Alia Bhatt’s birth chart

There’s a lot to say about this chart so I hope I won’t miss anything. Firstly, Alia’s Ascendant ruler is in the twelfth house which means that she is different in the public to who she is in private. In private she is extremely sensitive and she is a big dreamer. She may live in a world of her imagination often.

She is very sensitive to criticism but in the public she presents a much tougher front to who she really is. In the public she is seen as an icon of modern times, due to the first decan Aquarius ascendant. She is seen as open-minded, tolerant and she has an air of coolness about her.

In private she can be highly suggestible, very sensitive yet also she can be very stubborn, selfish and moody. She is both – compassionate as well as selfish. If she’s emotionally affected by some sad story, she will help with her resources and she cares for hurt beings.

Yet when it comes to her career she can be very tough and competitive, doing anything she can to stay on top. She’s a perfectionist.

Her parents and friendships

Since Pluto is in her tenth house, this indicates a controlling father. In fact, the father’s influence is much stronger than the mother’s. Since hers is a night birth, Saturn stands for the father, and we can see that Saturn is in her first house; and the chart ruler sits in Capricorn representing the father and old people.

She gets along with older people and she understands them. She has the talent of marrying the old with the new. She will have a few true friends and they are likely to be older than her. They will stay with her probably all her life; whilst the rest of the people are only acquaintances. She is considered very friendly but friendships are kept on a superficial level with most people.

Her friends are well-educated, probably travel a lot and some are foreigners. She is likely to have more female friends than male, yet she gets along with men better than with women.

Her Moon is in Sagittarius which sometimes indicates a foreign mother which is the case – her mother is British. The mother is likely to love traveling, she is an independent woman who is widely read. She is more like a friend than a mother to Alia, and Alia may have lacked maternal closeness when she was growing up, maybe because the mother was emotionally detached.

Career fall

Pluto in the tenth also indicates that a possible career fall is likely and this can be brought about by too much competitiveness and obstinacy about career. She may not be willing to change her attitude about something to do with her work which may result in a fall.

Owing to the same placement she grows through her career, near-death experiences, encounters with the dark side of life and sexuality. Her sexual nature is very intense because of the placement of Jupiter in the eighth.

All Alia’s boyfriends were good-looking

Alia’s relationships

Since Jupiter is in Libra and afflicted, this will cause lots of unions in her life yet with people who are unreliable. They may be wealthy but spendthrifts, people who promise the world but fail to do what they told. The same placement indicates that her husband may be wealthy but a spendthrift.

Some more information about a future husband. Though he will be a wasteful person, the union will financially benefit her. The other half could as well be an actor or some kind of artist, and he’s likely to be famous.

Alia is attracted to men who are famous and wealthy. She’s also attracted to men who are risk-takers, impulsive, passionate and handsome. She most likely dates men who live close to her.

A divorce is very likely but it may financially benefit her. There could be more than one marriage.

She’s blind in love (due to the tight square of Venus to Neptune), totally unable to see anything negative in a person she loves. This, of course, is dangerous, as she can get married to a person totally unsuitable to her. There’s also danger of quickly jumping into marriage and then regretting.

A big spender

She herself is a big spender and she spends on her personal appearance, enhancements that make her more desirable, and she also can spend on friends, gatherings, home and family members. She is likely to invest a lot into her health and fitness, including food.

She spends on charitable things too, to help people or animals in need. It’s likely that all her life she will be dogged by legal problems and she also tends to waste gifts and resources given to her by other people.

She is likely to remain a big spender all her life so as long as she gets regular passive income in old age that’s not a problem, and it’s likely to be the case as a result of movie commission.

Money is very important to her and she’s sensitive about this topic. That’s because the cusp of the second house is in Pisces and also since the Sun and Mercury are there too. This also means that money can be made through showing to the world her fragile inner self and through her intelligence which is good despite of what some people say, but about that later.

She will find herself attracting money through being charitable, through the way that she speaks and expresses herself. So acting is a wonderful occupation for her.

A born artist

In fact, there are many indicators that she’s a born artist, so being an actress should feel very natural to her.

For example, Neptune conjuncts her chart ruler. This makes her able to tune into the needs and feelings of the audience which is important for any performer. This makes her easily able to slip into any role and become a totally different person.

Plus, her Moon is in the third decan of Sagittarius which makes her thrive in the spotlight. Also, Venus being in the third makes her express herself in a refined and desirable manner which is important for actors. Pluto in the tenth can give fame for good or evil. And, of course, two personal planets in Pisces makes her very artistic and sensitive. So she’s a born artist.

Negative things in the chart

Here are some negative things shown by her chart. She may be a drug addict or someone who tries to escape from life’s difficulties rather than facing them. So if she is unhappy or faces too many troubles, she may decide to take the easy way out and get lost in the world of fantasy or addiction.

This also can happen if routine is too strict and she is simply unable to keep up. The way to integrate these warring energies is to play roles that allow her to escape her life totally. This should give her enough relief not to want to escape the world in other ways.

She needs to be busy in life though, because if she’s not busy, she will do something excessively, like overeating or getting lost in some other self-indulgence. So it’s important to stay active yet not so much that health suffers.

Another negative thing already discussed is her extreme stubbornness when it comes to career which can make her fall. But if she learns to mind the feelings of others in her climb to the top rather than minding her own business only, even if a fall happens, she will be able to recover and achieve the same level of success or more.

Another trouble is her extreme moodiness. Since there’s afflicted Mars in Cancer in the sixth house opposing her chart ruler, it means she can suffer from unpredictable moods and be very irritable on a daily basis. She may be irritated and angry at her family members, employees and co-workers.

The way to heal this is if she resolves internal discord that’s caused by inharmonious family situation. The family is shown as having provided her comforts yet love was not natural; it could have been shown with money or in other ways but not in a normal way that other children get. Also, the father and mother may have disagreed with one another.

This created inner discord which will manifest with her future family too, unless she really works on herself to integrate her worrying sides. Divorce is very likely unless she does much personal work.


Due to afflicted Mars in Cancer in the sixth house, Alia can ruin her health because of too much work. Eventually this can take its toll and produce heart problems, even heart attack. It can also upset her digestion.

Low moods affect her work negatively and eventually can affect her health negatively as well. Overeating may cause health problems.

Self-indulgences of any sort, especially of a sexual kind, can also make her lose energy before her time, due to afflicted Jupiter in the eighth house. If she manages to refuse too much self-indulgence and doesn’t overwork, she is likely to have a long life.

Her mind

Many Indian people think that she’s not intelligent just because she does not know some facts. But this doesn’t show the lack of intelligence; this just shows faulty memory or no interest in remembering some facts.

Her intelligence is very good. This is shown by the ascendant being in the third decan of Aquarius which gives a very broad-minded outlook. Plus, her Mercury being in Pisces gives her unusual intelligence suitable for actors. It’s more about feeling than thinking, and also about making decisions intuitively.

This placement is a passive one, yet because of Mercury’s connection with Mars it’s energized, therefore making her able to act on her intuition and to take steps to achieve her dreams.

Yes, she may sometimes be impulsive, owing to the cusp of the third being in Aries, but apart from that her intelligence is totally suitable for her occupation, and her mind will generate income for her. She may have picture memory – able to remember the lines by seeing in her mind the words on the paper.

Her appearance

Alia’s appearance is very piscean; that’s why I had doubts about her being Aquarius. Yet, upon a closer look at her birth chart I realized that it suits her too; since the ruler of the chart is in the twelfth house representing Pisces. That’s why I felt such strong piscean influence in her appearance. Of course, she also has Mercury and the Sun in Pisces.

Saturn being in the first house tends to make the features smaller and it can give dark circles under the eyes. So she’s not as tall as Aquarius ascendant people can be, and yes, I did notice that as a child she had dark circles under eyes, so maybe now she’s hiding them under makeup.


The chart shows that she holds many secrets. Her occupation itself may cause her to find out many secrets, since Pluto is in the tenth, in Scorpio. Also, the chart ruler being in the twelfth house makes her a secretive person, and a keeper of secrets; and Cancer on the cusp of the sixth can mean that she deals with something secret on a daily basis.

There could also be something secretive about the way that she gains her finances, owing to the Pisces being on the cusp of the second. Lilith in Pisces yet again shows that she may hold many secrets, and indeed those could largely be about how she gains finances.

She is likely to sometimes be dishonest because of afflicted Jupiter. Piscean influence can make her avoid telling truths that could insult people. Yet, the truth-telling decanate of Sagittarius active in her chart can make her face give out if she’s telling untruth.

The chart also indicates that she may not believe in God due to afflicted Jupiter.