 to get a single digit 2. (In this system master numbers (11, 22) do not apply.) If you were born on the 10th day of any month, you add one and zero together to get the number one.

So by now you should have easily calculated your birth number. Here is the list of corresponding planets:

1 – Sun

2 – Moon

3 – Jupiter

4 – Uranus

5 – Mercury

6 – Venus

7 – Neptune

8 – Saturn

9 – Mars

Here are the descriptions of each birth number from the writings of Cheiro (Cheiro’s Book of Numbers), who was able to accurately predict the most important dates and the time of death of many influential personalities of his time. I left out the information of secondary importance so that not to make this post too long.

If your number is 4, 8 or 2, please check some extra advice in the last text images.

(Read some additional advice for this number at the end of the post.)

(More information about this number is provided at the end of the post.)

(More information about this number is provided at the end of the post.)

Additional advice for those born under the numbers 4 and 8


(The two last paragraphs concern those born under the number 2 as well.)