Ted Bundy's profile

As I’m writing a palmistry book I was very happy to find both clear palm prints of Ted Bundy. He is an excellent illustration of certain traits.

In this post I’m going to analyze not only his palms but his birth chart too, as this provides a more comprehensive look at the person.

Ted Bundy’s hands analysis

Here are Tend Bundy’s left and right hands. He was left-handed. You can click on these images to see enlarged pictures.

The first thing that is easy to notice is that his Mercury (small) finger is crooked. This means that lying tendencies, dishonesty and stealing propensities were there. Whether they manifested or not depends on the rest of the hand, but since his hand has many negative indications, that would make it easy for such tendencies to show.

Next, let’s look at his Apollo (ring) finger. It’s longer than Jupiter (index) finger which is very unusual. It can indicate a narcissist, someone who strives to be noticed; someone who aims to become a celebrity. It’s a finger of gamblers too; these people like to take risks – they get a thrill out of it.

These two fingers combined make someone who may get involved in risky situations just for the thrill of it.

Below the Apollo finger we find a huge, though distorted, star. A star on this mount can grant fame, though since in his hand it’s distorted, it granted fame for all the wrong reasons.

When we look at the heart line we find it hairy which indicates flirtatious nature. It ends (or starts, according to some palm readers) between the mounts of Saturn and Jupiter. This is a good end of the line according to palmistry, indicating a balanced nature in love.

These people marry not only for ideals but they also look whether the person is financially well off. So there’s balance between idealism and practicality which is considered good in palmistry (that’s not my opinion though).

This kind of line ending also indicates that he’s not led by sentiments but by the head.

However, that’s not all to the line. We find a branch starting form the mount of Saturn, indicating selfishness, and going all the way to merge with Life and Head lines. This is a bad mark indicating a possible quick death rather than gradual diminishment of forces.

What’s more, this kind of mark gives bad luck in love, and the person may be obsessed about love. This wide branch gives a nature in love that’s unpredictable – they may be very balanced at most times, and then suddenly they may show a totally different side of themselves, making them hard to trust.

Next is the head line, and again, it’s a strange one. At first it looks like the head line is broken, but if you analyze the palm more closely, you find two head lines – one starting normally, tied with the Life line, yet ending below the Saturn mount, indicating self-centeredness, selfishness and materialistic nature.

Yet another line starts all the way from the mount of Lower Mars. This is the worst place for the head line to start, because it indicates a violent, brutal nature.

So due to these two headlines, we find two natures in him: one that is self-centered and materialistic, and another – merciless. Both lines are bad, which can make it difficult to switch between the two natures.

The other major line – Life line – is also distorted. It gets unnaturally broad and intense at the time period of his killing career. It shows wastage of energy and excess of charge.

I assume the line got distorted this way because of the thrill that he would get from stalking the victim, killing and then waiting to find out if he would be caught for it or not. I believe he stole for the very same reason – for the thrill of it.

There could have been other excesses in his life too, like taking his own body to the limits, for example, or being obsessed about some pleasure.

Finally, though it’s not clear from the prints, he had a supple thumb:

This kind of thumb gives extra brilliance to the mind, multiple talents and versatile nature. It shows him to be highly adaptable, able to thrive in all kinds of environments and with all sorts of people. This kind of thumb gives the nature of a spendthrift, not being able to save anything.

Such people can be extremists, sentimental, emotional and they don’t like hard work. They succeed in life by being smart and not hard workers. They like to rise above others in achievements and the quality of life.

Ted Bundy’s astrology

Let’s start from the beginning. Astro.com shows his birth time as accurate. This would make his Ascendant Leo, and his chart ruler – the Sun. But I do see many mercurial traits in him (very smart, dishonest, thief) and his Mercury reflects that in the chart, being very powerful (near Nadir) yet negative (bad aspects).

However, the reason I see so many mercurial traits in him could be because the chart ruler conjuncts Mercury.

If his chart ruler is the Sun, and it’s placed in the fourth house, this makes him very focused on his country and family. This makes him a patriot, someone who is proud to be American. Since family and his roots in general are very important to him, any kind of disharmony in the family would deeply affect him.

And disharmony there was. Though Ted Bundy claimed to have had a normal childhood, this was not the case. He grew up with the father whom he later found out was not his father at all. It’s also claimed that his mother pretended to be his sister and only later he discovered her true role, though it isn’t confirmed if this claim is really true.

But the father issue is genuine. It’s told that he found his birth certificate by accident which had “illegitimate” title where his father’s name was supposed to be written.

This was a huge shock to him and maybe then his mind turned for the worse and the dark side of him won.

I feel very sorry for what he went through; for someone who had such intense focus on the family, such news would have life-long consequences.

Having Leo as the Ascendant would make him charming and people probably naturally paid attention to him and were drawn to him. There is magnetism that comes with such an Ascendant. And we find Virgo in his first house too, which gives extra intelligence.

Five of his personal planets – stellium – are placed in his fourth house. This shows that his emotional and mental well-being depended on the family situation. His love nature and his core depended on his roots too. Since it was disharmonious, he felt broken – something got damaged in him which he couldn’t fix.

We find Neptune being located in the sign of Libra. This gives unusual relationships, or relationships that are different from what they look like on the surface. It can give the lack of clarity about the law and indeed confusion of morals.

This placement is in the house of finances which shows confusion about finances and the lack of boundaries between his finances and those of others. So he could freely spend on other people and to freely spend the money of others also.

He’s likely to have spent what he earnt quickly, not caring about saving for a rainy day. He’s likely to have spent on luxurious things and experiences, as well as entertainment and that which gave him thrill.

People with such a placement don’t care about how much they have and what their financial situation is. They may also undervalue their own talents. It’s likely that this placement was responsible for his failure to become a lawyer, and Mercury retrograde could have contributed to that too.

Let’s now discuss Jupiter being located in Scorpio in the third house. This kind of placement shows that he’s a natural psychologist – he understands the deepest motivations of people just by observing them. He has a insight into the darkness of humans and he’s not afraid to explore that which others consider taboo.

He is likely to have been in touch with the underworld of his neighborhood – he may have been familiar with drug dealers, prostitutes and the crime scene of the place. Of course, we now know that he was involved in it too.

This kind of people have many secrets, and this is also confirmed by Mercury being in the same sign of Scorpio. This gives him even more insight into the human nature and the ability to manipulate them. This is the mind that’s secretive, dwelling a lot on dark subjects, sex and dominance, and which is revengeful. It’s also the mind of an investigator and strategist. It can give fascination with death.

Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio – a very unfortunate placement to have. This makes the person interested in lower manifestations of love, and these people can be full of lust. Since Venus conjuncts the Nadir, this shows that it’s in his nature to perceive women as objects of lust. Venus is made even more powerful by his numbers since he was born on the day of Venus.

This makes his sexual desire great yet sexual and love energy is distorted. As I said, Venus is in its detriment and badly aspected too. It squares Pluto, which shows that no matter how much love he gets, it’s never enough. This aspect also shows the desire for wealth which is in contradiction to his Neptune so they cancel each other out; yet the hand shows materialism so money desire wins.

Venus square Pluto can also show aggression towards women and even their killing, as Pluto is located in the house of endings and it represents death. Also, Pluto is in conjunction with Saturn which is the conjunction of violence; and Venus-Pluto aspect is also a violence aspect.

This is also connected to his career, as the Midheaven is co-ruled by Venus. So these symbols speak quite clearly in his case. The other ruler of his house of career is Uranus, showing an unusual profession. It’s also shown that he is likely to work behind the scenes rather than in the open, as Uranus is closer to the eleventh house.

The tenth house shows that his murders were a combination of lust (badly aspected Venus, the ruler of Taurus), cruelty (Taurus) as well as smartness (Uranus in Gemini). Uranus in Gemini also shows an unusual speech pattern and he did have a speech impediment when he was a child, for which he suffered bullying.

This kind of placement may also make him suddenly say inappropriate things. It makes him a quick thinker and the mind is added extra brilliance. It can make a person genius or such high mental energy can prove too much and break a person.

Let’s now jump to the seventh house to see what it shows about his partner(s). His intimate partner was a very unusual person whom he may have met at work. She also could have been his co-worker, so to speak – somehow involved with his crimes. She may have had a totally different outlook on life than most people have, and she could have been unpredictable and impulsive.

Finally, let’s look at his twelfth house, the source of many of his troubles. We find there Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde. This gives a clue about who his father was as for the night birth we should look at Saturn for the clues about the father, and not the Sun.

This placement in itself shows a father that was distant, non-existent or mentally ill, since the conjunction takes place in the house of endings, secrets and confinement. It can show a father that was in prison.

The father was a negative character, probably a criminal or a powerful person (in a negative way) working behind the scenes. Though a negative character, the person was charming (Leo).

This kind of placement also indicates a traumatic birth or that the child was unwanted. Probably he was unwanted by the father and that’s why we have these astrological symbols, though it could be that the mother didn’t want to keep him either.

This placement makes his subconscious very dark. This is the rage that’s seen in the second head line of his dominant palm. This conjunction indicates secretive work behind the scenes which could be something to do with death as Pluto and Saturn are involved, and it also shows ambition for power and status and the need for dominance.

It’s the conjunction of manipulation. It shows secretiveness about one’s intentions and obsession about reaching goals as well as dark obsessions kept in secret. This placement alone can make a person a negative character or at least someone who suffers from very bad dreams and fears that come as though out of nowhere.

The fact that all his personal planets were under the earth when he was born and the malefics were above the earth is also an indication of his nature – secretive and dark, with positive traits still not manifested to the world.