Ranbir Kapoor's Life Assessment

Ranbir Kapoor is a famous Indian actor. I’m personally not his fan but he is known for his excellent acting skills.

The reason I got interested in doing his Life Assessment was because of a strange heart line I’ve noticed on his right palm when I saw a picture of him waving.

So here are his astrological and chirognomical profiles.

The birth time of Ranbir Kapoor is uncertain. According to Astro.com, it should be between 9 and 12 pm. I checked these times and the one closer to the 9 pm suits him the most. This makes him a Taurus Ascendant.

I watched several of his interviews too, to rectify the chart. He told that his sense of smell is very good, and this is the feature of Taurus Ascendants. Also, he has the eyes typical of this Ascendant and the hair is also typical of the sign.

But he is not as taurean as it’s to be expected, and this could be because the chart ruler is in its fall, and thus the appearance is weakened.

We find Venus, the ruler of his chart, in Virgo. Venus doesn’t feel comfortable in this sign and this indicates that his life is not as happy as people think. He will find reasons to be unhappy and obstacles will keep presenting themselves on his path. He will tend to focus on the small things that are going wrong and this would upset him, whilst missing the blessings of his life.

This kind of placement of Venus indicates that his love affairs are unhappy. He will continue failing to attract the right partners. What’s worse is that he has a tight square between Venus and Neptune, giving blindness in love.

Venus in her fall in the house of love affairs gives many intimate relationships but they don’t last. It also gives him the desire to have children. I hope that he does, as they will bring happiness to his life.

He also has another indicator of many intimate relationships – Jupiter in Scorpio. This is the placement for experienced lovers. Since his Mars is in the house of relationships, this makes him even more focused on close friendships; and to top all that, he has four planets in Libra, the sign of relationships.

All his planets are in the western hemisphere of the chart, indicating that he is very much affected by the kind of people that he meets and the environment he finds himself in. He doesn’t change the environment – the environment changes him.

So it’s very important for him to be with the right kind of people and to strive to be in good environments to really thrive.

We find that his chart ruler has a square to Neptune. It’s a tight one, and it means that he has an addictive personality. He’s sensitive to chemical substances and if he gets addicted to them, it would be very hard to quit.

A leaked photo showing some of the movie stars, including Ranbir (in the middle) in a drugged state.

The same is confirmed by his sixth house – here we find the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto aspecting Neptune in the house of death. This means that if he gets into mind-altering substances, he may not be able to help himself but use them every day, and it would be very, very hard to quit.

Neptune in the house of death closely targeting his chart ruler puts his life in danger and can cut it short. The cause of death could be an overdose, food poisoning, or any other kind of poisoning. Drowning, dying under mysterious circumstances, or from some disease whose start or development was unclear, are also possibilities.

Every time his Neptune is transited, there is a certain risk of life being cut short. So the way to avoid any misfortune in the case of Ranbir Kapoor would be to never approach any kind of mind-altering substances, to be careful about what he eats, to avoid going deep into the water, and to always take preventative measures when some weird health symptoms develop.

We find Mercury being the ruler of his house of wealth, and Mercury is placed in Libra in his fifth house. So what he does is what he is supposed to do – it’s through creative self-expression that he can make money; and also it’s to do with forming good relationships with others.

Ranbir Kapoor with famous friends and his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone, whilst his current girlfriend is embraced by Shahrukh Khan.

Since Mercury has only a positive aspect – a trine to the Moon, this makes his finances somewhat fluctuating but abundance flows. The more he is seen speaking or expressing himself, the more famous he becomes, and the more money he makes, because of his Mercury in the fifth – Midheaven Moon dynamic.

Not only his self-expression but forming good and lasting relationships is also what makes him in demand in his workplace – his Libra is on the cusp of the fifth with Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This particular conjunction shows that he’s ambitious for power and status, and the Moon, being the ruler of his house of mind and conjunct Midheaven, shows the same too.

He is conscious of his appearance and he thinks a great deal about how to become more successful and to increase his fame. How he is perceived by the public matters to him a great deal. This is his sensitive spot – he can get very emotional if someone doesn’t like his public personality. His mother is also his sensitive spot.

In general, his emotions are expansive to the point of exaggeration, because of the square between Moon and Jupiter. This is excellent for dramatic pursuits, and he does employ this for his benefit in acting. The channeling of his emotions into work is one of the causes of his fame according to his chart.

An emotional scene from a Tamasha movie still.

The cusp of his fourth house is in Leo and the ruler of this house is placed in the fifth house. It means that his childhood was a happy one – he could fully enjoy himself when growing up and he was pampered. The mother is very important in his life, but the father is important too.

Although from his situation it could seem that the mother is overbearing and controlling, his natal chart shows that his mother simply loves him so much that she doesn’t realize that she over-pampers him. So only her good intentions are shown.

It’s the mother that was the most active in raising him and she could have been in a dominant position in the family. She is shown as modern in her outlook and very social. She is smart, and she has the fame aspect also.

The father is shown as a relationship person and a born actor. We look at Saturn to describe his father due to his evening birth.

Leo on the cusp of the family house can indeed indicate that the person comes from a famous, creative or even royal family, and this applies to Ranbir Kapoor for sure, since both of his parents were well-known actors.

Ranbir Kapoor’s famous parents.

Since his house of relationships has a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, this can make him quickly get into relationships and then regret. He is actively searching for the right person and the chart also shows that he may form relationships with foreigners or during his long-distance travels because of Sagittarius being involved.

When it comes to his health, like his father, he needs to regularly check his blood sugar levels. There could be malignant or non-malignant tumors. There could be spinal problems, especially of the lower spine, and venereal diseases are also a possibility.

I want to take a brief look at his fifth house again. The cusp of it is in Virgo, and we find three personal planets there – Venus, the Sun, and Mercury.

This means that he will approach free time from an angle of work. Of course, this is exactly what he does. What seems like free time for others – movies – is work for him. So he finds himself in a perfect occupation.

with his girlfriend Alia during a Brahmastra movie shooting.

He is a naturally creative person but he puts a lot of work to manifest that creativity. It may seem effortless on the screen, but a lot of effort was put for him to appear the way that he does. Combined with his thirst for power, this provides plenty of motivation to continue improving his skills so that he stays on top of his career.

Now let’s briefly touch on the last two houses in his chart that have no planets in them. The house of friends is ruled by Neptune in the house of death, showing that his friends could cause his death. For example, it could be because of their influence that he got into drug use, so they would be partly to blame if he dies of the overdose.

The house of self-undoing is ruled by Mars found in the house of relationships. This means that he is also vulnerable in dating as he tends to invest in the other half a great deal and if he is cheated or in any other way hurt by the loved one, this could break him.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Palm reading

Now lets look at his palms. I’ve included all his good palm pictures here and you can click on each photo to see a larger view.

His fingers have pointed, round and spatulate tips making the hand of the mixed type, but it’s mostly of the water type. This makes him emotional, artistic and sensitive. It seems that he has long career and success lines but this could only be confirmed were I to have higher resolution pictures of his palms.

His inherited qualities are high creativity, imagination, and head ruling the heart. He inherited the quality of selfishness and self-centeredness in relationships. But his active hand is very different and therefore he has developed himself and didn’t simply end up the product of his parents.

However, I don’t mean to say that there was much improvement. The heart line is even worse on his active hand, showing that at one point of his life he was so attracted to success and money that it became more important to him than love.

Ranbir Kapoor (on the right) with his father (on the left).

So now he naturally forms relationships with women who are successful, because he cares about their status and financial situation.

He also retained self-centeredness in relationships, and his love is lustful – there is nothing spiritual about it as far as I can see in the images. I have to give the disclaimer that I may be wrong though, in case the lines are somewhat more developed upon looking at a clearer image.

He became much more practical as he matured. He inherited a very creative bend of mind, but with passing years he became more down-to-earth. That’s probably because he felt like he was a slave of emotions, so he decided to get in control of that.

His Venus and Moon mounts seem very well developed, and the Jupiter mount is big. We find a long Mercury finger too. This means that he is not likely to suffer from financial problems and will generally be lucky in life. He has a good business sense and he could be a natural sales person.

So these are the qualities of Ranbir Kapoor that his natal chart and palms show. Do leave your comment below if you have anything to contribute to this work.

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